Toilet Bowl Not Filling With Water After Flush

Flushing is the most vital part of any toilet. Flushing power decides how much to clean your bowl fast with less water. But in the scenario, your toilet bowl is not filling with water after flush.

Is that right? Sorry for the situation; I can realize your scene because I already faced it with my Kohler Tresham a couple of years ago.

Follow my tricks, and you can effortlessly get out of the situation.

But first, I’d like to know why the toilet bowl does not fill up with enough water after the flush. Then the solution comes itself.

Toilet Bowl not filling with water after flush because of poor adjustment of Refill Tube, blockage present in Siphonic jet valve, Debris present in fill tube, Flapper has some issues, partially blockage present Toilet Rim, etc.

These are the possible reasons. In my case, the water in the tank was not enough within the range, so there was not much water in the bowl whenever I flushed.

Check the key points and know what’s yours. 

Why Toilet Bowl Not Filling with Water after Flush

There are 8 possible reasons present for a toilet not filling enough water in the toilet bowl. The low level of water in the bowl can cause a foul smell; poop can stick around the bowl wall, stains, and many more.

So it’s the right decision to know the reasons for low filling water in the bottom of the bowl after the flush.

Reason no1.: Toilet bowl not filling with water after a flush, but the tank is full. 

Is your toilet tank full but bowl water below its average level? Then the main issue is the Fill Tube. Yes, the toilet fill tube seems right as it fulls the tank, but the water is below when it comes to the bowl.

Check the fill tube once. All you need to do is 

  1. Remove the lid and place it on a towel, so no scratch occurs.
  2. Flush and look at the fill tube; you can see damage near the refill tube.
  3. The water comes and fills the tank from the damaged hole but does not allow going to the bowl.
  4. When a fill tube is crack, the tank is going to full, but after the flush, bowl water is not present sufficiently.

To fix this problem, you have to change the fill tube of your toilet. To change the fill tube, follow the simple steps.-

Remove old Refill tube.

To remove the old refill tube, first, buy a new one as per your model; after purchasing, set the refill by shut off all water lines attached to the toilet and toilet tank.

Place the New Refill

To place the new one:

  1. Flush the tank thoroughly.
  2. Discard the excess water by applying a sponge or old cloth.
  3. Take a bucket to set it right down the fill tube screw.

You can see it present below the tank. First, remove the refill tube from the overflow tube. Then unscrew the bolts which are held the tube in the tank.

Use a wrench, unscrew it and lift the refill tube from the place. Here the bucket does the job; the water present near the area of the screw nut falls into the tub. Place the new valve and secure it as it is before. 

The test

After securing the fill tube’s place:

  1. Attach the refill tube to the overflow tube as placed before.
  2. Connect all water supply lines.
  3. Wait and see is any leakage from the fill valve or not.
  4. Flush once, check the water level of the bowl.

Now you may solve your problem of a low level of bowl water. If not, then look at the following reason.

Toilet Bowl Not Filling With Water After Flush – Due to the Siphon Jet Valve

Do you know about the Siphonic Jet Valve? The Siphonic jet valve creates the water siphon to remove the waste material with less water.

The main feature is done by the siphonic jet is to remove all the human waste. Another is after the flushing; the jet valve promotes water to protect from sewage smell and wet the bowl to maintain the water level.

If your fill tube is perfectly fine and working correctly, but the bowl water is still below the range, the problem is with the siphonic jet valve.

The siphonic jet valve is partially blocked by mineral deposition. That’s why the flushing mechanism works fine just bowl water has the problem.

Don’t worry about this. Do it so simply.

How to solve this issue :

  • Take one cup of Baking Soda and One cup of vinegar. Mix the solution and pour it into the tank overnight, then flush the following day.
  • Baking soda and vinegar can break the clog created by minerals. Check if the issue persists or not?

If it continues, then go for the following reason.

Toilet Bowl Not Filling Up Water After flush Because of the Vent Pipe.

Another potential factor of a toilet not filling with water is trouble with the vent pipe.

Yeah, The vent pipe of the bathroom system. The vent pipe is at the top of the house roof, so the leaves, dirty dust, and air often get stuck in the vent pipe. Gradually this gets stuck in the vent pipe block.

The vent piper’s job is to pass air, and if it can’t get out properly, it prevents water from accumulating in the bowl’s mouth. The big surprise is that the toilet may overflow again because of this vent pipe.

When another drainage in your house is being used, a clogged or blocked vent pipe might make the water slow down in your toilet. 

Whenever water flows through the downspouts, the wastewater network in your home should have a cleaner airflow. 

The unique part is that you can hear a sound like gurgling or some awkward. A gurgling sound with a low water bowl is an indication of the blockage vent pipe.

It shows that the plumbing vents are now being jammed. The vacuum in the pipelines drags air into the lavatory and possibly empties the bowl.

How to resolve this problem-

Hike to the top of the rooftop and splash water through the air vents using a hose. Make sure you’re securely attached to the roof. 

If your plumbing systems vents are prone to be clogged, cover them with a grid to keep debris from falling back in.

The Next Possible Reason for Why does my toilet not fill up with water after flushing?

A hairline crack may be in the bowl. Yes, we can’t see our naked eyes if any cleft happens in the bowl.

Look around the toilet floor if any water is present nearby or not or any leakage notice at the base or not. If so, then nothing can do here, just buy a new best toilet.

The reason for a toilet bowl not filling with enough water after every flush is due to Poor Piping.

You might wonder that your toilet tank is OK, there is no crack, no leakage, you clear the block as well, but still, the issue persists. 

In that scenario, your plumbing system is not good; the water pressure is low. Consequently, every time you flush due to the poor plumbing bowl is not filling.

How to fix this problem-

For poor plumbing, all you need is to call an expert plumber and tell them your issue. They fix the plumbing pipe.

Toilet Bowl Not Filling with Water After Flush- Not Ignore it

A toilet can leak in various areas, causing the water in the toilet bowl to recede. Like in most circumstances, these issues may solve with a few basic types of equipment.

Toilet tank mechanics come in a mixture of shapes and quantities. Still, the majority use a float – either a ball or a cylinder – to manage the water level.

The key to resolving most plumbing difficulties is recognizing the source of the problem early on and taking steps.

I hope you manage to find the information in this helpful post. Many homeowners are irritated by toilet concerns.


Q1. Why would a toilet bowl suddenly go dry?

Toilet bowl sometimes suddenly goes dry in several reasons such as
1. If the place of the toilet weather is too hot, then the water evaporates.
2. Another possible reason is bowl does not contain enough water to keep it dry.
3. There is a leak or crack around the bowl bottom hence the water slowly passes to the main drain.
4. Something wrong happens into the vent pipe, so the air does not allow the water to stay at the bowl bottom.

Q2.How much water should be in your toilet bowl?

It must be roughly an inch underneath the overflow tube’s mouth. That seems considerably lower; the tank doesn’t have enough water to refill the bowl during a flush.

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