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Are you trying to buy a toilet and confuse it between round vs elongated toilets ? I know it’s going to happen to me too, and I can understand your pain. Okay, let me say one thing about the toilet’s pros and cons before buying it: the pros and cons of the elongated toilet and the round. It helps you make the most of the best decisions.

A perfect toilet makes your bathroom awesome, but choosing an ideal toilet is more difficult now because many brands are on the market with many features. Well, that makes you more confused.

Both round and elongated bathrooms have their advantages and disadvantages. Still, you have to choose to depend on the size of your bathroom, the budget, the design, and most importantly, whether it’s comfortable for you or not.

So in this article, we’re going to guide you according to your needs and try to explain all those things that help you choose the right one.

Round Vs Elongated Toilet:

Before we are going to factors and comparison, we want to tell you some basic things.

What is a Round toilet?

We all know that round toilets mean that the shape of the bowl is round. The size of the round bowl shall be 16.5 inches. The toilets’ round shape is more prevalent in the 1990s than the brands are renovating because they focus on comfort. 

Now the markets have two shaped toilets, one of which is round and the other is elongated.

Pros and cons of round toilet:


  • Size: Round toilets are smaller, making them a good fit for bathrooms with limited space. They can be an excellent choice for half-baths or powder rooms.
  • Cost: Round toilets are generally less expensive than elongated ones. This can make a difference if you’re on a tight budget or need to purchase multiple toilets for a larger home or building.
  • Availability: Round toilets have been the standard for many years, which means there’s a wide range of models, styles, and colors to choose from. This can make it easier to match the toilet to the rest of your bathroom decor.
  • Child-friendly: The smaller opening and seat are often more comfortable for children, making them a good choice for families with young kids.


  • Comfort: For many adults, particularly men, an elongated toilet can be more comfortable to use due to the larger seating area.
  • Aesthetics: Some people prefer the more modern look of an elongated toilet. Round toilets can appear more dated, although this depends on the specific design and style of the toilet.
  • Cleaning: Round toilets can sometimes be harder to clean around the back of the bowl, due to the more compact design.
  • Accessibility: The shorter, round design can be less comfortable for tall people, older adults, or those with physical disabilities.
  • Design is older

What is an Elongated toilet?

The shape of the elongated toilet is oval, which means it looks like an egg. The elongated toilet bowl is larger than the round. Even the size also differs from brand to brand. The standard size is 18.5 inches. It’s almost two inches bigger than the round bowl.

Most of the new houses are designed with elongated bathrooms due to their design and comfort.

Pros and cons of elongated toilets:


  • Comfort: Elongated toilets have a larger seating area, which many adults find more comfortable than a round design, particularly for extended periods.
  • Aesthetics: Elongated toilets have a more modern and sleek appearance, which can contribute to a more updated look in your bathroom.
  • Ease of Cleaning: The extended bowl shape can sometimes be easier to clean, particularly at the back of the bowl.
  • Accessibility: The longer seat is often more comfortable and accessible for tall people, older adults, or those with physical disabilities.


  • Size: Elongated toilets take up more space, which can be a problem in small bathrooms or in bathrooms with a tight layout. They may not be suitable for powder rooms or half-baths where space is at a premium.
  • Cost: Elongated toilets tend to be more expensive than round ones. If you’re on a tight budget or need to outfit multiple bathrooms, the cost difference can add up.
  • Availability: While there are plenty of elongated models available, you may find fewer options than with round toilets. This could limit your choices when it comes to specific brands, styles, or colors.
  • Child-friendly: The larger opening and seat can sometimes be challenging for smaller children to use, and may require the use of a child’s seat until they grow a bit.
round toilet seat is not too small rather it more comfortable

Difference between round and elongated toilet:

It’s the most commonly asked questions. So there’s no such big difference. Only one big thing is the size. 

Elongated toilet bowl size is 18.5 inches, and round shape toilet size is 16.5 inches.

There is only one structural difference between them. If you differ in price, then the cost of elongated toilets is high compared to round toilets.

United states popular with this type of toilet but in other country square shape and D shape also include modern design.

Details explanation of factors about round and elongated toilet:

For more precise results, let’s explain all the factors in detail.

Powerful flush:

Toilets come with various flushing mechanisms, such as gravity flush, double cyclone flush, unique dual flush. But the fact is elongated toilets have more powerful flush compare to round one. 

Remember, a powerful flush saves your water bill. Nonetheless, you have to flush two times for total waste down.

The elongated shape is more supportive of the flushing mechanism. 

A powerful flush is a crucial factor in choosing a perfect toilet, which is one of the best purposes of using an elongated toilet. 

Note: If the flushing systems operate under pressure mechanisms, the elongated toilets create more pressure. If they use any other technology, both are the same for flushing.


Suppose we’re going to compare elongated versus round toilets. In that case, I have to say they’re both comfortable, but they vary from age to age.

A bowl of round toilets, small in size, which makes it comfortable for children, and elongated toilets, large in size, which makes it comfortable for adults.

