3 causes | Brown water in toilet after vacation | fix it

A family vacation is the most beautiful memory always cherish all of those days very clearly. But while you return, and see that your toilet water becomes brown even smelly.

Every time it happens, that makes it worst to see the dirty toilet. Although, the stain is also so stubborn.

What to do, is you see brown water in the toilet after vacation, and why does this happen? 

Examine one thing, is that brown water only comes from the toilet or other faucets!

Why There is Brown Water in Toilet After Vacation

I was literally sick of the Brown color. After consulting with an expert. I was aware of the truth and worked in accordance with what he instructed me to do.

It really works, and Today am going to share the secret with you.

The possible reasons for annoying brown color include

NO.1 Reasons for Brown Water in toilet Due to Rust Pipe

Iron corrosion or rust pipe is the primary source for Brown color water. Do you have an old pipe network! Or it is a sign that your pipe gets old and got rust.

Meanwhile, the rust elements full of Irons supply to the toilet tank slowly deposit there.

Although Iron is not that harmful to health, still large accumulation leads to growing bacteria and molds with stains.

Rusting is a natural chemical reaction with Iron and Oxygen in a moisture atmosphere. Rusting particular shows mostly in metal or old piping networks. Now PVC or high-quality plastic pipes are used instead of metal channels.

How can you tell if water has rust in it?

If your home plumbing network is built before 1960, then it’s defiantly the old pipe network that has got the rust.

Again if you observe the water carefully, you may see small particles, flakes present in the water. 

Even more rusting water is not only seen in toilets also available in other fixtures.

How do You Get Rust Out of The Inside of a toilet?

  1. Replace the piping system
  2. Inspect the whole plumbing network
  3. Install water softener system or increase the filtration of the water system
  4. If you get the stain there, use CLR Pro. It helps to get rid of rust stains even unclog the toilet.

NO.2 Possible Reasons for Brown Water in Toilet Bowl after Flushing Due to Mineral Deposition 

Another possible thing is that if you have modern piping and are still facing the brown water issue, it’s most probably because the home water has a high level of minerals like Iron, Calcium, and Magnesium.

Except for the rusting pipe, sometimes hard water also causes Brownish water. Hard water problems are mostly reasons for different coloring stains in toilets.

Magnesium and Calcium build up in the water, and by the air contact, it becomes brown in color.

How to Fix Brown Water in Toilet

  1. Flush several times, so the residue goes down as much as possible.
  2. Increase the filtration of your house.
  3. To remove the stains, use CLR Pro.

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NO3. Causes for Toilet Brown Water and Smell in Toilet After Vacation Due To Organic Matter

While you go for a long time for vacation, the toilet is not used within the period. 

A long time no use toilet become dry and organic matter comes up from the drainage system.

The organic matter makes water filthy and brownish color.-This happens especially in having a well system.

In the organic matter thrive bacteria and mold causes foul odor too.

Fix the Well System

  • If you notice, organic matter sediment and after a flush, it becomes normal to check your Well water.
  • Clean the well.

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Is it safe to take a bath in brown water?

Although, Brown Water is an indication or an alarm for you to change either plumbing pipe or examine the water quality.

Brown water means your water contains a high amount of minerals like Calcium and Magnesium.

It is not safe to consume while you can take bathe if you’re not allergic. But I believe, avoid to contact any decoloration water. After all, you don’t know the actual reason for it.

Install water softeners or purifiers to remove the brown water, and you can take your shower.

Not, only me most people believe, avoid brown color water for everyday use or shower. It can cause skin irritation, skin problem like eczema, rashes, inflammation.

Sometimes Brown water is contaminated with harmful bacteria or molds, causing severe skin problems. 

So it’s better not to use any brown or decoloration water for showering or cooking anything.

Use a water filtration system or water softener so that you might decrease the hard-water strength.

Final Word- Brown Water In Toilet After Vacation

Most brown water in the toilet appears after a long time vacation because of dries up the water barrier, and organic and filthy matter accumulates in the toilet showing brown color.

So it’s better to cover the lid and protect the toilet from such decoloration.

Use some automatic toilet cleaner so it can automatically clean the toilet.

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