Brown Stains in Bottom of Toilet Bowl | Causes & Solutions

Are brown stains on the bottom of the toilet bowl appear again and again in the toilet? I’m pretty much sure; you’ve cleaned up, and rings come back within few days? Right!

You’re in the right place today. You get here a permanent solution for toilet rings.

First of all, I’m a housewife, not an expert plumber. Here I share my experiences about the problems I had with the toilet and how I solved after so many method applying. 

Whatever the color of brown, pink and black, you need to get rid of them as soon as possible, or you may have to change your toilet. 

Yeah, that’s true. We used to use Kohler Tresham but have to change and put Kohler Elliston. Just for this toilet ring.

I won’t waste your time talking to you about any homemade hacks. If you open five more websites, you will notice that they say baking soda, vinegar. 

All these tricks may clear up, but the ring comes back in 7 days. So I will give you the ultimate solution which will not return any sort of ring once used.

Before I get you too far, I like to encourage you to learn more about the meaning of brown stains. What is the cause?

What are brown stains at the bottom of the toilet bowl? Where are they coming from?

The brown color appears beneath the toilet rim or around the toilet bowl and bottom of the toilet bowl. If it gathers for a prolonged time, it turns black. Then it becomes harder to remove.

What causes brown stains in the toilet bowl?

The only culprit behind brown rings or stains in the toilet is Lime buildup. Yes, it totally comes from hard water. 

Hard water is not written anywhere or does not supply intentionally. When the level of the minerals in water changes from standard to high density, it turns into hard water.

To know more about Different Toilet rings & their cause.

Calcium, Magnesium is the reason for brown sediment. Calcium salt, which is the Lime salt more likely cause for produce brown rings and deposits around the toilet.

Prolonged accumulation of calcium carbonate causes brown stains under the toilet bowl.

I believe you have figured out who is responsible here. Now time to take action against Toilet rings. 

The operation removes brown stains from the toilet.

How to Get Rid of Brown Stains in Bottom of Toilet Bowl

After applying 100 so-called homemade hacks, I finally get my magical products one-time investment lifetime profits. 

Using any products, you can quickly remove brown stains from the toilet. Not only brown any rings causing stains. The shortlist here-

  • Pumice Stone
  • Lemi Shine Cleaner
  • CLR Pro
  • Toilet Tank Cleaner
  • Bio-Clean Hard Water stain remover
  • baking soda and vinegar
  • Vinegar & Borax, More…

#No.1 Remove Brown Rings from Toilet By using Pumice Stone

Pumice stone makes from volcanic rock, which has a coarse surface, and easy to remove any toilet rings, including your brown one.

Pumice stone is easy to use and readily available at any nearby store, or you can check in Amazon.

I recommend using Pumie instead of Pumice because Pumie is less harsh than an original Pumice stone.

Product feature

  • It comes with a hardy stone case
  • Long-lasting & easy to use.
  • Remove any stubborn stains like- limescale, rust rings, any hard water rings.
  • Compatible for any porcelain and ceramic surface.
  • Due to its handle, you can easily remove filth without get your hands dirty.
  • Pumie can clean multiple surfaces.
  • Chemical Free and odorless
  • Non-Toxic, recycled material

How to Use Pumie to Get Rid of Brown sediments

  1. Before using Pumie, soaked well in water
  2. Remove water from the toilet bowl
  3. Then gently scrub clockwise around the rings and stains.
  4. Make sure the portion you clean wet well while scrubbing.
  5. Leave for 1 to 2 mins, then rinse thoroughly or flush it.
  6. You get a sparkle white toilet.

Note- don’t too much pressure when doing the process. It can scratch the surface.

#No.2 Get rid of a brown stain in the toilet bowl by using Lemi Shine Cleaner

Lemi Shine cleaner is an award-winning toilet cleaner. Eco-friendly and less harsh than any other toilet cleaner.

Product feature

  • Biodegradable ingredients
  • Remove any lime stains- brown, black, red, orange
  • Prevent from future stains, germs
  • Keep the toilet clean and lemon scent fresh.
  • EPA certified, safe and effective

How to use Lemi Shine to eleminate Brown spot from Toilet bowl

  1. Flush the Toilet
  2. Squirt under rim and coat well entire surface by using a toilet brush
  3. Leave for five minutes
  4. Scrub with a brush, then flush
  5. A Sparkling white toilet in front of you

#No.3 How do I get brown stains off the bottom of my toilet with the help of CLR Pro

CLR especially makes for Calcium, Lime, and Rust removal. CLR is a powerful solution for toilet and tiles stain remover.

Product feature

  • CLR Pro breaks down any old calcium, hard water stains.
  • Non- Toxic, Biodegradable
  • Multipurpose cleaner
  • EPA certified
  • CLR can remove rust from tools, siding, and cars
  • No bleach, phosphorus, ammonia
  • Safe for toilet
  • Made in the USA

How to use CLR to remove black Brown sediment from the bottom of the toilet bowl

  1. Spread one to two cups of CLR all over the bowl and affected area
  2. Leave for 30 mins
  3. Brush up, then flush
  4. If your old stain just faded away, doing the same thing one more time

Note– reach out to children, pets. Avoid contact with eyes. Suppose you have any allergy, always use gloves.

Not To Use In- natural stone, marble, aluminum, zinc, brass, steam irons, plastic, laminate, wood, cloth, wallpaper, carpet

#NO.4 How to remove brown sediment in a toilet tank by using of Toilet Tank Cleaner

Instant Power toilet tank cleaner 100% works on stains present in the toilet tank.

Instant Power contains a potent Citric acid formula that removes lime, calcium, and all hard water stains from the toilet tank. This one individually makes for a toilet tank.

