Siphon Jet Toilet Advantages and Disadvantages (2022)

The layout of the siphonic jets trap method creates a siphon that drives waste materials down the sewer.

Siphonic jet flush has a wide water surface, and its water levels have always been above bowl discharge, in addition to the S- or P-shaped pipe method.

When you first start looking for a new toilet, you may underestimate how difficult it may be. 

The advantage of a Siphonic Toilet is the best odor controller, and the disadvantage is the Clogging issue.

You must now choose amongst the several flushing processes in addition to the various styles and colors offered.

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In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits and drawbacks of the Siphon Jet toilet, as well as the best siphonic flush toilet.

What is a Siphonic Jet Toilet?

The majority of Siphon Jet toilets are found in American countries. They prefer it most because of the bigger water surface.

The siphon jet is a two-outlet flushing conceptual model. One is just the bottom of the bowl and opposite of the drainage line.

Another outlet is nothing but some small holes which are located just under the rim circularly. 

While the water runs through the rim, water comes out from rim holes, and another force water moves out from the bottom of the toilet, which is a main and relatively big outlet.

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How Will A Siphon Jet Toilet Work?

From the above section, you may understand a little bit- about the mechanism of a toilet siphon.

Subsequently, pull or push the flush handle or button- the flapper will open up to allows water to run through the bowl.

All water that streams through the jet holes are located underneath the rim creates siphonic pressure, besides this- another big outlet also creates siphonic cyclone movement.

The Siphonic jet toilet has a larger water surface. Which is the reason the toilet can hold a large amount of water.

After flushing down the siphon jet, again hold the exact amount of water to the bowl. Siphonic Jet toilet has a higher water level compare to Gravity Fed.

Siphon Jet Toilet Advantages and Disadvantages

Siphonic toilet has several pros and cons. 

Siphon Jet Toilets Advantages

1. More Cleaner Bowl

Siphon Jet Toilet can Clear more bowls than other toilets. Siphonic toilet has a bigger bowl size like elongated. Which can hold lots of water, so your poop doesn’t get stuck to the wall.

2. High Level of Water In the Bowl

Because of the deep water trap surface and bowl surface, a Siphonic jet toilet carries a high level of water in the bowl compared to other models.

3. Prevents Getting Stains 

Siphon Jet toilet great ability to prevents getting stains in the toilet. So you can say bye to rings from your toilet.

4. Save Water

Although the Siphon Jet toilet loads more water, it has a dual flush toilet system. Use according to your needs. 1.28 Gpf and 1.6 Gpf amount.

1.28 GPF for small or liquid waste and 1.6 GPF is for solid waste.

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5. Eco- Friendly

Siphonic Toilets are eco-friendly and install modern flush technology.

6. Enhance Bathroom Looks

Today’s Siphonic Jet toilets are a sleek look, brings a modern aesthetic appearance to the bathroom.

7. Lower Maintainance

Siphonic toilets do not require much attention in terms of maintenance. A minimum cleaner can go longer between visits. Replacement parts are available near all stores.

8. Easy to Install

Siphonic toilet is very easy to install. Just know the rough-in size and buy a new one for your sweet home.

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9. Prevents Smell

One of the biggest advantages of the Siphonic toilet is that it controls sewage odor. Yes, You hear about the right info.

No other models in the market can prevent sewage smell as much as Siphon jet does. Due to the high bowl water level.

10. No More Noise

Another well-known name of Siphon Jet toilet is Silent Toilet. 

Whenever you flush, you will never get disappointed, either at midnight or with a full house of people. You can peacefully do your task.

11. Inexpensive

All the features come in your pocket, a siphonic toilet’s minimum of around 200 dollars to up to 1000 dollars.

Disadvantages of a Siphon Flush Toilet

Although all of those several advantages are present in Siphon jet flush toilets, there are some drawbacks.

1. Clogging Issues

The Siphonic toilet has a long and narrow trapway. The trapway shape is either “S” or “reverse P.” This feature tends to clog issues.

2. Overflowing Issues

Trapway is comparatively narrow and bends since I have noticed complaints about overflowing.

3. Space taker

If you choose a Siphonic Jet toilet, then you have to need extra space. Otherwise small space restroom does not fit properly.

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4. Clean Process Sometimes Hard

Because of the narrow trapways, sometimes the cleaning process goes too hard.

Here are the Top 2 Best Siphon Jet Toilets Review

  1. American Standard 2887218.020 H2Option
  2. WOODBRIDGE T-0019  

WOODBRIDGE T-0019 – Best Siphon Jet One Piece Toilet

Siphon Jet Toilet Advantages and Disadvantages (2022)


  • One-piece toilet
  • Luxurious look
  • Sleek design for easiest to clean
  • Easy to Install
  • Powerful Siphonic Dual Flush
  • Map Score 1000 grams.
  • Water-sense certificate
  • Comfort Height
  • Available three different shades

Woodbridge is a very well-established brand that provides the best qualities product. Woodbridge mostly comes under no.1 seller and Amazon’s choice product.

Map score means the number of solid waste in grams remove per flush. The higher the Map score greater the waste removal. (Source)

Woodbridge is a one-piece, modern model that’s why it fits perfectly in small compact bathrooms. 

Dual flush saves water and water bill as well. Woodbridge 0019 provides you a preinstall soft, slow-closing toilet seat that prevents scratches. 

Perfect for all kinds of people from kids to elderly and disabled person. Woodbridge 0019 is worth every penny.

American Standard 2887218.020 H2Option- Best Siphon Jet Budget-friendly toilet (all in one)

Siphon Jet Toilet Advantages and Disadvantages (2022)


  • Two-Piece, Dual Flush toilet
  • EverClean surface 
  • Siphon Jet high-performance toilet
  • Available both right and standard height
  • Round and elongated
  • Three colors options
  • Vitreous China, 
  • Origin ‎Mexico

We don’t need to introduce American Standard, the most trustworthy, super quality brand is ruling over and over the decades. One toilet easily lasts up to 20 to 40 years.

American Standard 2887218.020 H2Option advantage is that comes from two different heights- Right and standard.

If you don’t know are the difference between Right height and Standard height

Map Score 1000 grams. You get 5 years warranty. Budget-friendly fits anywhere. 4.4-star rating in Amazon.

The EverClean surface technology is the best to protect the toilet from getting any rings, spots even prevent growing bacterias.

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How much time you wash, flush, never fade away its shine. In fact, it comes under the best no-clog toilet.

Final Verdict- Siphon jet toilet Pros and Cons

No toilet is perfect, each toilet has its own advantages and disadvantages. But Siphon jet toilets are modern design toilets that upgrade every day.

I suggest here only two toilets because of my own experience of using these models.

So, choose according to your needs, accommodation, a note about the space and cost. Otherwise siphon jet toilet will be a great toilet to make your bathroom more standard.

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