“What can I put in my toilet tank to make it smell better?”- This is the most frequently asked question whenever a guest uses my bathroom. Do you think I should be proud of it? They always appreciate my toilet. You know how important a bathroom is in our lives.

The toilet tank is one of the most necessary parts of your home. It helps to admit air and liquid into your home, and it also helps to hold water. 

As a result, it is essential to clean your toilet tank regularly and make sure that it is in good condition.

Today I want to share all my secrets that I always use in my Kohler Tresham to make toilet water smell better each time used.

What Can You Put in Your Toilet Tank to Make it Smell Better?

You know, most people put anything into the toilet just because someone suggested it on the internet, which is actually toxic.

Because it will directly affect your septic system, whether it is your own septic tank or one provided by the municipality, your toilet will be damaged in all cases.

So, before purchasing any toilet product, it is critical to understand its components, including whether or not it contains any harmful chemicals and whether or not it is environmentally friendly.

So I believe in DIY kinds of stuff. Here you go:

Tips1. Pour 1/2 cup of Baking soda along with a cup of vinegar into the tank.

Tips2. Make my own DIY toilet deodorizer. (Here is the recipe)

Tips3. Pour 1/2 to 1 cup of vinegar along with a few drops of lavender oil. Vinegar prevents molds, and lavender oil is safe for all its spread smells each time you flush.

Tips4. This is not what you put. Air ventilation must always be clear. Air circulate can minimize 70% of bad smells from the bathroom or toilet.

Tips5. Every 2 weeks alters, I clean my toilet tank and put in some portable toilet deodorizer.

Tips6. You can squeeze lemon juice (8 tablespoons); it circulates citrus scents. Lemon is a natural acid that does not harm the septic system, good bacteria, and keeps from toilet rings.

Tips7. Rub your favorite essential oil onto toilet paper and paper towels. This way, the smell is always floating around the bathroom air, and any guest using the washroom likes the environment as well.

Tips8. The most vital thing is always to clean your toilet. And don’t let any bacteria or mold growth in the toilet. They cause an odor. 

Read More- How to remove molds that keep coming back.

If You don’t have time to take care of your toilet, you can use these products from amazon. These toilet tank cleaners are safe, eco-friendly, keep the smell longer time, portable as well.

Best Toilet tank deodorizer

  • Walex Bio Pack- Easy to use, natural enzymatic product, helps to break down waste and papers, Formaldehyde free, Invincible odor controller, Available two natural beauty essence.
  • Walex Porta Pack– Easily break down waste, non-staining, available two smells, Useful in treating grey wastewater.

Is it okay to put fabric softener in the toilet tank?

Yes, a fabric softener can be put in the toilet tank. Fabric softener is often recommended for use in the toilet tank to reduce wrinkles and make the toilet seat more comfortable, but does it really help? 

There are many reasons why fabric softener may be beneficial to the toilet tank, but here are just a few: 

1. Fabric softener can also help reduce the toilet’s smell. When something smells bad, it’s usually because of something foul. 

Softener can help mask the smell of the toilet, making it easier for you to get away from the toilet in a hurry. 

2. Fabric softener can help to improve the look and feel of the toilet seat. When a seat squeaks or feels too firm, it’s often because of age or use. 

Softener can help make the seat more comfortable, giving you time to rest and relax after using the toilet. 

how to freshen a toilet tank

How to freshen a toilet Tank

Now that It’s been a year or two since you replaced the toilet in your home, you have discovered a problem. Nothing dramatic, but it just doesn’t seem to be flushing quite as well as it once did. 

You’ve tried plunging the toilet, but that didn’t help much. You called a plumber, and he diagnosed the problem as a clogged tank. What’s really going on?

Regular cleaning is also necessary in order to prevent the growth of bacteria and germs in the first place. 

1. Regularly clean the outside of the bowl with a degreaser.

2. Place a small amount of bicarbonate soda in the cistern.

3. Add some vinegar to the cistern when it starts to get sluggish.

4. For outside drains, use a hose or pipe cleaner.

How to stop toilet smelling after poop?

Human waste smells terrible due to different types of bacteria in it. The smell can be anything from a few days old dead fish to a few days old dead rats!

But unlike what many people believe, the smell in your toilet is not generally because of your poop. This is because, in most cases, your poop does not spend enough time in the toilet to develop a strong smell!

The smells generally emanate from the toilet floor, from where it gets transferred to your poop when you sit on the commode.-This is why it is essential to clean and disinfect the floor in and around your toilet regularly.

You should follow some straightforward rules to keep the toilet smelling nice and fresh.

1. Don’t overuse toilet cleaner 

To keep the toilet smelling nice, you need to clean it well. But overuse of disinfectants can actually harm the environment around the commode. 

This is because these cleaners have a strong smell of their own, which can be absorbed by your skin and flesh when you sit on the toilet seat. 

