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Concern about your suitable toilet for your bathroom? Can’t make the decision which one will be best for your TOTO Ultramax VS Ultramax II.

Toto manufactures one of the most amazing toilet models currently on the market. The Ultramax toilet series is one of their most successful flushing toilet models.

Looking for this Ultramax Model- you achieve a great conclusion already. It is obvious to puzzling such great models which one go for Eco Ultramax or Ultra Max II.

Yet, you’ve come to the correct place. It’s a battle of two of the best TOTO toilets. Without much suspense, I start to kill your perplex.

Short Table – TOTO Ultramax VS Ultramax II

FeaturesUltraMaxUltraMax II
Water Consumption1.28-1.6 GPF1- 1.28 GPF
Flushing TechniqueEmaxTornado
HeightStandard & ADA compliantADA
Rough-In12 inches12 inches
Weight89 lbs99 lbs
MaterialVitreous ChinaVitreous China
Ideal ForShort to 5 feet heightAll types of people
Measurement31.8 x 28.9 x 19.3 inch28.4 x 16.5 x 28.3 inch
Trip LeverIn the new model right & left are availableBoth handed
Map Scorenear 700greater 800
Flush Valve3”3”
CertificateADA, EPAADA, EPA, CALGreen, Ultra-high efficiency
Assurance1 year1 year

TOTO Eco UltraMax

  • Flush Emax powerful, quiet flush
  • ADA, EPA certified
  • 1.28 Water consumption
  • Sanagloss finish
  • Vitreous China
  • One-piece, single flush
TOTO Eco UltraMaxCheck the latest price

TOTO UltraMax II

  • Double cyclone Tornado flush
  • 1 GPF to 1.28 Gpf
  • CalGreen, ADA, EPA certified
  • Elongated
  • One Piece, single flush
TOTO UltraMax II Check the latest price

Feature Comparison Between TOTO Ultramax II and TOTO Eco Ultramax

TOTO is the leading manufacturer, they come with daily new, and upgraded models for everyone to make life easy.

Emax Flush


TOTO never compromises their quality of flushing, their high-tech engineering flushing model consumes less water and is a great wash.

Single Flush with Emax, Torando flushTOTO Eco Ultramax has Emax flushing– this means TOTO Eco Ultramax gives you continued powerful flushing.

Eco Ultramax contains 3-inch flush valve and an extra-large siphon jet which lets the water goes so speed.

TOTO Ultramax is quiet flush. You don’t need high water pressure for an extra-large siphon jet. Only 1.28 gallons of water are used per flush means near about 6 liters.

Now come to the TOTO Ultramax II is single and quiet flush with double cyclone Tornado flush technology.

®The TORNADO flush has two powerful siphon nozzles. These two nozzles create double cyclonic, centrifugal action.

Double cyclone can easily wash out any waste build-up, clogs, and rest the bowl white clean.

TOTO Ultramax II uses only 1 gallon or 1.28 gallons of water per flush means near about 4.5 liters. It is rim hole-free, so easy to clean.

Both flushing options are eco-friendly and clean bowls efficiently with less water. Stay forever stain-free.

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Whenever you are going to buy a new toilet, consider its height. Height is the most important parameter that needs to be mentioned in the checklist.

Height comes in different grades from standard to ADA height. If you don’t know, what is the difference between them? 

I already posted- Standard height, Universal height, Chair Height, and Comport height in detail.

The TOTO Eco Ultramax has both Universal height and ADA Compliant Height. From 15 inches to 17 inches, including the seat -that’s why the Eco Ultramax is ideal for children and older, disabled people too.

The TOTO Ultramax II has an ADA-compliant toilet specially manufactured for seniors, people who have knee difficulties, and disabled people. 

The height of the TOTO Ultramax II is about 18 inches includes the seat.


Ok, water consumption is another vital parameter mentioned in your first list. TOTO is so popular it’s less water consumption.

The 1.6 GPF amount has been upgraded to 1.28 GPF for less water consumption. The G-Max was the first pioneer to use a 3″ wide flush valve.

Still, I think the E-Max is the Eco version of the G-Max, then further developed with a double cyclone tornado flush.

If you want more water savings, then TOTO Ultramax II is the winner here compared to TOTO Ultramax. 

Because Eco Ultramax consumes 1.28 to 1.6 gallons of water per flush, Ultramax II only consumes 1 gallon of water per flush.

If I calculate

  1 gallon = 4.54 liters. For 2 member used 2x 4.54 liters= 9.08 per day.
For 365 days it will be 9.08 x 365= 3314.2 liters means 729.03 gallons per year.
At the same time,

1.28 gallon = 5.82 liters. For 2 member used 2 x 5.82 = 11.64 liters per day.
For 365 days it will be 11.64 x 365 = 4248.6 liters means 934.56 gallons of water per year consume only two family members.

If you consider buying TOTO Ultramax II, can save up to ( 934.56-729.03) 205.53 gallons of water per year, which directly impacts your water bill pay too.

This calculation is simply two members’ one-time use. You can probably guess how much water Ultramax or Ultramax II consumes if you use it multiple times per day.

COST of TOTO Ultramax II VS Ultramax 

TOTO always comes with a great deal and thought about their customers. 

Apparently, TOTO Eco Ultramax II is costlier than Ultramax. 


Don’t forget about color. Toilet color can enhance the beauty of the bathroom in two ways. 

Either it can look brighter and match the color scheme of your bathroom, or it can deem the light. 

So it is entirely up to you to decide which color is more appealing and suitable for you.


