Toilet Standard Height VS Chair Height VS Comfort Height |Pros-Cons & Differences

You already puzzled out toilet height terms. This is common. I had the same issue. Thus it makes me choose the wrong toilet all time.

After clearing my doubt, now I can choose by myself without any expert.

I can’t keep my mouth shut. Before we begin, what is the distinction between toilet standard height VS chair height VS comfort height? You should be aware that using the incorrect toilet can exacerbate constipation issues.

A toilet height measurement should be done from the floor to the seat. When a toilet refers to a standard toilet, the height below 17 inches (includes the seat), and a comfort height toilet or chair height refers to when the height above 17 inches or more includes the seat.

These are not only termed; the toilet height can give you a clear bowel or can provide you with constipation.

So before jumping anything, let me tell you what you get from this page today?

I”ll show the difference between comfort height VS standard height VS chair height and their pros cons.

Determine your ideal toilet height and create a happy bathroom because a wrong toilet can cause structural destruction to your bathroom.

What is the difference between toilet standard height VS chair height VS comfort height?

WHAT ISIt is also known as right Heights.It is also known as REGULAR Heights.Another name of Comfort height
HEIGHTabove 17″ with out seatBelow 16 ” with seat17 to 19″ without seat
APPEARENCELooking goodLooking goodLooking good
COSTBudget FriendlyRelatively costlyUnder budget
CLOG ISSUENo clog issueSometimesNo clog issue
IDEAL FORTaller, accessible, senior most personKids, Short peopleTaller, accessible, senior most person
INSTALLATION Easy to installEasy to InstallEasy to install
BEST Best for back problems, Knee problems and ArthritisBest for constipation problemBest for back problems, Knee problems and Arthritis
FLUSH TECHNOLOGYFlush technology very strongNormal flushing technologyFlush technology very strong
Not ForKids, constipation problemAccessible personKids, constipation problem

Most people suffer from toilet height. Some want a tall size when others wish to a standard height.

So in the new era, regarding toilet height problems, Bring the different heights of toilets, called comfort height, normal height, chair height, and standard height toilet.

What is a comfort height toilet?

A comfort height toilet is a height toilet that is beneficial for most people. It is also known as right Heights. These are mainly built from traditional times.
(These are the best Comfort height toilets examples)


  • A Comfort height toilet is best for elderly and Mobility people.
  • The perfect option for tall people include those who have a joint problem
  • A comfortable height toilet meets the ADA requirement.
  • Easy to seat and standing up for older ones
  • Relatively cheap than the standard height toilet


  • Comfort height/ Universal height not a good option for children, short height people.
  • Because of the height, the legs are dangle in the air so it may cause blood circulation problem
  • Comfort height toilets can increase constipation problems due to sitting posture.

What is a standard height?

A standard height toilet refers to the height of the toilet, which should be 14 to 15 inches tall from the floor to toilet rim without the seat.
Best standard height toilet examples


  • A standard height best for children and short height person
  • Excellent position
  • The height provides a natural posture that can help out constipation
  • Kids are happily move
  • You can make a standard height toilet to comfort height to add a toilet seat
  • Fit in any bathroom


  • Come costly compare to Chair height toilet
  • Not suitable for older, disability persons
  • Hard to stand up for older people
  • Awkard for tall person


Q1. How tall is a chair height toilet?

A chair-height toilet is just a user name by Kohler brand. The height of the toilet is about 15 inches to 17 inches without a seat, include a seat, and it goes up to 17-18 inches.
Note- For the analysis of height should measure from the floor to seat and comply with the ADA guidelines.

Q2. Chair height toilet VS standard?

· The chair height toilet is almost 2 inches higher than the standard one.
· The chair height toilet makes sitting and standing positions easy for the senior, disabled, tall person than the standard toilet.
· Installation both are, nothing makes any difference
· In-chair height toilet, there is install more powerful flush than the standard one. Because of it used by the senior, disabled person, so the yield go properly without making embarrassing
· The use of chair toilets by those who experience poor backaches, poor knees, joint discomfort, and arthritis is considerable. The height helps to sit and comfortably stand up.
· For the powerful flush in chair height, the clogging problem minimal than standard ones.
· For the height and size, chair height toilets need extra space in the bathroom than standard height or regular height toilets.
· Although chair height not suitable for kids, short people, standard height perfect for them.

Q3. What is the highest toilet height?

20 Inches is the highest toilet height by Convenient Height toilet in the market. The height is about 20 inches from floor to top bowl rim( exclude seat) and 21 inches floor to top of the seat (include seat).
The height may be large, but the length is also relatively compact. It looks not just too impressive but offers dual flushing options and is certified by WaterSense.
It is different from any other available toilet and comes costly.

Q4. What is the height difference between a standard and tall toilet?

Many people are confused about the height, which is best for them. So here, the main height difference between a standard and tall toilet is – Standard comes about 14 to 15 inches tall, and a tall toilet comes up to 19 inches height.
Toilet height regular VS universal
Regular, Normal, and standard all are the same height (below 17′). They are only term differences. Additional Comfort, Tall, Right, and Universal size all refer to above 17 inches height toilets.

Q5. Are chair height and comfort height toilets the same?

If you confuse between chair height and comfort height, let me clear you, both toilets are the same.
The main distinction is the phrase to be used. Chair height is a generic term for all toilets with a height of 17 inches, whereas comfort height is a brand version name.

Q6. Which is the better round or elongated toilet?

There is not a perfect opinion for which is the better round or elongated. All toilets are made falling of people sake, their preferences.
But still, the Elongated toilet bests for a fat, senior, accessible person because of the large bowel on other hands round the toilet best for kids and small-sized bathrooms.
Check your needs and check this (round VS elongated toilet and its pros cons). Now it’s your choice to choose the better one for your home.

Q7. Who makes the tallest comfort height toilet?

The tallest comfort height toilet that 20-21 inches made by the Convenient Height toilet.
Another one is Kohler The Highline® Tall, which is about 2 inches higher than comfort height toilets.

Q8. What is the lowest height toilet?

Toto EcoDrake comes in at 14.5″ is the lowest height toilet.

Q9. What is the tallest American Standard toilet?

In American standard, there are so many toilets that are comfortable height among all of them -VorMax is the tallest one.

Q10. Is 1.6 or 1.28 toilets better?

Both toilets are best on their own criteria.
Suppose you have a large family and using a single washroom. In this case, 1.6 is the best one.
Again, If you have a small family and toilets use by an individual, then 1.2 is the right one for you.
In short, 1.6 toilets give a heavy-duty whereas 1.2 is the best for light use.
(Check it out 1.6 VS 1.2; we have a detailed article.)

Q11. What is the best height for a toilet?

What is the best height for a toilet always depends on whom do use it.
If you are going to use the toilet regularly or for the kids, then go for Standard height/regular height (up to 16inches include the seat.)
If you search for a senior, accessible or taller one, then go for comfort height/chair height/ right height ( above 17inches).


Now you may have a clear idea of what should you get a standard height or comfort height toilet? Or you can check the best toilets list for home(reasonable price and all buying guide).

I hope this clarifies all doubt related to Toilet heights. If you’ve any doubts, just ask me in the comments section, and I will respond as soon as possible.

Thank you

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