Unclog Plumbing Vent without Getting on Roof (Quick Fix)

Clogged vent pipes are increasingly a prevalent issue in most countries. Natural calamity, airflow forces vent pipe to bend or become clogged.

About 97 percent of the vent pipe is installed on top, with the remainder using ground vent or air admittance valves (AAV- which does not allow all over the countries.)

The sewage vent congests for a variety of unfavorable factors, and it is difficult to suspect and clean the vent pipe. You have to climb into the attic to clean the vent stack.

So is it possible to unclog the plumbing vent without getting on the roof?

Unclog Plumbing Vent Without Getting On The Roof

The method will be tricky if you do not want to go on the roof and clean the vent pipe.

Again, if the vent pipe has been covered with a vent cap, I’m sorry you have to get on the roof to unscrew the cover.

All tools you need to do this process

  • Electric Clog cutter Drain Auger
  • Industrial sewer line waterproof camera.
  • Another helper who can assist you

Process to unclog vent pipe without climbing the roof

Step1- Inspect the vent Pipe

Use the sewer pipe waterproof camera to inspect the condition of the vent stack. 

I recommend Oiiwak industrial endoscope drain pipe 1080p HD camera. I use this model when my sink or drain sprouts get a block.

Inspect may clear you the condition and idea about the blockage. Why am I using Oiiwak 50 ft industrial inspection camera? Because Oiiwak is trusted by over 60+ million people all over countries

  • Many professional has used Oiiwak, and one my known expect recommend this to me.
  • It is a 50-foot flexible cable that is waterproof and can insert anything from a sink to a dirty gutter.
  • With waterproof led light and HD quality visibility, you can clearly see a very dark place.
  • The camera wire is so flexible that it can change direction in any unreachable area.
  • Oiiwak industrial endoscope comes with a 4.3-inch full-view LCD screen and is easy to handle like video games.
  • The screen has a recording mode which you can examine in the future.
  • Can insert any narrow pipe.

I have been using the Oiiwak industrial endoscope for more than a year now, and I’m very much satisfied with the result.

Thousands more like me, professional plumbers are using it to remove any of their drainage blocking.

How to use this- Just put it inside the vent pipe, turn on the light and slowly insert. You can sharply see the picture on the screen.

Step2- Time to Drain Auger

As you don’t want to go on the roof for unclogging the vent, you need more than 100 ft because you’re going to operate from the ground.

Therefore the cable needs double measurements.

Hold the camera to your next one and put the auger hook inside the vent.

To complete this step, you need Morphorn 100 ft Electric Drain Cleaner+ Auger.

Unclog Plumbing Vent without Getting on Roof (Quick Fix)Unclog Plumbing Vent without Getting on Roof (Quick Fix)

Morphorn electric drain Auger is the most trustable brand for creating such amazing tools. The cable is made of high-quality steel that will never rust.

It can efficiently clear congestion by passing through different corrupt piping systems. Morphorn Drain Auger is reliable and easy to handle by control the handle.

A number of professional Plumbers are using Morphorn Drain Auger for their daily job. The tool kits come with different shapes and size robust hooks, cutters so the clogging material can quickly exclude.

It has Air-Activated Foot Control which makes swabbing more effective and productive by allowing you to control the cord with less effort.

One handle instrument to cord movements, easy to control pressure and speed.

Except for the water-sealed pipe, Mophorn rotates at any angle and any bends. Thus, it serves to be a perfect pick for long-term performance.

It comes with four different shapes of clog cutters. 

  • Arrow cutters for cutting and scraping.
  • C-Cutter for straight pipes.
  • Boring Bulb Cutter for draining curved lines.
  • Spade Cutter for grazing the internal ends of pipes.

How to Use-  Just insert by the condition of the clog and attached blades or cutter according to the blockage mess.

Turn on the switch, and then it has automatically done its job.

If the vent pipe becomes clear, the clogged water flows from the downspouts.

Can you Vent Plumbing Without Going Through The Roof?

A plumbing vent is essential for control air pressure and air circulation in the plumbing network.

An ideal drainage system connects each P trap to one main pipe, which goes through the roof. The sewerage pipe excludes all waste materials from the house to the main sewer cannel.

And the gases produced from waste materials are all removed via a Vent stack located above the toilet roof or other roof side of the house.

Plumbing air pipes are also important to keep bad odors out of your property by forcing sewage odors and toxins. 

As your question, ” install plumbing stack without going through the roof.” is actually necessary. There are few alternatives for Vnet pipe if you’re not installing it in the roof.

  1. Chicago Loop Venting
  2. AAV – Air Admittance Valves or Studor Vents
  3. Venting Through the exterior wall

1. Chicago Loop is the best for in island where venting installs is quite difficult.

It attaches right above the P-trap and goes upwards for about a foot before looping and ending down a drain.

This kind of loop ventilation is still not permitted in all locations, so verify your local regulations.

2. AAV is another alternative way of the roof vent. AAVs or Studor Vents are devices that expand mechanically; on their own whenever there is a negative pressure development within the pipe.

It should protrude vertically up to the top framework of the building’s highest window, and in rare cases, it may reach just above the vaulted ceiling.

Several municipalities permit AAVs to install inside basin vanity, so they join either in one way or lies horizontally near the P-trap.

If you don’t want vent plumbing through the roof, you can ask for permission to install Studor Vent.

Plumbing Stack Vent Problems

If there is a problem with plumbing stack vent its create different warning sign and symptoms.

If you see such warnings, immediately check your vent stack.

Recommend- How to Prevent such problems- 4 easy ways.

Final Words- Unclog Vent Stack without Going on the Roof

One important thing to consider regarding clogged drains, particularly if it includes a fouled plumbing vent, is never to avoid fixing them for too long.

Once methane gas leaks into the property, surrounding people come to contact with the risk of ill or injured.

The most effective way to deal with blocked plumbing stacks is to protect them from further blockage by using Vent Cap. 

While vent tubes only convey gaseous wastes, one vent cover or cap will be the best decision to protect it from outer materials.

Do not even risk yourself in danger; keep following the techniques outlined above to unclog a plumbing system without getting on the roof.


Q1. What is Plumbing Cheater Vent?

The plumbing Cheater Vent is nothing But the AAV system. The Air Admittance Valve is a device that expands mechanically; on its own whenever there is a negative pressure development within the pipe.
It allows the air to circulate without having a roof vent. Cheater vents are frequently employed in remodeling projects or when implanting a sink into a kitchen island. 
A cheater Valve is a simple technique to deduct air to enter your plumbing system.

Q2. Do all Houses have vent Pipes?

All houses do not have vent pipes, they use alternative ways. But install a vent pipe gives you several benefits like
~No problem with air circulation
~Fumes can regularly get out.
~No sewage smell comes out from the toilet, sink, etc.

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