5 Best Selling Swiss Madison Toilet Reviews

Swiss Madison is new in the market and continuously gaining its reputation and winning everyone’s hearts with its quality and affordable product.

Although Swiss Madison is not known as TOTO, American Standard, or Kohler, it still has the power to flush, providing people with what they need at a reasonable price.

Below listed Swiss Madison Toilets can install home, office, public restrooms. All are aesthetic looking, have a sleek edge-cutting design, fit into very small toilets as well.

Let’s find out which Swiss Madison toilet will be perfect for you, and you will enjoy all its benefits in the upcoming days.

I give a detailed installation process as it is easy to install, no need for any plumber. Let’s start with the best swiss madison toilet reviews.

Product Comparison Table of Swiss Madison Toilets 

Product NameDetailPrice

SM-1T254 St. Tropez

  • Dual Tornado Flush
  • ADA, EPA Certified
  • Fits into a small space
  • Budget-Friendly

SM-1T257 Sublime II

  • Dual Tornado Flush
  • More affordable
  • Installation is easy for a single person

SM-1T112 IVY

  • Comes two rough in sizes 10” and 12”
  • Two water usage options 0.8/1.28 GPF and 1.1/1.6GPF

SM-1T106 Concorde

  • Square bowl
  • Modern Looking toilet

Wall Hung

  • Wall-mounted dual flush system
  • ADA compliants

5 Alltime Best Selling Swiss Madison Toilet Reviews

Swiss Madison Well Made Forever SM-1T254 St. Tropez ( 4.4/5 )

5 Best Selling Swiss Madison Toilet Reviews


  • Dimension– 26.6x15x31 incheS
  • Weight-120 Pounds
  • Toilet Type– One-Piece
  • Flush Type– Dual Flush
  • Flushing Technology– Tornado Flush
  • Material– Ceramic
  • Bowl Shaped– Elongated
  • Extra Features– ADA compliant height, comfort height, EPA approved
  • Trapway– Fully skirted trapway 3”
  • Rough-In– 12”
  • Color– 3 Shades
  • Water Consumption– 0.8/1.28 GPF
  • Trip Lever– Push Button

Are you looking for a sleek edge cutting modern toilet at the most affordable price! I must say Swiss Madison SM-1T254 St. Tropez going to impress you soon.

Swiss Madison SM-1T254 St. Tropez model toilet looks like Woodbridge, and it is a tough competitor among all modern one-piece toilets.

Swiss Madison SM-1T254 St. Tropez gets more than 4.4 stars rating on AMAZON from more than 700+ people. 

SM-1T254 St. Tropez becomes top-selling and Amazon’s choice toilet at a reasonable price.


From the aspect of appearance and design, Swiss Madison St. Tropez is not less than any high branded model in fact 96% of users just stun its modern-sleek look.

One-piece dual flush toilet no need to press like old-style handle, it comes with push-button.

5 Best Selling Swiss Madison Toilet Reviews5 Best Selling Swiss Madison Toilet Reviews
5 Best Selling Swiss Madison Toilet Reviews5 Best Selling Swiss Madison Toilet Reviews

St. Tropez’s trapway is fully skirted, so no more visible trapway makes the toilet more outstanding rich look. 

In addition, the skirted trapway is really easy to clean. A big thumps Up for that.

You know now skirted trapway, sleek design is trendy, so there is no regret if you’ll choose it today.

You have three colors options from white, black, and cotton white. Choose according to your bathroom coordination.


Swiss Madison St. Tropez’s one-piece elongated toilet has no doubt its performance. The dual flush tornado flush is very effectively removed waste.

If you have ever faced a clog issue, you will appreciate the toilet performance after using it. Double nozzles create a great centrifuge and eliminate waste just using 0.8 GPF of water. 

Thanks to Swiss Madison St. Tropez Dual Tornado flushing power utilizes little water and allows customers the option of using a weak or strong force depending on the stuff they’re trying to deal with.

The Trapway is about 3”, enough wide to exclude any big, hard waste. 

Water Consumption

Water usage is a big matter, especially in California and the surrounding regions. If you’re from there, you know this better. 

As per California Energy Commission rules and regulations, only those toilets that use only 1.28 GPF of water will be available. 

It’s not just about California. There’s no point in wasting extra water if just 0.8 or 1.28 gallons of water is enough. That is an eco-friendly decision.

Swiss Madison Toilet gives you two flushing options 0.8 GPF and 1.28GPF of water. 

This means you can save more than — water in one year, without sacrificing flushing efficacy. see below the notice board.