You don’t have to clean the tank. Without scrubbing, stains can eliminate.

Product features

  • Safe on pipes
  • Protect toilet from future stains
  • Odor eliminator
  • Prolongs the life of toilet parts
  • Made in the USA
  • No harmful chemical present
  • Easy to use
  • Safe for septic system

How To use

  • Wear a gloves
  • Pour half powder into the toilet tank
  • Stir gently, leave for overnight
  • Do not use the toilet 
  • Next flush 
  • If, not go entirely; do the process one more time
  • Use once a month. It will protect from any further stains.

#No5. How to remove brown stains from toilet rim using of Bio-Clean Hard Water stain remover

Bio-Clean Hard Water stain remover is a professional and powerful cleaner.

Bioclean Hard water remover can eliminate years of blemishes.

Bio-Clean Hard Water stain remover

Brown Stains in Bottom of Toilet Bowl | Causes & Solutions


  • Eco friendly
  • Use for – Shower glass
  • Can remove old hard water minerals
  • Last Up to 3 months
  • Porcelain friendly
  • Not effect on health
  • 4.3 Stars, more than 14000+ happy people using
  • Amazon’s choice
  • No weird smell, light lemon fragrance

How to use to remove brown stains bottom of the bowl

  1. It doesn’t require any water to be used. The stain remover can be applied directly from the bottle to the stain-ridden surface.
  2. Clean with dry pad, cloth. Rinse with water.

These are products that are non-toxic, toilet friendly, eco-friendly makes from biodegradable products. I individually use and get the benefits. That’s why I recommend it here.

In case, You don’t want to use any chemical-based product. The coming hacks can help to remove rings but not permanently and long-term.

Homemade Hacks that help to eliminate brown stains around toilet base and bowl

Homemade hacks’ ingredients are readily available in your kitchen and house. For the process, you need elbow-covered gloves, Bucket, Baking soda, vinegar, and bleach.

Hacks1. To remove brown rings from the toilet- use baking soda and vinegar.

  1. Flush the toilet and left for lightly dry
  2. Pour one to two cups of Vinegar, and spread with the help of a brush
  3. Leave like it for 20 minutes. 
  4. After twenty minutes, add baking powder over the vinegar.
  5. Leave again for 5 mins.
  6. Don’t use the toilet during this time and keep out children, pets
  7. Open all ventilators or windows for passing air
  8. After five minutes, scrub the affected area with the help of a toilet brush
  9. Flush the toilet and see the result
  10. Clean? You have a great job. No? Do it again.

Hacks2. How to get rid of a brown stain in the toilet bowl with the help of Vinegar & Borax.

Borax is a tough compound when it comes to removing hard water stains

How to use

  1. Pour 1/4 cup of Borax in the toilet bowl
  2. Spread all over with the help of a brush
  3. Leave for 5 mins, then add vinegar.
  4. Add one cup of vinegar all over the Borax. 
  5. Mix the solution and stand for 25 minutes
  6. Later, rub it by the brush
  7. Flush the toilet.

The following methods are effective too but do not long- last. I can state, it does not work all time.

Read More- what causes yellow stains in toilet bowl & how to remove it

How To Prevent Brown Stain In Toilet

1. Clean with toilet cleaner every alternate week

2. If possible, increase the filter rate 

3. Maintain the routine by cleaning regularly.

4. Use Clorox ultra-clean toilet tablets. One tablet lasting for 4 months. Clean with every flush.

5. Or, you can use Alka Seltzer tablets. These tablets are truly magical when cleaning and preventing new stains.

Final Verdict On Brown Stains In Bottom of Toilet Bowl

Toilet stains not only look bad, but they also cause a lot of germs. We may not be able to do anything with water, but we follow a few simple steps. You can quickly get rid of all these ugly-looking spots.

If you don’t like chemical products, try those homemade hacks at home. But you have to keep in mind – whenever the light brown color appears needs immediate cleaned again.

All of the products I’ve suggested are eco-friendly, and they’ve been made with the environment, health, and toilet septic in mind. Once you try, you will understand the difference.

FAQs you may interest in Brown Ring In the Toilet 

Q1. Do you really need to replace your old one to remove toilet rings?

Well. To the straight point, my answer is No. You don’t have to replace your toilet. However, I have a twist here. 
Maybe you don’t have to replace it. Yet Dear prolonged accumulation can cause damage to the toilet, and the stains do not go away permanently.
At that moment, you may need to change or leave like this.

Q2. Does Vinegar actually work on brown stains?

Yes, Vinegar works on stains, and it is toilet-friendly. That’s why everyone first suggests Baking soda and vinegar as DIY hacks.
From my experience, it definitely works for me. Although, the stains come back after few days and create more stains that can’t remove by DIY hacks.
Therefore, I shifted to commercial eco-friendly products. It helps me a lot.

Q3. How do I get my toilet white again?

You can try a few different methods to restore the whiteness of your toilet. First, make sure you are using a high-quality cleaner to clean it frequently.

To get rid of any lingering stains, consider using a toilet brush or a pumice stone. Third, you can use a bleach-containing toilet cleaner to help shine up the porcelain.

Q4. How do you get rid of thick limescale?

There are a few techniques to get rid of thick limescale, but using a vinegar and water solution is one of the most efficient.

The combination of vinegar and water produces a potent cleaning solution since vinegar is an acidic chemical that may dissolve limescale.

Use a spray bottle to combine equal parts vinegar and water, then mist the mixture onto any sections of your home that have a lot of limescale buildup.

Before cleaning it away with a damp cloth, let the solution stay for a few minutes. To completely remove all of the limescale, you might need to repeat this procedure several times.

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