Baking soda in toilet before vacation | 5 Alternatives

Do you travel often? I’m sure after the vacation, while coming home and seeing your toilet get messy, smelly, and worms grow; You just freak out. Right?

Don’t worry then. You have good news, and I have a permanent solution for you, which I apply while am going our for months over months.

I enjoy my whole time with family and just forget about home, toilet mess everything.

You can say that all of these home hacks are available in your home; there is no need to search anywhere.

For example, Baking Soda treatment before a trip, and so on.

Baking Soda in The Toilet Before Vacation

Baking Soda is an amazing cleaner for households like toilet stains, sink, tub, any clog, etc.

I believe you have all the to-do checklists before going on any vacation. Do you have any checklist for the toilet?

Now ready for that too, flushing several times is not enough to keep clean and fresh a toilet you need extra like Baking Soda.

  1. Flush several time
  2. Add a cup of Baking Soda and again flush two to three times
  3. So the Baking soda can clear the debris particles to present the drain wall

Germs that have lingered in the drainage system emerge from the exit and proliferate in the bowl after a lengthy period of time or an unused toilet. -This leads to foul odors and filthy toilets. 

Leaving a cup of baking soda in the bowl can protect the toilet from all of this.

Also, baking soda does not harm toilets, drains, or septic tanks in any way. It does not react to the air if it has had a long day. 

Baking soda is absolutely safe to use in the toilet before going on vacation.

You can add in toilet tank also.

How do You Prepare Toilets For a Long Vacation Without Baking Soda?

Besides Baking Soda, there are a few things you can do with your toilet before hangout for a long time.

#1. Bleach in the toilet before vacation

  1. Pour Chorine Bleach and leave for 10 minutes, then flush thrice so the bleach can go down the toilet.
  2. Make sure before pouring bleach, make it dilution from 10:1 ratio. Ten portions of water and 1 portion of bleach.
  3. Don’t put bleach in the tank. Check here (the result)

Bleach is a natural disinfectant. It can kill odor-causing bacteria, any harmful bacteria, etc.

#2. Empty Toilet Tank

The Toilet tank needs only 2 mins to fill the tank. It is necessary to shut off all water lines before going out for long.

Same for the toilet too, you should stop the water supply and flush well with either Baking Soda, Bleach, or Vinegar.

If any water fixture is in the broken middle of your vacation, the whole house may go underwater.

Flush completely and let it dry. After return to home first, supply water and wait to refill the tank. 

#3. Vinegar+ Baking Soda in toilet Before Holiday

Baking Soda along with Vinegar is a great combination while come to cleaning a toilet.

  1. Take one cup of Baking Soda and Cup of Vinegar as well. 
  2. Pour into the tank, bowl spread with the toilet brush.
  3. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes.
  4. Come and flush several times, so all mixture goes down through the drain.
  5. The mixture kills the molds, bacteria present around the drainage, toilet.
  6. The best thing is that Vinegar and Baking Soda,- both are safe for the Septic System. Good for enzymes and bacterias.

#4. Vinegar+ Essential Oil

Vinegar along also works for you. I hope you have some essential oil like Lavender, Pepper Mint, or anything else.

Just pour a cup of Vinegar into the tank and bowl, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

Leave it for 20 minutes and flush it down completely.

The essential oil spread its amazing scent all over the bathroom. It remains for one week if you close all windows of the bathroom.

#5. Close all cover before Go-out

I believe molds and odor-causing bacteria float in the air and thrive whenever a good atmosphere arises.

Along while an unused toilet stays for a long time automatically- bacteria get more attracted towards it.

So cover the lid and toiler tank lid may protect from them.

Or, cover with Saran Wrap very tightly, and you can get a fresh toilet.

  • Don’t put any commercial toilet cleaner, it may become worse.

#6. Put Marine Anti-Freeze into The Bowl

Freezing is not a good condition for a porcelain bowl or tank. Sometimes it leads to crack. So put Marine Anti-freeze into the bowl.

Should You Turn Off the Water to The Toilet Before Vacation?

Of course, Yes. Not only to the toilet also to all fixtures. Always turn off the main water supply of your home and toilet as well.

During your vacation, anything can happen with your plumbing and water supply line. But if it shut off, then you keep your toilet and house safe from flooding or anything backup.

If you have a buddy you trust, ask him to check to see if the toilet to flush once a week. 

This way your house will maintain.

Should You Leave The Toilet Lid Up or Down When Not in Use?

Some people believe that the toilet lid should be open while leaving. But from expert advice, leave the toilet lid down when going out for a while.

The open lid can attack by odor-causing bacteria, molds more also spread sewer water all over the bathroom.

Cover with saran wrap to get a more outstanding result.

How Long Does it Take For Toilet Water to Evaporate?

Evaporation depends on the climate how much it’s hot or cold. In hot temperatures, water tends to be more speedy to evaporate than in winter.

Even evaporation depends on whether the toilet lid is open or not. 

  • If the toilet lid opens– The process of evaporation is more rapid, and soon the toilet becomes dry.
  • Toilet lid open and it is winter– Evaporation becomes slow, and toilet becomes dry after a week.
  • Toilet lid open and it is hot outside- The evaporation process is fastly moving, toilet dries within five days.
  • Toilet lid close+winter- Slow the evaporation, and It will take a month for the toilet to dry.
  • Toilet lid close+ Hot – The process of evaporation faster than winter but not that much. It will take almost two weeks to dry out.
  • Again Humidity Factor- Higher humidity slower the evaporation, 100% humidity can stop the evaporation process.

What is your case? Leaving the toilet lid open helps to fresh air into the toilet, and water evaporates. The air current moves the water molecule away from the toilet.

But a close lid can prevent the water molecule flew away from the toilet and condensing back into liquid to the bowl.

Wrap Up- Baking Soda in Toilet Before Vacation and its Alternatives

As I mentioned, Baking Soda treatment is a good choice to clean and freshen toilets before going on vacation for a long time.

With that, close the lid tight so any evaporation process can slow or stop during the time. If Baking Soda is not available at that time, you can use either Vinegar or Bleach.

All are safe for septic tanks and are effective natural products also available in the home. Now you can enjoy your vacation without worrying like me.

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