Calculate average water consumed by 2 members in one house, use once the toilet then how much water will waste.

1 Gallons = ~4.55 liters
If the 2 members in a house flush the toilet, then 2 x 4.55 = 9.1 liters means 2 Gallons per Day.

In the whole year, 365 x 9.1 = 3321.5 liters of water means ~730.63 gallons of water per year will consume.

1.28 GPF = ~5.81 liters. For 2 members 2x 5.81 = 11.62 liters = ~2.55 Gallons of water per Day.

In the whole year, 365 x 11.62 = 4241.3 liters of water means =~932.96 Gallons of water per year.

For, 1.6 GPF = ~ 7.28 liters water . For 2 member 2 x 7.28= 14.56 liters =~ 3.20 Gallons of water per Day.

In the whole yera, 365 x 14.56 = 5314.4 liters = ~ 1169.00 Gallons of water per Year.

In the end, if you use 1.28 GPF, you can save up to ( 5314.4 – 4241.3) = 1073.1 liters =~ 236.1 Gallons per water per year. 
You may assume the different water bill also.


Now you already know SM-1T254 St. Tropez is an eco-friendly option, has high flushing efficacy, and has a classic appearance. 

Comes to its comfortable concern, fits for everyone, the elongated seat gives you a more comfortable sitting place.

Although it has an elongated front, still fits into a small bathroom.

The ADA compliant height, measuring 16.5′′ from floor to rim– means suitable for seniors, disabled persons, no problem with sitting and standing.

The best part of Tropez is comes with a soft slow-closed seat, you don’t have to buy a seat, spend extra money to bring more comfort.

The advantage of a Soft close seat over a standard seat is

  • More comfortable
  • No more bang noise
  • Additionally, prevent damage, porcelain cracks
  • The chrome hinges on the soft close seat help wash a delight.

All of these comforts deliver you to spend more peaceful time in the bathroom.


Most buyers are always concerned about the installation process, you don’t have to worry about that also. The Swiss Madison support you to easy to install process.

The unit comes along with a user guide, wax ring, bolts, bolt caps, just need one wrench to place it.


I don’t think you can get these huge benefits at such a surprising and affordable price. 


  • Easy to clean
  • Less clogging issue
  • Great performance
  • Large trapway
  • Dual flush, water-saving 
  • ADA complaints, EPA certified
  • Ideal for everyone, very comfortable
  • Has a small footprint, fits into small to large bathrooms
  • Durable Ceramic Material
  • No leakage problem
  • Soft slow-close seat included


  • A bit heavy to handle for one person
  • Users find installation tricky for one person

Best Value Swiss Madison Toilet

Swiss Madison SM-1T254 St. Tropez is nothing but an all-in-one box model. From comfortable to affordable, no toilet brand gives you such a great toilet at this rate with One-year limited warranty.

Now any good water-efficient toilet comes to cost more than 500$ without a seat, But St. Tropez benefits you with a slow close seat worth a minimum 100$.

A quick-release, the slow-closing toilet seat is a true steal. I believe Tropez will be the best choice on a tight budget because it has all of the required features and performance to meet the needs of a modern household.

In Amazon, more than 750+ users purchased this model, and 84% recommend this product after using SM-1T254 St. Tropez. 
In the Home Depot, 77% recommend this product.

2. Swiss Madison Sublime II ‎SM-1T257 (4.0/5)

5 Best Selling Swiss Madison Toilet Reviews


  • Dimension– 24 x 13.19 x 27.31 inches
  • Weight-89 pounds
  • Toilet Type– One-Piece
  • Flush Type– Dual Flush
  • Flushing Technology– Tornado Flush
  • Material– Ceramic
  • Bowl Shaped-Elongated
  • Rough-In– 12”
  • Extra Features– ADA compliant height, comfort height, EPA approved
  • Trapway– Fully skirted trapway 2.75”
  • Color– White
  • Water Consumption– 0.8/1.28 GPF
  • Trip Lever– Push Button


No wonder every Swiss Madison Toilet models are an excellent looking, sleek, edge-cutting design.

No Visible trapway, Swiss Madison makes their toilet concealed trapway easy to clean. Swiss Madison Sublime II ‎SM-1T257 is one piece dual flush toilet.

The elongated bowl of the porcelain toilet gives greater space and comfort, with the tank blending effortlessly into a lower bowl for a streamlined appearance.


Dual flush with high-performance gravity flush utilized 0.8 and 1.28 GPF of water. The 2.75” concealed trapway is ECO friendly with superior flush performance.