TOTO Eco UltraMax is available in five different shades. Cotton, Colonial White, Sedona Beige, Bone, White Cotton. 

Ultramax II is available in six different tones. Cotton, Colonial White, Sedona Beige, Bone, Ebony, White Cotton.

Other Features Ultramax II VS Eco Ultramax


WASHLET is a cutting-edge hygiene and luxury system. The WASHLET employs a steam mechanism that leaves you feeling refreshed and renewed, as well as a warm-water spray that you can adjust in either pulsating or oscillating mode.

In New, TOTO Ultramax II has both Washlet, and Washlet+ function means it is an upgrade of the Washlet, extra features like odor sense, premist, automatic seat opening-closing characteristics.

Or, You can access Washlet in TOTO Ultramax too.


I visit their main website even talk to their helpline center ask about the certificates-

  • TOTO Ultramax holds Watersense (EPA), ADA Compliant.
  • TOTO Ultramax II holds Watersense (EPA), ADA compliant, and CalGreen Certificate.

So both toilets are A++ certificate with features, worth of your every penny.

Which one is the winner, according to CLEANING? Eco Ultramax VS Ultramax II

From all customer reviews, design the majority vote goes to Ultramax II. 

I believe it’s true Ultramax II has more cleaning power due to double cyclone noses and the rim-hole less design.

Due to double cyclone nozzles, increased power enables it to – entirely eliminate tissues and waste with a single flush. 

It is really fantastic for the lavatory since it keeps the pan spotless between washings. 

Although rating says Ultramax gets 8/10 rating and Max II gets 9.6/10 rating as per cleaning.


One-piece toilets are heavy than Two-piece toilets. I hope you already know it. 

While it concerns load capacity, the TOTO Ultramax weighs 89 pounds, while the Ultramax II weighs 99 pounds.

Despite the fact that both toilets are light, Ultramax is easier to take, hoist, and move. However, the Ultramax II is more difficult to carry, maneuver, and transfer.

Above all features, characters only show the difference and help you choose your preferred one. 

Now come the similarities and other unique features that make these two TOTO models more demandable in the future too.

Similarities Of Eco Ultramax and Ultramax II


The material of both TOTO Ultramax series makes from Vitreous China. Both toilets come with a one-piece, single flush, and elongated bowl shape.

There is no pinch of difference in quality and materials. Ultramax or Ultramax II both enhance the beauty of your bathroom.

-This is going to be insane, but anyone can fall in love with your bathroom decor, and they have to appreciate the choice.

The sleek, skirt-cutting design has balanced modern yet traditional treasures. Comfortable height, highly maintains hygienic, no clog issues.

Do you know, the quality of material (Vitreous China) can last a long 30 years, and you have no regret if you choose any of Ultramax.

More than hundred of thousands of people buy the TOTO Ultramax series according to their needs. After reading their reviews, less than 5 % of people only have minor issues. Can you even imagine?

Not only today but in the upcoming future, TOTO Ultramax and Ultramax II will rule over all brands. 


A soft-close seat is not a normal one. It has several benefits like

  • The slow-close seat can protect against any crack after closing the seat lid.
  • No annoying sound came after closing the seat.
  • Increase comfort and ease to use.
  • Fewer fractures occur due to slow closing.
  • A soft-close seat is easy to install, although TOTO Ultramax II and Ultramax both have Slow close seats included.
  • Provide Longer life span of toilet seat and toilet


Sound like WHAT!! What is the relation of two words antipathogenic and TOTO Ultramax series, Right?

Absolutely YES. There is more than you think. No matter how clean and shiny our toilets are, many unknown diseases spread from there. 

These tiny bacteria stick to the toilet wall after cleaning. But this is not the case with Toto for two reasons – its SanaGloss finishing and CEFIONTECT™ technology.

  • SanaGloss technology provides an exceptionally smooth, ion-barrier surface that lubricates the bowl cleaner for way too long.
  • CEFIONTECT™ Glaze hinders wreckage from adhering to ceramic surfaces, creating washing extremely easy. 

These two features provide a double layer of protection. That is why, even after years and years, no bacteria, molds, or mildew can grow.

trip lever


The chrome trip lever seems to be another exceptional feature that renders using this toilet a breeze.

For a better experience, the Chrome Trip Lever is available now left-hand and right-hand models.


Both models are simple to install, have 12 inches rough in size means standard toilet rough-in. You won’t have any problem if you’re replacing it with an old toilet.

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TOTO Ultramax II & Ultramax-these two lovely models also come with a one-year limited warranty. 

Unfortunately, anything ends up with manufacturing flaws or other issues, your money is safe to hand. 

Although, More than 90% of users are happy to use the Toto Ultramax II toilet and have not seen any defects after many years. Good luck with your turn.

Which will enhance the courtesy of your home? TOTO Ultramax VS Ultramax II

Honestly, both TOTO models can confuse anybody, the features, systems, high-class flushing technology, water consumption rate, etc.

But you must decide one, tell me to tell you to look at the graph. I collected from Google trends.

google trend on toto ultramax vs ultramax ii

The Blue color represents the TOTO Ultramax II, which is purchased by 50 people from all over the world every day on average. 

And the Red Color Carries TOTO Ultramax, which is bought by lesser people comparatively Ultramax II. 

I genuinely love the feature of Ultramax II, quiet flush, the water bill will become 30% less. Yes. It is costly.

Think about it and go with your preferable model according to your budget, needs, both are worth your every penny.

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