raise water level in toilet bowl american standard

Most toilet has an issue with- either low water level or high water level leads to leaks or overflow.

So, adjusting the water level is a big plumbing battle. But it is very easy to raise the water level in a toilet bowl. 

Fortunately, I have an American Champion Pro toilet. I had already solved the puzzle.

If you follow my site, you perhaps know- I explain and give the toilet-related issue and review some.

Something has happened to me, and I have solved them effectively. Some I do based on theoretical knowledge.

I hope my exploration work for you as well. You don’t have to go anywhere and have no plumber expenses.

How to Raise Water Level in Toilet Bowl American Standard Toilet in just Four Ways

Bowl water is very important for flushing and preventing odor and poop from sticking from the wall.

Bowl water also determines your means; American Standard Toilet does not release that much water from the tank, or there is something clog or crack. 

Adjust the Height of Floating Arm- To Raise Water Level in Toilet Bowl in American Standard Toilet

The floating ball or Cup determines the water level in the tank; the higher the water level higher the bowl water.

Increasing the height of the floating ball can increase the bowl’s water.

Before going to any further steps, I would like you to do one thing. Mark the current waterline of the bowl so after step any process, you can realize the difference. 

(Just a light mark, you can see clearly and remove easily)

How to Increase Float Ball

  1. Shut off the water supply
  2. Flush completely
  3. Remove the tank lid and put a secure place.
  4. Look at one floating ball present in the tank, which has one metal arm connected to the fill valve.
  5. Two ways you can increase the height
  6. No.1 is either bending the float arm upward direction. It can increase the height of the floating ball.
  7. No2. Look top of the fill valve. There is one screw present, half-turn clockwise. The more tight play raises the height.
  8. Turn the water supply, check once after flush. Check the mark.

How to Increase Floating Cup

The new modern toilet does not carry the floating Ball. Instead of Ball, now Cup is generally placed over the fill tube.

  1. Shut off the waterline and flush completely
  2. Remove the tank lid
  3. Look into the tank, there are various toilet flushing elements present.
  4. At the left side of the tank, the fill valve is present. The floating Cup is just top of the fill valve.
  5. Now, hover your finger behind the fill valve and try to find one switch.
  6. On the switch, you can easily move the fill valve and floating Cup.
  7. First adust the height, then off the switch.
  8. After that, you can see one screw present near the floating Cup.
  9. Turn counterclockwise the screw to raise water in the American Standard tank.
  10. Don’t turn so many times, once per one turn, and flush again check.

Sometimes defect fill valve can cause a low level in the water bowl in American Standard toilets.

Change Fill Valve to Increase Water Level in Toilet Bowl in American Standard

The fill tube mainly fills the tank with water after flush. The fill tube is placed left side of the tank. 

To replace the fill valve, purchase either the model-specific fill valve or the universal fill valve.

  1. Shut off the water line
  2. Flush the tank completely; sponge out the remaining water ( towel/old rag/ cloth)
  3. Take one bucket, place it under the tank
  4. Now take one adjustable wrench, unscrew the big nut present just below the tank, which holds the fill valve
  5. Now pull out the fill valve gently, and replace it with the new one
  6. Adjust the height according to your water level. Remember higher the height; the great volume of water but not overflow it.
  7. Connect the water supply and wait for refill
  8. after sometime flush several times and check any changes occur or not

If there are no changes in the bowl water level, then it’s probably either the plumbing vent clog or the siphon jet clog.

How to Raise water level in toilet bowl By Unclogging Vent Pipe in American Standard 

A plumbing vent is very crucial to maintain the waste or plumbing network works smoothly.

The vent stack allows the air to run out from the house and removes solid and liquid waste from the sewer system.

In one word- the Plumbing vent is responsible for flushing, waste removal, air controller, and odor control.

If a clog forms in the plumbing vent, the American Standard or any other toilet will not hold the needed amount of water in the bowl.

Consequently, unblocking the vent is the only option here to bring more water into the bowl.

I have two detailed posts on how to unblock the vent pipe without going on the roof, or you can clean get into the roof.

Otherwise, you can whether your vent has an issue or not by following signs

The last possible way to Bring More water To American Standard Toilet Bowl Is- Clean The Siphon 

I’m probably telling you about possible causes of lower water levels in the toilet bowl, but you should always examine signs and symptoms before proceeding further.

Usually, American Standard toilets are on Gravity Flush. Gravity-fed either has one nozzle with bowl siphon or two powerful double cyclones.

Gravity-fed washes the bowl thoroughly, and the bowl siphon is situated near the drainage exit at the bottom of the bowl, creating more siphon and working on gravity force.

Sometimes bowl siphon becomes clogged due to lime salt, thus the water does not come after flush.

By unblocking, the siphon can really bring more water into the bowl.

Toilet siphon can clean in several natural ways like Epsom Salt.

Or you can check out the detailed guide on clean toilet siphon of American Standard.

Wrap up On Raise Water Level In American Standard Toilet Bowl

I’m likely giving you various causes of low water levels in the toilet bowl. However, you should always investigate indications and symptoms before moving.

The key to resolving most plumbing issues is finding the source and acting quickly. If you postpone the fixes, the situation will only worsen. These issues are fixable, and I hope you get them all.

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