Center push dual flush button, press according to the waste and save water and water-bill.


Standard height with an elongated seat gives you an extra comfortable place to sit. Swiss Madison ‎SM-1T257 Sublime II comes with a soft close seat, Good-Bye to slam noise.

Swiss Madison Sublime II is 15.5” in height without a Seat.


The Swiss Madison ‎SM-1T257 is around 89 lb, so it’s easy to install for one person. The model comes with a Seat, Wax Ring.


Price is more affordable and cheap.

In AMAZON near 74% recommend the Swiss Madison Sublime II ‎SM-1T257 toilet, and Home depots 71% of users recommend this amazing product.


  • Cheap price
  • Installation is easy for one person
  • Gravity-fed dual flush
  • Water-saving technology
  • Fits into any area
  • Easy to clean
  • Soft-close seat including
  • One year limited warranty


  • Some users’ experiences with the seat are not comfortable.

3. Swiss Madison IVY SM-1T112

5 Best Selling Swiss Madison Toilet Reviews


  • Dimension– 26 x 14 x 29 inches.
  • Weight-91 pounds
  • Toilet Type– One-Piece
  • Flush Type– Dual Flush
  • Flushing Technology– Tornado Flush
  • Material– Ceramic
  • Bowl Shaped– Elongated 
  • Extra Features– EPA certified, ADA compliant
  • Trapway-Fully skirted trapway 3”
  • Color– White
  • Water Consumption– 0.8/1.28 GPF-1.1/1.6 GPF
  • Trip Lever– Push Button

Our next medium-budget Swiss Madison toilet is Swiss Madison IVY SM-1T112 has gained so much popularity in just a few years. The product ceramic China has a limited one-year warranty.


Swiss Madison IVY is a luxurious Modern Design with a sleek look. It is a one-piece dual flush toilet, the flush trip top of the lid makes it more modern.

The white IVY has a skirted concealed trapway that is also easy to clean. 

The best part of IVY is that it comes in both 10 inches and 12-inch rough-in sizes. Therefore, a great opportunity for those who are thinking of remodeling their bathroom and have a 10-inch rough-in, Tropez and Sublime II both come in 12-inch rough-in sizes.

5 Best Selling Swiss Madison Toilet Reviews5 Best Selling Swiss Madison Toilet Reviews

12” Rough-In

5 Best Selling Swiss Madison Toilet Reviews5 Best Selling Swiss Madison Toilet Reviews

10” Rough-In


Nothing says about swiss Madison toilet performance, they always serve quality performance under budget.

The two powerful nozzles create a centrifugal force for a highly efficient dual tornado flush, so no more rim holes clogging and cleaning with the same water efficiency.

Dual-flush with high-performance Vortex with 3 inches trapway that combination makes this IVY model never clogging issue.

Water Consumption

Swiss Madison updates their toilet by water consumption, the IVY comes with two amounts of water usage- 0.8 GPF/1.28GPF flush and 1.1/1.6GPF. 


The height is comfortable with quick release, soft slow-closing elongated seat included, no need to buy separately.

Bowl Height without Seat 15.69 inches which is perfect for a senior, tall and disabled person.


  • Available both 10” and 12” rough-in size
  • 0.8/1.28 GPF and 1.1/1.6 GPF of water usage availabe
  • perfect fits for small toilet
  • ADA compliant, Map Score 600
  • EPA Certified
  • No rim hole powerful tornado flush
  • Easy to clean and install
  •  Limited lifetime warranty
  • Wax Ring, Hardware kit, Toilet Seat, user guide come with the box


  • As per users, the seat quality is not really good at all.

4. Swiss Madison SM-1T106 Concorde Square

5 Best Selling Swiss Madison Toilet Reviews


  • Dimension– 27 x 14.3 x 29.5 inches
  • Weight-‎88.8 pounds
  • Toilet Type– One-Piece
  • Flush Type– Dual Flush
  • Flushing Technology– Gravity-fed
  • Material– Ceramic
  • Bowl Shaped– Square
  • Extra Features– 17 inches height include seat
  • Trapway– 2.5”
  • Color– White, black
  • Water Consumption– 0.8/1.28 GPF
  • Trip Lever– Push Button, left handle


If you want to make your money different, then Concorde is perfect. Its four square toilet bowls add a different dimension to the bathroom.

Let’s make people more jealous with your new Swiss Madison SM-1T106 Concorde toilet. Sleek, modern is just a word to describe such a beautiful toilet.