I feel the elongated toilets best for me. I think the elongated toilets are more hygienic than the round toilets.

Space Needed:

Before buying a toilet, calculate the size of your bathroom. Check the rough-in and space, too. Yes, elongated toilets need 2 inches more space than round. I know this isn’t a significant factor in the standard bathroom, but they have a small bathroom. It can have an impact on your purchase.

Nowadays, brands are trying to create elongated toilets without taking up extra space and without compromising comfort.

However, round toilets are perfect for small bathrooms.


They’re both doing their job no matter what the purpose of making them. Brands focus on elongated bathrooms due to their comfort and design. The intention behind a round toilet is easy to use in a small space.

Brands always spend money on design because they know and believe in the first impression. That’s why the elongated toilets have special treatment for looks.

Check for aesthetics round toilet from Kohler.

If you want a trendy look and add a little more value to your guest, go with elongated toilets. I know the design and looks matter for you and your guest.


Cleaning is one of the biggest problems we’re facing. Elongated toilets have minimal hiding space compared to round toilets. As we said earlier, the pressure flush is more robust in the elongated bowl, that’s why it’s easy to clean.

The crevice is more in a round bowl toilet. So, when we use a brush, it’s hard to clean because it does not get under swiftly instead of elongated toilets.


Yes, elongated toilets are costly compared to round toilets. Well, I can give you an approximate idea. The elongated toilet price varies from brand to brand. You can get quality products from 150$ to 800$. 

There are also luxurious products that cost starting from 700$ to 500$ even more.

If you want a round toilet bowl, you can easily find it between $150 and $250.

The installation fee is the same. Try buying a one-piece toilet that’s easy to install. It can save the installation charge.


All the top points are great if you buy quality brand products. 

Suppose you’re going with any unusual products. In that case, you might get an elongated bowl at a round bowl price, but the experience ends up with a lot of frustration.

Always go along with trusted brands like Toto, Woodbridge, Kohler, American Standard, Swiss Madison, Galba, etc. Otherwise, all research and analysis will be wasted.

Now, I think you have an idea of what to buy and what factors to consider. 

These are the necessary comparisons between the elongated toilet and the round toilet. 

Let’s talk about some important queries that are related to these toilets.

Our view on Round VS Elongated Toilet ?

I think now it’s clear to you about the round or elongated toilet. However, we are explaining the pros and cons of elongated toilets.

Now it’s up to you to decide which one is perfect for your bathroom, depending on your needs.

We love to help you, and we want to give you the best suggestions. So you might want to check our list of the best toilets. 

If you are fancy to following the trends, you can check out our best one-piece toilet list. 

So there’s no significant difference between round and elongated bathrooms. Use it, and I guarantee that you will love it too.

That’s all for today. If you find any useful information about the pros and cons of elongated toilets, please tell others.


Q1. How long is an elongated toilet?

Toilets are not of a fixed height. It varies from one brand to another. 

However, all brands are in the standard height.
Depth: 28-30″
Width: 20″
Height: 27-32″
If you measure the elongated toilet from the wall, then it’s up to 31 inches.

Q2. Can I put an elongated toilet seat on a round toilet?

If you think technically yes, an elongated potty seat can be fitted to a round toilet, but you have to compromise comfort. As we know, both bathrooms come in different sizes.

No one is willing to compromise with comfort. So always avoid this kind of situation and buy a comfortable toilet seat. There are a lot of toilet seats available at a low price.

Q3. Is my toilet round or elongated? 

Various brands come in different designs. That’s why you’re confused about your bowl.

All right, just measure the bowl in front of the sink from the seat holes.

After that check it out, if you get about 16.5 inches, then it’s round toilet bowl, and if you have 18.5 inches, then it’s an elongated toilet bowl.
That’s so simple. Isn’t that it?

Q4. Can an elongated toilet replace a round toilet?

Yes, suppose the rough-in size is the same, and your bathrooms have space to fit an elongated toilet. In that case, you can easily replace the around toilet with an elongated toilet.

So, keep these two things in mind during the renovation and go with elongated toilets. I guarantee that if you’re an adult, you’ll love it.

Q5. Which one is better between a round or elongated toilet?

I don’t think it has a specific answer to that. Because you might be used to round one, that’s why you’re in love. But, frankly, elongated toilets are a better comparison to round bathrooms. Not only comfort but several things are also discussed in the earlier part.

Q6. Round or Elongated toilet, which one is easy to maintain?

The elongated toilet is easy to maintain because of its shape, and it has very minimal crevices. So it’s always easy to clean up.

Q7. Why would I want to have an elongated toilet pan?

If you’re an adult, you want it because of its design and height, and shape. It gives a fresh look to your bathroom. That’s why you really want this.

In my opinion, I always prefer an elongated toilet because it’s easy to clean, and for better cleaning purposes use a homemade toilet deodorizer. It is easy to use and take only 5 mins to prepare.

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