Not only is this dangerous for health, but you run the risk of over disinfecting your toilet, which can make it difficult to use by others.

2. Use a good quality brush with thick bristles

To clean the commode effectively, it is necessary to use a toilet brush. But make sure that you use a brush with thick bristles since these help in effectively cleaning the crusty stains.

3. Use baking soda 

Baking soda is an outstanding cleansing agent. It effectively cleans the toilet, removes stains, and even deodorizes it.

4. Keep the toilet lid closed

It is necessary to close the lid of the commode to prevent smells from getting out. When you leave the toilet lid open, the pressure drops in the commode, and air rushes into it. 

This causes terrible smells to get into the room from the commode.

5. Use a good quality ventilating fan

If you don’t have a window nearby, you need to make sure that you install a ventilating fan in the toilet.

This will remove bad smells by blowing them out of the room, keeping your bathroom smelling fresh all the time.

13 Ways- How to Make Toilet Water Smell Better Naturally

A toilet is a place where we all do our business, and, as much as possible, we want it to be a place that smells good and is easy to clean.

There are many ways that this smell can be prevented. By implementing some of the following ideas in your home, Here are some tips for making your toilet smell better naturally.

1. One of the most common and effective ways to fight odors is with a deodorizer. 

Natural deodorizers are generally either scented or unscented, depending on the user’s preference. 

2. Aluminum foil can be crumbled and placed in the bowl. It is said to neutralize odors with its metallic properties, but it must be refreshed every few weeks.

3. baking soda is another way to make your toilet smell better naturally. A half-cup of it can be used in the bowl to help fight odors and can be refreshed every few weeks.

4. The best thing to make your toilet smell good naturally is white vinegar.

One cup of it added to the bowl, left to sit for an hour, then swished around with the toilet brush will leave a fresh scent and help break down any material left in the bowl.

5. Add some water-saving crystals to the cistern.

6. Use deodorant soap in the bowl – one that is scented with citrus will be perfect.

7. Make your own air freshener with essential oils.

8. Use vinegar for the final rinse when you flush the toilet.

9. Use eucalyptus oil for cleaning purposes.

10. Have an ionizer fitted in the room.

11. Remove the pipe under the toilet and clean thoroughly.

12. Do a deep clean of the whole room to remove any dust or dirt.

13. Have a vent installed that is of the highest quality.


Q1. why does my toilet bowl smell like urine?

In most cases, a foul smell from your toilet bowl is caused by waste not being flushed down properly. Such blockages can also cause the water to back up and become discolored.

One of the first things you should check if your toilet smells like urine is whether or not the toilet is leaking. If you have a leak, this can cause waste to build up in the bowl and emit a strong urine smell. 

You’ll need to call a plumber to come and fix this for you.
Another common cause is insufficient flushing. If the water level in your toilet isn’t high enough, chances are waste will be left behind and cause a foul smell.

In some cases, the bowl may just need a good scrub. If curdled waste is left in the toilet for long enough, it can cause a powerful smell.

If you’ve ruled out any leaks or blockages and your toilet is still smelling like urine, you may need to give it a good scrub. 

You can also try my method to remove stains without scrubbing.

To do this, first, remove as much of the water inside the bowl as possible. Then, use a strong disinfectant and scrub the toilet clean.

Next time you use your toilet, make sure you flush properly to get rid of all the waste.

Q2. Pine-sol in a toilet tank

Many people don’t want to use bleach, but they probably put pine-sol instead of bleach. Pine-sol is a popular toilet bowl cleaner. 

Many people wonder if it is terrible to pour pine sol in the toilet tank or not, so I am here to give you the answer.

Pine-sol is a mixture of chemicals that smell good, including pine oil and solvents. The volatile organic compounds in pine-sol have low toxicity if the solution is diluted. 

Many people say they have poured Pine-sol into their toilet tank without consequences. However, I would not recommend this.

Pine-sol is an acidic chemical mixture with many volatile organic compounds. 
Some of the compounds in pine-sol are absorbed through your skin, while some evaporate into the air and can be breathed in. Vapors from pine-sol can irritate your throat and lungs.

Pine-sol can be toxic to plants and animals, as well as humans. The mixture of chemicals in the pine sol will kill off bacteria in the water, beneficial to humans. 
However, pine-sol can be harmful to animals who drink out of toilets and emit toxic fumes.

Pine-sol is safe for humans in small quantities, but it may irritate your skin and eyes. I recommend that you don’t put pine-sol in your toilet tank.

Wrap Up On Make My Toilet Smell Better

The reasoning behind preventing odors is that water held in the bowl acts as a breeding ground for bacteria and other odor-causing elements. 

By implementing these tips, you should be able to prevent this and ensure that your bathroom smells clean and fresh at all times.