8 Unusual Clogged Vent Pipe Symptoms

Is your toilet recently making a weird sound like Gurgling or smell like sewer? If so, then there is definitely has an issue with your plumbing stack. 

A clogged vent pipe is always causing many unwanted troubles.

Symptoms of a clogged vent pipe include a sewage smell, a gurgling sound, an overflowing toilet, ghost flushing, slow flushing toilet, increased bowl water, waste coming back, poop still present after flushing, and so on. 

Today’s focus is on- Clogged vent pipes symptoms and solutions. 

8 Unusual A Clogged Vent Pipe Symptoms

The ventilation systems allow air to replace the void created by the fast-moving water, and when obstructed. 

Keep an eye out for slow-draining sink drains or toilets. Smell and noise are the symptoms of vent backflow. 

The vent pipes, which install on the roof, help air to flow from your sewer network. Here are some warning signs of vent clogged.

Number1 – Clogged vent pipe symptom is Gurgling Sound

If you have heard about some weird noise like Gurgling, rinsing, it’s 100 percent due to a blocked plumbing stack. 

The plumbing stack is making to circulate air through the all-plumbing network like toilet, sink, etc. 

When the network’s vent pipe seems clogged by any foreign object, such as leaves, birds, or dust, the air does not circulate properly and becomes trapped between the toilet drainage and the vent pipe.

So this air creates a sound like gurgling while using the toilet. It produces noise as it passes. Anyway, if you hear any one of these strange sounds, contact a specialist immediately.

Number2- While a plumbing stack clogged is A STRONG SEWER STINK 

Very Frequently, and the most common warning sign while a vent pipe is blocked is a stinking odor is coming from the toilet continuously or sometimes.

As I above section already tell about the Air circulation movement. Vent pipe or a plumbing pipe invented for the air current.

One of the major purposes of the exhaust piping system is to remove noxious odors and pollutants. Therefore, when you smell anything strange, it’s time to investigate.

Typically, these are produced by poisonous sewage gases such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide.

Even so, in the meantime, this may leave the house stinking like rotten eggs.

While using the toilet, the wastewater goes down through the drain and the airflow towards the plumbing stack.

Because of the DWV ( Drain-waste-vent), the gases are unable to exit adequately. As a result, the rotten air potentially reenters in the bathroom through the drainage.

Whenever you notice a noticeable or terrible stench coming via your toilets or sinks, it is highly possible that the exhaust is stuck.

Wastewater gas fallback can produce an unhealthy environment that is potentially detrimental to the health of your family.

Number3- Possible Symptom of A Clogged Vent Pipe Causes a TOILET TO OVERFLOW

Yes. You heard right overflowing toilet is another possible reason for a jammed stack vent. 

Besides the above signs and symptoms, if you’re facing an overflowing toilet with a smell, you have to check the stink pipe.

The plumbing vent is stuck by something, and it has to be necessary to remove. Not only does the object sometimes vent pipe detour by strong airflow, cyclone.

Do you know a detour plumbing vent causes a toilet to overflow without any clogged?

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Number4 WASTE COME BACK due to Clogged Vent Pipe

Another significant sign of blocked vent pipe is waste coming back after flushing.

Do you face this issue? Wastewater and air separate in P or S trap in the toilet. But while the plumbing stack is stuck the air is present in the trap, returns through the bowl drain.

Meanwhile, whenever you flush the waste products, they come back again and again.

Number5 possible warning sign of a bad plumbing vent is SLOW FLUSHING TOILET

The slow draining toilet is not the exact symptom of a blocked vent stack, yet it is a possible cause.

Slow draining toilets happen for several reasons, such as clogging trapways, plugging plumbing vents, and so on.

Number6 Sign of Clogged stink pipe is FREQUENT BLOCKAGE OF THE TOILET

Yes. Identifying a clogged stack channel is quite easy, as frequent blockages occur in the toilet.  

If you have a regular toilet misbehave, you need to check the vent pipe of your house at the roof.

Other Seeming Signs of a Clogged Vent Stack

  • Look at the rooftop vent pipe from the outside of the house. Watch out for the position. I’m pretty much sure the vent pipe is somewhere bent or out of normal shape.
  • You may notice some leaves, birds, or any object present at the ventilator of the outlet.

Tips to Avoid Clogged Vent Pipe

If you’re currently encountering a vent pipe issue, either you can do it yourself to unblock it or call a professional.

To by yourself- Clime up the rooftop with a garden hose. Enter the hose into the vent outlet. Then turn our water.

The high water pressure may clear any object that is fastened there and let the airflow normally.

8 Unusual Clogged Vent Pipe Symptoms8 Unusual Clogged Vent Pipe Symptoms

Or, use a toilet snake. You may hear about toilet snake or toilet auger right?

It is the best time to use a toilet auger. Just put the main catch outlet through the vent pipe and snake it. 

Or press down to earth any solid item that comes down to the main trap way.

You can easily get rid of it.

Climbing a rooftop is not easy and risky as well. So be careful.

Cover the vent pipe with an Ideal Vent Cover. I personally use it and get a great result. No debris stuck in my vent outlet.

After done all possible ways, can’t clear or get a positive result, call an expert. 

Is A Clogged Vent Pipe Dangerous?

I guess Yes. It is Dangerous for health and the environment as well.

A blocked plumbing stink may cause several negative impacts on all living things in the house like

  • Overflowing toilet, which is nothing but a huge dirty hazard, thrives bacteria.
  • The gas return from the pipe is not clean and breathable air so can effect on health especially child and elder one.
  • The waste air is always toxic, that’s why it is necessary to exclude it from the house.
  • Waste gas can thrive lots of harmful bacteria causes respiratory illness, UTI infections.
  • A clogged vent pipe can cause molds and Mildew repeated growth.

You may assume now, the true facts about how much harm your house will suffer if the vent pipe gets clogged somehow.

Final Words For – A Bad Plumbing Vent 

Whenever you notice any of the following signs and symptoms, it is time to take immediate action and get ready to inspect the real cause.

A blocked vent pipe is not a good sign and not do for later, if methane gas release from the toilet, it will sick all the members sounding the house.

Obviously, no one wants to delay if their toilet produces sewage, rotten egg smells all over the house, or if the toilet becomes overflowing.

Call an expert for the emergency. They have the camera to better visual experience. And use the Vent Cover.


Q1. Can you pour drain cleaner down a vent pipe?

I don’t think so you pour any drain cleaner down from a vent pipe. It becomes more miserable. Let it be and get a plumber.

Q2. Why does it smell like sewer in my house?

There are two possible causes of sewer odor in your home. Number 1 is Clogged Vent Stack, and Number two is your septic chamber, or main sewage channel become blocked.

Q3. Can a clogged vent pipe cause a toilet to overflow?

Yes. An overflowing toilet is one of the major signs of a clogged vent pipe. 

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