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If you like adventure, then today’s article “Incinerating Toilet VS Composting Toilet” is going to be very helpful for you.

We love adventures and exploring the world all new day but having trouble when it’s about our waste. You’re facing the same right now. Am I Right?

You can easily find out which is suitable for your RV, Boat, or Camping.

Wherever we may throw food waste, it decomposes in few days. Meanwhile, it comes to human waste, many restrictions in different places out there. So what do you do! Here come incinerating and decomposing toilet idea.

If you don’t like reading the whole article, I have differentiated between two toilets in a small table for you, from where you can get an idea of ​​which is the best.

Or if you want to know the full details of how an incineration toilet, composting toilet works, how much it costs, what are their advantages and disadvantages, then stay with it. 

In the next 10 minutes, your doubt will clear.

Table (Incinerating Toilet VS Composting Toilet )

DifferenceIncinerating ToiletComposting Toilet
CostExpensive (3000$)Affordable to Expensive
InstallEasy to installEasy To install
ComfortVery comfortableComfort depends on which Composting toilet use
AdvantagesNo need for water, no need for waste dumpingFit anywhere, Portable
DisadvantagesWithout a power supply can’t useNeed composting chamber
SmellNo smellComposting process smelly
Waste productsBecome ashBecome soil


What is an Incinerating Toilet?

The incinerating toilet is compact, where no water is required. All waste materials are stored in a bin bag. 

And all the waste materials are reduced to ashes by burning at a certain temperature ( 970-1400 F) through natural gas, propane gas, or electricity.

There is a separate exhaust vent for fumes and smoke produced during the process.

No germs can be born in this ash because it is sterile. It is odorless as well as eco-friendly, which does not pollute the environment.

How do Incinerating Toilets work?

  1. Place a bowl liner in a stainless steel bowl
  2. after complete, your process press the foot pedal so the waste move to waste bin where it will be burn
  3. Push the start button to incinerate waste automatically.

Incinerating toilet Pros & Cons


  • Odorless
  • Ecofriendly
  • No need for a water or plumbing system
  • Fit into anywhere
  • Best for where water crisis present
  • Compatible in camps, cabins, tiny houses, cabins, fishing shacks, etc.
  • Low maintenance 


  • Need either electric or gas chamber for incineration process
  • Costly
  • Incinerating toilet more often require empty the waste bin/ash bin

Know more About Incinerating Toilets Advantage and disadvantage


What is a Composting Toilet?

The name of the composting toilet suggests what the mechanism will be. Our solid waste will break down naturally in a chamber by bacteria and enzymes.

Things of nature blend into nature and increase soil fertility. It is not unhygienic, not smelly.

In composting toilet, added coconut fiber, peat moss, or sawdust after each use. These compounds maintain the CO2 and nitrogen ratio, control odor, and help in decompose rate faster.

Composting toilet how it works?

An Ideal Composting toilet is set up on two vital elements – i. sitting place and ii. collector chamber.

  1. After your excretion, the solid waste going to the composting chamber.
  2. Peat moss, coconut fiber adds.
  3. Solid separate into holding container and liquid part separate into evaporate chamber
  4. Aerobic bacteria, fungi help in breakdown and goes the natural decomposing process.
  5. Odors remove by the vent system.

Composting Toilet Pros & Cons


  • No need for water, electricity, gas to composed waste
  • Affordable
  • Eco friendly
  • A good option for RV, tiny houses, Camping, Boating
  • The waste chamber last depends on toilet use, yet 6 months.
  • Easy to maintain


  • Not always practical
  • A slight odor occurs when the process starts
  • For the portable composting pot, you have to clean the decompose on your own.

Difference between Composting toilet & Incinerating Toilet

I hope you have got a little bit of idea of Composting and an Incinerating toilet and may have the concept about their differences. Now I’ll about brief Difference between incinerating toilet and composting toilet.

1. Use of water

If you look at the water usage, then both toilets are not using any water.

Who is the winner here? Both get the draw by use of water.

In case, water is used personally, then composting is the toilet. Incinerating toilet and composting toilet is freely handle without wasting one spoon of water.

2. The Plumbing system

Talking about plumbing system, then incinerating toilet is the winner here.

Because you don’t need any plumbing system Incinerating goes very well with the energy source.

3. Function of the Toilets

According to the functionalities, both have their own advantages. 

Incinerating toilets use either natural gas or electricity to incinerate the feces without any microbial contamination.

Whereas- composting toilet goes through a natural composting process, which means it naturally break down the solids and make fertilizer.

4. Eco Friendly

Both are the winner here if we see the environmental prospect. One is to break down the natural composting process. Another one burns the feces, so it becomes sterile.

5. Cost

Talking about cost Composting toilet is the winner. Because the composting toilet is more affordable than Incinerating Toilet.

One composting toilet cost around 500$ to up to 3000$, But an incinerating Toilet is about 1200$ to 4500$.

Again Composting toilets need peat moss which is around 5 dollars, another way is Incinerationg Toilets need bowl liners which come a minimum of 20 dollars.

Another point is the electric bill or gas bill included an incinerating toilet.

6. Maintainance 

If you prefer to avoid maintenance, or if the work can complete with minimal effort. An incinerating toilet is a better choice.

Like composting toilets, typically need you to agitate the waste material and peat moss after every session with an extra handle.

Although incinerating toilets involve little maintenance, many composting toilets are movable. Where Incineartng toilet more likely permanent.

7. Capacity

The Incinerating toilet has Ash Tray where all feces ash gathers, and after a certain time, you have to remove it by yourself.

If the incinerating toilet use by 3 or 4 people then have to daily empty the trey, where Composting toilet needs more than 6 months.

8. Comfort

Comfort is the most prominent point because, without a comfortable position, nobody can’t do their job.

For the comfortable prospective Incinerating toilet is the winner. As per height and one press flush and Boom. All waste has become ash.

Where composting does not provide that much comfort as height, space, etc. Then dispose of the waste.

9. The Smell

Do you don’t want to bad smell around you and your toilet, then Incinerating toilet is the best? Because Incinerating toilet does not produce any stink.

Oh, My God; The composting toilet is so smelly when the whole process goes on.

10. Hygiene

Both the toilets- Incinerating and Composting maintain the Hygiene. 

No bacterial contamination occurs, but Composting toilet has smelly.

If you avoid this mess, Incinerating toilet is the best choice.

Final Words Which is The Best – Incinerating Toilet VS Composting Toilet

Which is the better option: a composting toilet or an incinerating toilet? Because each of the two plants has its own set of disadvantages and advantages.

Composting toilets are perhaps the most popular option due to their widespread capacity and low product cost.

Because of the shortage of water, incinerating toilets are an excellent alternative. The toilet is inert, waterless wash, and therefore does not involve conventional plumbing.

Evaluate each of the two varieties, then weigh your selections based on cost, the difficulty of maintenance, odor potential, and where you’ve been staying.

So, prior you decide which one to acquire, think about all of the points listed above.


Q1. What is the best Composting toilet on the market?

Nature’s Head Self-Contained Composting Toilet is the best ~Because it is affordable and reliable.
~It is more durable and easy to use.
~Space is enough for two adults.
~The clean require four or six weeks to alter.

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