What are Unisex Bathrooms Pros and Cons

Are you trying to plan about a Unisex bathroom or all-gender toilets for office or home? Then you should know some basic info and Unisex bathrooms pros and cons.

Even Gender Inclusive restrooms are gaining popularity, and Man and Women are happy to use this.

There are many countries that have already adopted this all-gender toilet concept and provide a special gesture about equality.

Generally, Unisex Bathrooms are mostly seen in public transport like railway, flight, subway, and public restrooms open for all.

Today’s article is all about the pros and cons of having a gender-neutral restroom and how a mixed-gender toilet works.

What does a Unisex Bathroom Mean?

The very first question is ‘what does a unisex bathroom mean’- 

A unisex restroom allows everyone- including males, females, transgender, who are unsure of their gender, people with disabilities, children, and the elderly, to use the toilet freely under the same shade.

A Gender- Inclusive toilet doesn’t pay attention to individuals and provides the same benefits and comfort.

How do Unisex Bathrooms Work?

Unisex or Mixed sex toilets are worked multiple ways-

  1. Single occupancy- 

When simply one unit or bound is furnished. A single occupancy accommodates numerous individuals at once- such as an entire family or a caregiver assisting an individual truly needy. 

  1. Multiple deed – 

Multi-user amenities are accessible to everyone. Whereas too many users can either have faucets in an open place or individually have their own sink in their personal toilet.

Do Unisex Bathrooms Have Urinals?

Some Unisex Toilets have Urinals facilities, and some have don’t. It depends on the building structure.

Why are Unisex Bathrooms Important?

Unisex Bathrooms Are Important not only for showing gender equality but the thinking beyond that.

So many people have no ability to do their own task like an elderly person, one disabled who needs their caretaker at that moment. 

( If the caretaker is of the opposite sex, it is uncomfortable for him/her to use the individual toilet.) 

Small kids who need one their parents to help them. Changing a diaper in the restrooms.

Non-binary individuals who are unsure of their identity, as well as trans people, find it difficult to use public restrooms.

They fell into trouble, and awkward moments have created.

All of these issues have to be short out that why the concept of unisex bathrooms important.

Unisex Bathrooms Pros and Cons

Are you probably wondering about the concept of Gender Neutral toilets; what are the pros and cons of having a Gender Neutral restroom?

pros of gender neutral bathroom is easier for elderly person

Advantages of Gender Neutral Bathroom

For Elderly Person

An elderly person needs a caretaker, and his or her caretaker is the opposite sex. It is challenging to help them in separate toilets. But Unisex bathrooms don’t have that issue.

For a Handicapped or disability person

A handicapped individual requires the assistance of a carer, who is of the opposite sex. It is difficult to assist them in different toilets. 

Unisex restrooms, on the other hand, do not have this problem.

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For Kids

Kids who need their mother or father while using the toilet. If the kid is a girl and goes with her father, then the moment comes when he has to leave her alone.

He has to leave his daughter to use the toilet alone and wait outside for her.

That time is very stressful for the man, thinking about his daughter and what she is doing inside alone.

The same thing happens to a child’s mother. The gender-inclusive toilet, on the other hand, is far more comfortable. Everyone is welcome to use the restrooms.

For a Mixed gender

When it comes to a gender-neutral toilet- always prioritize the third gender.  

One who is not firm about their identity, transgender, Non-binary individuals all have to get advantages from a Unisex toilet.


Males, females, and children can all use the same toilet. So any trouble comes out, they can help each other.


Population increase day by day, and land decrease for construction. Some times tricky to find a place to build a restroom where it’s most needed.

All gender toilets are work pros here. The toilets save more space and provide personal use. Furthermore, both will be able to empty themselves.

Other Pros of a Unisex Bathroom

  • Parents might bring their children of diverse genders into the lavatory with themselves.
  • Siblings of opposite genders would share a toilet.
  • Save electricity bills and water bills.

Disadvantages of Unisex Bathrooms

Although many advantages are present in Unisex toilets still there is some drawback of this facilities.


Safety is as much advantage of a unisex toilet as it is one of the main cons of gender-neutral restrooms. Some women complain about harassment.


Ladies need to put down pants while using the toilet- this is quite an uncomfortable place. 

While women their period and the usable napkins disposal another uncomfortable moment. Another con of unisex bathrooms.


Some unisex toilet users say about hygienic-related problems.

What is The Cost of Gender Neutral Bathrooms?

A gender-neutral restroom costs not much more than a separate restroom.

It might also save expense by utilizing- less space, installing fewer toilet seats, and basins for a single facility instead of two different toilets.

A single expenditure can enable to serve customers of all categories without incurring extra out again costs.

Final Thought- Are Gender Neutral Washrooms a Good Idea? Why or Why not?

A Gender Neutral Washrooms a good idea though there is some drawback present that we can’t avoid.

All gender toilets are reliable make people more friendly to each other. Although this concept does not adopt all over the world right now, and every individual country has its own separate restrooms also available.

Present a unisex bathroom has pros of you go somewhere with your kids and has separate toilet this going to tricky both of you.

So having a gender-inclusive toilet is suitable for all.


Q1. Are European bathrooms unisex?

In the Modern era, many European countries have unisex bathrooms. 

All gender restrooms are available in schools, universities.

Q2. How many countries have unisex bathrooms?

More than 7 countries have unisex bathrooms include- USA, UK, India, Thailand, China, Nepal, Japan, Australia, Canada, etc.

Either install in schools, universities, public restrooms, or public transport systems.

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