American Standard Cadet 3 VS Champion 4 | Future(Review)

The American Standard toilet models bring a high-profile standard into your bathroom to house. There is no doubt about choosing the American Standard. 

As a leading manufacturer, they must upgrade their toilet models quickly in order to provide greater comfort, trustworthiness, and efficacy. Just like these two models- Cadet 3 and Champion 4. 

But choosing between these two, that’s not easy because each holds unique features. So which one is better, Cadet 3 VS Champion 4?

This post will feature a significant battle between the top-future demanding American Standard Model Champion 4 and Cadet 3. 

Also, assure you that it will help you make your decision easier in the end.

View the many aspects of two models at a Glace- American Standard CHAMPION 4 VS CADET 3 

Bowl Round/ ElongatedRound/Elongated
ToiletOne- PieceTwo-Piece
RimPowerWash RimPowerWash Rim
SeatNot includedYes- Slow close
HeightChair HeightStandard Heigh- Chair height
Trip LeverLeft handLeft Hand
Water consumption1.6 GPF1.28 GPF
MaterialVitreous ChinaVitreous China
Weight118 lbs75 lbs
Special FeatureEverClean SurfaceEverClean Surface
Ideal ForAllAll
Trap way2 3/8”2 1/8”
Flush Valve4 inches3 inches
Map Score1000 gm1000 gm
Clogging issueNoSometimes
Warranty10 years5 years

Major Difference Between American Standard Cadet 3 and Champion 4


The Flush Valve is the most vital part of any toilet. The Flush Valve is responsible for enhancing the flushing power. The larger the Flush Valve, the fewer clogging issues; and better flushing down.

Guess, you have already been through the feature comparison table and noticed both Cadet 3 and Champion 4 models have larger Flush Valve than other toilet brands.

American Standard Champion 4 has 4 inches Flush Valve. YES. YES, It is true- two times wider than the standard Flush Valve and one time larger than TOTO UltraMax II.

The Champion 4 name comes from its 4 inches Flush Valve design. That is direct means no way to build up any clog. 

The larger flush valve has a compressor turbo drain valve for extra-powerful washouts.

On the other hand, American Standard Cadet 3 has 3 inches Flush Valve, which is enough to clear the bowl without much trouble. 


American Standard maintains its quality with various updates. Looking forward to the trapway- The Champion 4 series has an extra-large 2-3/8 inch fully glazed trapway that helps to prevent clogging. 

On the other hand, The Cadet 3 series has Fully-glazed 2-1/8 inches trapway. It helps to prevent clogging too.

Although the trapway does not make a significant impact, the combination of a 4-inch flush valve and a 2-3/8 inch fully glazed trapway can function like magic.

Note- If you have frequent clogging problems or have low home water pressure, the American Standard Champion 4 will be the best option from a flushing perspective.


Because water use is so important in daily life, selecting the wrong toilet might lead to higher water costs.

Whenever buying a new toilet make a checklist, and water consumption rate should be the top 10 prior.

Let you these complicated things more clear.

Calculate average water consumed by 2 members in one house, use once the toilet then how much water will waste.

1 Gallons = ~4.55 liters
If the 2 members in a house flush the toilet, then 2 x 4.55 = 9.1 liters means 2 Gallons per Day.

In the whole year, 365 x 9.1 = 3321.5 liters of water means ~730.63 gallons of water per year will consume.

1.28 GPF = ~5.81 liters. For 2 members 2x 5.81 = 11.62 liters = ~2.55 Gallons of water per Day.

In the whole year, 365 x 11.62 = 4241.3 liters of water means =~932.96 Gallons of water per year.

For, 1.6 GPF = ~ 7.28 liters water . For 2 member 2 x 7.28= 14.56 liters =~ 3.20 Gallons of water per Day.

In the whole yera, 365 x 14.56 = 5314.4 liters = ~ 1169.00 Gallons of water per Year.

In the end, if you use 1.28 GPF, you can save up to ( 5314.4 – 4241.3) = 1073.1 liters =~ 236.1 Gallons per water per year. 
You may assume the different water bill also.

As per the model features, the American Standard Champion 4 series has 3 variations: the Champion 4 Max, the Champion 4, and the Champion 4 HET Tall toilet. 

Champion 4 consumes 1.6 GPF as it consists of a single flush, which means each flush consumes ~7.28 liters of water. Despite this, the Champion 4 Max and Champion HET use only 1.28 GPF of water.

Look at the Cadet 3 series. Each toilet consumes only 1.28 GPF of water. That means at the end of the year, you can save water and pay your water bill.

If you live in California or Texas, then Sorry. The Champion 4 is not available in these regions.

Because as per CEC, The California Energy Commission rules and regulations, any toilet that can’t be used consumes more than 1.28 GPF. 

Meanwhile, for them, Champion 4 Max will be the best or you can go for Cadet 3.


In the modern era include for future generations, an ideal toilet must hold some special certificate. Like as 

– WaterSense (EPA), ADA compliant, a good MAP score, CalGreen, CEC, etc.

American Standard Cadet 3 model holds each certificate from ADA compliant to CalGreen, has 1000 gm Map score, EPA, etc. 

For these reasons, Cadet 3 is available in each and every country around the world – which is next to impossible for Champion 4.

Champion 4 does not hold EPA, CalGreen, CEC certificates, whereas it is ADA compliant has a 1000 gm MAP score. But Champion 4 Max carries all of these and has no restriction for Champion 4 MAX.


Toilet Seat provides a toilet with more comfort. American Standard has an in-house soft close seat. 

Cadet 3 comes with a soft close seat. But in Champion 4 you have to buy separately. That disappoints me.

Soft Close or slow close seat has several advantages over a standard toilet seat.

  • Slow close seat makes more comfortable.
  • A soft close seat can protect from damage to the toilet bowl.
  • As it is closely too slow, so there is no annoying hammer sound coming in.
  • Slow-close seats are more robust and durable.


From the Price, American Standard Cadet 3 is affordable compared to Champion 4. Check Price here.


The American Standard Cadet 3 Flowise is an elongated one-piece toilet perfect for a small, compact bathroom. It is a space saver toilet.

Whereas, The Champion 4 is suitable for the large bathroom. 


The American Standard Champion 4 is the Right Height (17 ”), so individuals of all ages will have no trouble sitting or standing.

The Cadet is available both standard height and Right height, ADA compliant. Suitable for those looking for a low-cost toilet.


Champion 4 is a one-piece toilet that weighs around 118 pounds. As a result, the installation will be difficult due to the weight.

Cadet 3 FloWise is a Two-piece toilet and comes bowl and tank separately.


No wonder this point will shock you. If you look for the warranty period, the American Standard Champion 4 makes your day. It comes with 10 years of manufacturing assurance.

But Cadet 3 has only 5 years limited warranty.


The American Standard Champion 4 is without any doubt a fantastic toilet from the look and one of the best demandable on the market.

Look at the Graph (Source) given below. The red color refers to Champion 4, and Cadet 3 refers to the blue color.

the graph from google trends show the data about american standard champion 4 vs cadet 3

It is very difficult to choose from both demanding models. Despite that, American Standard Champion 4 is highly recommended- there is no doubt you won’t regret it later.

Champion 4 is high efficacy flush technique. If you’re frustrated with your toilet continuously clogging and want a forceful non-clogging toilet- I strongly endorse the benefits of buying the Champion 4

Still, Cost is mattered, so Cadet 3 is another great choice budget-friendly yet powerful flush.

Another important thing is water consumption. Consider saving water bill buy Cadet 3. Buy according to your needs. 

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