You know round, elongated toilets are most common in 98% of houses, but the square shape is next to rare. 

This is your turn to try something new, bring a Swiss Madison SM-1T106 Concorde Square one-piece dual flush toilet in your home.


 The high-performance gravity fed with 2.75” trapway 

2.75” flush valve only uses 0.8/1.28 GPF of water you won’t experience clogs a lot.

You will be able to choose between a low capacity (0.8 gpf) and a higher capacity (1.28 gpf). 

Remember that both of these have flow rates, but the option to utilize varied quantities of water allows you to save even more money when dealing with both solid and liquid waste.

As a consequence, you will save water and save money on your water bill. In some states, you may also be eligible for a discount.


Swiss Madison SM-1T106 Concorde toilet’s main eye-catching feature is its square bowl, which we like from a strictly aesthetic standpoint. 

The standard height with a soft closing seat makes it more comfortable for everyone.

The flush button is present at the top of the lid, it has another version that comes with a left side handle trip lever.


Standard 12 inches rough-in toilet, installation bit easy or you can get a plumber for it. 


  • Unique style, square bowl
  • Soft closing seat, no slamming noise
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Fits into compact space
  • Clog free


  • Some users experience uncomfortable for its square size

Swiss Madison Wall Hung Toilet Review

5 Best Selling Swiss Madison Toilet Reviews


  • Dimension– 20.68 x 14.75 x 13.37 inches
  • Weight-‎48 pounds
  • Toilet Type– One-Piece
  • Flush Type- Dual Flush
  • Flushing Technology– Tornado Flush
  • Material– Ceramic
  • Bowl Shaped– Oblong
  • Extra Features- ADA height compliant for residential installations
  • Trapway– 2.75”
  • Color– White, Black
  • Water Consumption– 0.8/1.28 GPF
  • Trip Lever– Push Button

If your bathroom floor does not have enough space, then the Swiss Madison Wall Hung toilet is a great option for you.

Swiss Madison Ivy SM-WT450 and SM-WT449 St. Tropez are the best wall-hung toilets from Swiss Madison.

Ivy SM-WT450

5 Best Selling Swiss Madison Toilet Reviews5 Best Selling Swiss Madison Toilet Reviews
  • 48 lb weight
  • Gravity-fed
  • Rough-in adjustable

SM-WT449 St. Tropez

5 Best Selling Swiss Madison Toilet Reviews5 Best Selling Swiss Madison Toilet Reviews
  • 53 lb weight
  • Gravity Fed
  • Concealed trapway

Both toilets have a high-performance dual flush gravity-fed toilet. The water consumption is 0.8 and 1.28 GFP of water.

Concealed with a wide trapway 2.75” make the toilet flush is more flushable.

Altogether, the Swiss Madison wall hung is a fantastic toilet which will surely improve the appearance of the restroom. The organization has an excellent client service crew that can be relied on.

Furthermore, this is one of those wall-mounted toilets that does not contact the ground, thus making cleaning easier than standard floor-mounted toilets.


  • Compatible with all carrier brands.
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to maintain
  • Adjustable height between 15.375 inches to 28.5 inches


  • Installation needs a plumber and required elements
  • Flush doesn’t work properly

Summery- Swiss Madison Toilet Reviews

After reading all reviews, features you may somewhere confused about which will be best for you.

Here, the three best Swiss Madison toilets 

  1. SM-1T252 St. Tropez – Because it is budget-friendly, more convenient, water saver, amazon’s choice, best sellers product. Lots of positive reviews and more than 84% of people recommended this toilet.
  2. Swiss Madison IVY SM-1T112 Because it comes with both 10” and 12” rough in size, water usage has also an option like 0.8/1.28 GPF and 1.1/1.6 GPF. 

Final Thought- Why Swiss Madison Toilets

If you choose any of the swiss madison toilets from the list, you will not regret it later.

Because Swiss Madison is now the fastest-growing toilet manufacturer, offering the best of the finest products to all types of clients without sacrificing performance.

I assure you that any other top brands never display such products at this rate and the customer’s supports.

Swiss Madison customer support is 24×7. Whenever you feel the toilet has minor problems, you call them. They attend to you without any doubt.

High-class performance, power flush, less clogging issues, slow close seat included all just under 500$. A complete package.

All toilets have positive reviews, people are happy with Swiss Madison.

All of this falls at a quite reasonable cost. It will be difficult to top this price, so if you are interested in a new toilet, I would strongly advise you to explore the Swiss Madison St. Tropez.

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