Toilet bowl is empty but tank is full ( Why & Fix it)

Just as water is essential to our survival, there must be water in the toilet. However, if you have more or less water than you require, assume you have a problem with your toilet.

There are two places in a toilet; where water is generally present. One is the toilet tank, and the other one is the Bowl.

But what if your toilet bowl is empty but, tank is full? Is there any concern matter ! should you hire a family-handyman? 

Or You can do it by yourself! 

Unfortunately Yes. If your toilet bowl water suddenly drops, but the tank remains full, then you should check immediately. Although, You can fix the problem by yourself.

The toilet bowl becomes empty due to a vent pipe issue or hairline crack in the porcelain bowl. Let’s find out other reasons

Why is Your Toilet Bowl is Empty But Tank is Full

Possible Cause NO1. -Bowl is empty, but the tank remain Full Due to the Poor Vent

A poor venting system or clogged venting stack is always the primary reason to empty a toilet bowl all of a sudden.

Most have no idea about their plumbing vent system or what is the vent of the toilet?

Plumbing vent that vertically goes out of the house through the roof. Every faucet of the house has a vent system to maintain the air pressure.

Vent pipe maintenance include

  • Air pressure
  • Control large liquid waste smoothly come out from the house
  • Prevent Sewer Gas entry to room through any fixture
  • Maintain a neutral air pressure within the plumbing network separate air and waste 
  • Prevent toxic gas and sewage smell

So, you can see how much important is a vent system, if there is any issue like clogging or poor vent installation of the vent, then your toilet bowl water has become empty.

Note- One significant symptom of a bad plumbing vent is foul odor and gurgling sound coming out from the toilet.

How to Fix Venting problem that makes Your Toilet Bowl Empty

If there is the installation of poor plumbing then you should hire one to install it properly. Otherwise, you may suffer more. ( Result)

If clogging occurs into the vent stack, snake it out. Climb the roof and use a toilet snake or auger, then try to unclog the vent line as deep as you can.

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Meanwhile, there is no problem with the plumbing vent, then move to another potential reason.

Possible Cause NO2. – Why Does My Toilet Bowl Empty Itself Due to Hairline Crack in Bowl or Drain outlet

A Crack Bowl itself can cause an empty toilet bowl. Sometimes after a long time of use, the toilet bowl can crack for a variety of reasons, and it is most common in two-piece toilets.

An absolutely fine, hairline crack can be the cause of the drain out of the bowl, but still, the tank is full. 

Or, there is a crack within the sewer outlet, which reduces the water dramatically- from the bowl.

How to fix Crack Bowl or Drainage

Bowl crack we can’t see in our naked eye, but the result is so significant. ( empty bowl) If this is matters then you have to change the toilet.

Here you are lucky if you have a two-piece toilet because only changing the bowl is enough but in the case of, one-piece toilet; you have to change the whole thing.

Quote- I can suggest the best Toilets make your bathroom classy all the time.

Possible Cause NO3. The weather sometimes seems to dry out the bowl

The hot climate eventually dried the bowl. If you live in a hot climate, it shows that water evaporates from the bowl significantly. 

This happens in specifically unused or not frequently used toilets. 

To fix this Issue

Try to use the toilet more often and see any differences will show or not.

I believe, cover the toilet lid, so water evaporation has become less.

The last possible cause a toilet bowl drains completely is the P-trap.

Possible Cause NO4. Water not Staying in Toilet Bowl but the Tank has No Issue Due to P-trap

P-trap is a U-shaped curve in the pipe installed near the drain to prevent gasses from traveling up the pipes.

The P-trap installs horizontally, and the U carve holds some water to moisture and keeps some water in the bowl.

If the toilet is not used for a longer time or infrequent flush toilet, it dries up the seal, which calls Water Barrier.

I suppose the bowl water is sucked out by a partial suction. A negative air pressure creates and by Gravitational force, it pulls down water enough energy to create suction as well.

Your toilet is working as an exhaust for the other plumbing. Now it seems the water barrier has dried out- as a result of sewer odor traveling around the house.

To Fix P-trap Problem

Use that toilet regularly, if it is not possible to flush it daily, two to three times.

Take one bucket of water and pour it directly into the toilet bowl. It automatically flushes down.

Do it for the next week. The water barrier has become normal, and the bowl does not empty at all.

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Final Thought- The toilet bowl is empty but the tank is full

Your toilet bowl water is drained, it can solve by knowing its cause. All processes are easy to apply and don’t panic about it.

Try yourself, if you don’t get the result, then call the nearest plumbing service. I suggest all possible reasons and tell you about how to fix the problems as well.

It works for me and my audiences as well, they comment me how my tricks and tips make their life so easy and handful.

I hope you will also get over the problem.

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