How to Unclog Vent Pipe on Roof | 4 proven ways

Clogging vent pipe is now a common problem in maximum countries. Sudden natural disaster, airflow causes vent pipe either bent or block.

Over the 97% of vent pipe present at the rooftop and rest of either use ground vent or Air admittance valves (AAV which does not allow all over the countries.)

The plumbing vent is clogged for several unwanted reasons, and it is not easy to suspect and clear the vent pipe. So how to unclog the vent pipe on the rooftop without much pressure.

Significant Of Plumbing Vent

A plumbing vent is essential for healthy airflow. The plumbing vent controls the air pressure and releases the toxic gas from the house.

The plumbing vent is powerful because it can control sewage smell and the gases that originate from the toilet drain is very dangerous to inhale. This gas may seem harmful to health.

If the vent pipe gets hindered, all the waste materials do not release from the toilet, causes sewage gas and many more.

How to Unclog Vent Pipe on Roof

Unblocking a vent pipe is usually not an easy job. Till you’re confident, you can try the following three alternative methods.

These three methods are the simple yet best way to unclog vent pipe on the roof.

Option1- How to Clean out A Vent Pipe on The Roof By using GARDEN HOSE

Everyone has a garden hose. I guess you have so. But before the start process, I want to advise you include one who assists you and takes safety measures.

You need for the method

  • Ladder
  • Torch/ flashlight
  • Garden hose
  • Screwdriver

Start the Process

Step1- Securely place the ladder to climb the roof, include safety measures.

Step2- If you have a vent cap, untie it with the help of a screwdriver.

Step3– Turn on the flashlight and try to see any objects or debris present nearby you.

If so, then try to pull out; otherwise, let it be.

Step4– Take the Garden hose and full spray in the plumbing vent.

Step5– Check for water coming out and a whooshing sound as the pressure of the flow forces the blockage straight down the toilet.

Sometimes vent pipes become frozen while the weather gets to freeze, therefore clogging may appear. Spray hot water through the plumbing vent may unclog the system.

Option2- Best way to Unclog Vent Pipe on Roof using of Toilet Snake or Toilet Auger

A Toilet auger or toilet snake is the best plumbing tool for unclogging anything. The toilet snake is very easy to operate and comes at a cheap price.

Toilet snake/ Auger seems to effectively remove any stuck object from toilet drain to vent stack.

All you Need for the Process

  • Flashlight
  • Screwdriver
  • Toilet auger or toilet snake
  • Garden hose


Step1– Secure the ladder to climb on the roof. Take safety measurements.

Step2– If the plumbing outlet has a cover, then unscrew it with the screwdriver.

Step3– Turn on the flashlight and check the condition of the pipe. If the object nearby is in your hand, grab it and out from the stack. Or start snaking.

Step4Snake the Vent Pipe

  • Insert the snake hook into the Vent channel.
  • Try to find out where it is, continue to release the cable.
  • After finding the stuck object, twist the auger handle to grab the item.
  • Slowly twist the handle and pull out of the pipe.

Step5– Now insert the garden hose at the same length and start water spray to clean the rest of the way.

To assure the vent pipe has been rid asked the one who is assisting you, tell him/her if water flows from the main drain or not.

Option 3- How to Get Rid of Blocked Vent Stack With Drain Jetter or Sewer Jetter

Drain Jetter or Sewer Jetter kind of Garden hose but more powerful and contain more pressure to clean everything come the way.

Sewer jet kit by West Bay has so effectively removed any bd clogged from the plumbing vent. West Bay sewer jet kit comes with full sets of equipment, so you don’t have to worry about extra tools assembly.

West Bay Sewer Jetter comprises 100 feet of pressure washer, clean how much deep clog.

3 different nozzles packed for diverse states, 360-degree rotation. West Bay sewer jet use profession also. All in one package meet the versatile job.

The Pack Consists of 

  • One 100 ft washer, 
  • One button nose sewer jet nozzle, orifice 
  • One quick-connect plug, 
  • One rotating sewer jetter nozzle and corner sewer nozzle, 
  • One waterproof tape, two spanners, 
  • 1 box of pearl corsage pin. 


Step1– Wear gloves and eyeglass to protect the eye from water splash. Put the spray nozzle inside the vent pipe.

Step2– As you push the trigger, move the sewage jetter moves via vent pipe to the drain field.

Step3– Pull out every few feet for more water pressure and better cleaning. And continue like this until the clog gets dissolve.

Step4- Inspect if the vent stack becomes unblock or not? Ask your assistant water flows from the main drain or not.

Sewer jetter is very powerful to unclog the debris. 

Option4- Call an expert

If you’re not confident enough to do the following step, you may call an expert. Tell them about your issues, they immediately come for you and get rid of the clog.

What Happen if Vent Pipe is Clogged?

A clogged vent pipe is undesirable. It has the potential to cause serious injury and property damage.

Toxic gases can release if the vent tube is blocked for an extended period of time. The vent pipe is there to allow air to circulate.

The toilet will overflow if the vent pipe becomes clogged. The sewage odor permeated the entire house. Bacterial development Infections of the lungs are possible.

Symptoms of a Bad Plumbing Vent

There are some symptoms show while the plumbing stack becomes stuck.

  • Sewage, rotten egg smell.
  • Unpleasant smell 
  • A gurgling sound comes out from the toilet
  • Toilet overflow

There is more warning sign that can tell you the vent pipe is badly blocked. 

How much does it cost to unclog a roof vent?

If you do the job, the cost to clear the plumbing vent is about 30 to 50 dollars.

If you hire to clean the stuff, then it will be 100 dollars depending on the condition.

Should vent pipes be covered?

I guess so. A covered vent pipe has several benefits. Odorhog Vent stack from Amazon.

  • No leaves going stuck inside the pipe
  • No bird going nest inside the vent stack
  • Vent pipe will never clog by any foreign items.


Q1. Can you put Drano in a vent pipe?

Drano is a well-known drain cleaner, and most people get wrong that Drano also unclogs a vent pipe.

Never use any drain cleaner or Drano an all they are not working, meanwhile cleaner can cause damage to the pipe.

Q2. What happens if the plumbing is not vented?

A plumbing vent controls the air pressure in the entire drain network of your house, releases toxic gases, and maintains clear air between the toilet and the house.

Imagine if the vent stack is not vented properly. Who was going to do this job? All the wastewater comes back, the air does not circulate. 

Toxic gas does not escape from the house and returns to it. 

I forgot to mention that your entire house will smell like rotten eggs.

Q3. How do I know if my vent pipe is clogged?

If your vent pipe is clogged, the following symptoms appear within 24 hours.
~Weird sound like gurgling
~Slow flush
~Toilet overflow
~Sewage smell
~Toilet act weird

Q4. How long does an air admittance valve last?

A typical Air Admittance Valve will last up to 20 to 35 years approximately.

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