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I can see your interest in Incinerating toilets. So for your better understanding, I bring Incinerating toilets pros and cons, & how does it work.

Incinerating toilets are the eco-friendly and best way to remove human waste without contacting the ecosystem.

Pros of Incinerating toilets are- Ecofriendly, Odorless, No need for water usage, Easy to clean. Cons of Incinerating toilets are- Costly, can’t operate without electric or natural gas.

Incinerating toilets are the best for camping, Rv, or freezing climate, tiny houses but make sure there must need a power supply, either Natural gas, propane gas, or Electric.

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Before You and I go too far; I want to hold you and encourage you to know more a bit about Incinerating toilets includes- 

What is it? How does an incinerating toilet work then go for the pros and cons?

This can help you to understand the sequence. Following that, you can diagnosis the pros cons on your own. Also can compare to other same mechanism toilets which are better or not for you.

Let’s go.

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What is an Incinerating Toilet?

The name implies and hints at how may does an Incinerating toilet. Right?

Incinerating toilets burn up human waste to a specific temperature with the help of Power like electricity or natural gas. 

Can you imagine! Your feces turns out into one cup of ashes. That’s the principal mechanism of an Incinerating toilet.

The incinerating toilet is small and does not require water to operate. In a bin bag, all waste materials are stored. It may be two types Electrical and Gas. 

Natural gas, propane gas, or electricity is used to tear all the waste materials to ashes at a definite temperature (970-1400 F). During the process, fumes and smoke escape through a separate vent.

Sterility prevents germs from growing in this ash. As well as being odorless, it is also environmentally friendly and does not pollute the environment.

How does an Incinerating Toilet Work?

how does an incinerating toilet work

Incinerating Toilets Pros and Cons

All the above explanation you probably clear about Incinerating toilets, and what will be the pros and cons of an incinerating toilet.

No. 1 Pros of Incinerating Toilets Are Odorless

Say goodbye foul smell of human waste. Like other convenient toilets and composting toilets, they remain unpleasant smell after use.

Here the most significant plus point of an incinerating toilet is no unpleasant smell.

Compare to other portable toilets, incinerating toilets hardly can smell; the smell goes away as soon as the process starts again.

So incinerating toilet is best for camping, tiny home space, RV compare to other portable toilets.

No.2 Incinerating Toilets are Easy to carry

The approximate weight of an incinerating toilet is about 75 Lbs to 80 Lbs. which is quite convenient to carry and fit into a small place.

3. Pros of an incinerating toilet are Easy to install

Do fade up with toilet installation, setup sewage, plumbing cost, etc. You think the right one. 

Incinerating toilets does not need any flush system installation, plumber cost. It is easy to set up; you can do it on your own. 

No need for a water line just has to present a power generator, either natural gas, propane gas, or electric, to generate the burning process.

4. Incinerating Toilets are Easy to clean

Do you know how you don’t have to search any waste dump places or clean any portable toilet by your hand?

Incinerating toilets process burn waste and turn it into ash which is sterile with no pathogens present.

An ashtray or bin is the present bottom of the toilet where the ashes accumulate; after full the bin, you can transfer the ashes into the container.

5. Most amazing advantage of Incinerating Toilet is Forget about the maintenance and roam around 

Yes, you heard right. It’s time to be free from maintenance, specifically when you’re camping or going somewhere to relax.

Incinerator technology works its own. You just put out and throw the ashes in time.

6. The biggest Pros of an Incinerating Toilet is an Ideal toilet for freezing and cold climate

Are you willing to go somewhere icy-cold for your next adventure? Here you go, just buy an incinerating toilet and go for it.

The main positive point of an incinerating toilet is dry, no need for water. So at any freezing point or cold climate, You can clear your gut without the thought of freezing.

Is not it amazing? moving to the following pros of an incinerating toilet-

7. Best option for where water crisis present

Go wherever you want, from a water crisis place to a freezing place. Just pack an incinerating toilet.

8. Other Advantage of Incinerating Toilets

  • No clogging problem
  • No need for Sewage Drainage
  • Ideal for kids to old person

Cons of an Incinerating Toilet

Despite its advantages, incinerating toilets have some drawbacks. Such as its cost.

The no. 1 Cons of an Incinerating Toilet is Cost

I can’t deny its price. The average toilet price is between $1499-$1879 above 3000 $. Vary according to the size of your incinerating toilet; the cost of a high-quality incinerating bathroom will range from $3000 to $4000.

Current and fuel costs will depend on how it is used as it required a bowl liner that comes about 20$. 

2.The most significant advantage is its big drawback side

At previously, I explain that the Incinearating toilet doesn’t need any shot of water. You only need the energy to perform. So wherever you want to go with it- you have to remember, about either electric, generator or natural gas as fuel. 

Otherwise, the incinerator toilet becomes good for nothing.

3.Disadvantage of an Incinerating toilet more often require empty the waste bin/ash bin

Like other portable toilet incinerating toilets required empty the waste bin frequently.

These are the cons of a dry incinerating toilet.

4. Other disadvantages of an incinerating toilet-

  • It takes time for the process
  • After the product means ashes are not any more nutritional for soil.

Incinerating toilet comparison to Regular toilet and Composting toilet

Incinerating Toilet Regular ToiletComposting Toilet
No need WaterNeed WaterNeed water for flush
Only require energy, Natural GasOnly smart toilets require electricityNot require any electricity
Ideal for the water crisis areaIdeal for home and officeIdeal for Camping
CostlyAffordable to ExpensiveAffordable to Expensive
Eco friendlyNot ecofriendlyEco friendly
No clogging issueClogging IssueNo clogging Issue
No need for a Sewage line to clear the wasteNeed Sewage line to clear the wasteNeed a composting Chamber
No smellNo SmellComposting process is smelly
You can install it by yourselfYou can do it yourself or occasionally need a plumberNeed a Plumber for installation
Best toilet for Tiny Home, RVSuitable for houseBest for Camp, RV

Wrap On Incinerating toilets Pros and Cons

No matter how costly it is, the toilet is suitable for camping, fishing, RV, small space.

You may interest in what people also ask about this topic.

Q1. Do incinerating toilets smell?

According to the users’ survey- a maximum of them told Incinerating toilets does not smell at all. Yet one of them says sometimes smell can occur, but after the process started, it diminished.

Q2. Can you pee in an incinerating toilet?

Well, there is no sign of not doing pee. It natural process both urine and stool come together when nature’s call.
So bowl liner, feces, urine all incinerate with the chamber.

Q3. How much energy does an incinerating toilet use?

To the straight answer, it entirely depends on how long time you have been using and what is the power consumption of the toilet.
Moreover, average in that a complete cycle consumes about 0.5 kWh -to-2 kilowatt-hours of energy. 

Q4. How long do incinerator toilets last?

An incinerator toilet lasts up to 8 to 10 years minimum.

Q5. How much does an incinerating toilet cost?

I recommend never compromise quality with price. If you get the premium quality at a reasonable price, don’t look further.
Unlike regular toilets, incinerating toilet need premium quality build-up and it cost near about 2000 to 4,399 dollars. Like- Cinderella, depending on the model you choose

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