In the section of troubleshooting, we discuss different problems and solutions, how to fix the issues, etc.

How to Keep a Toilet from Getting Rings|Clean like a Pro

Are you hopeless to keep cleaning toilet bowl rings, and toilet rings always come back to stain your toilet? There are a lot of solutions out there, and those are not always working for you. Today I come with some unique, obvious solutions that can …

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Toilet bowl rings are the most common and annoying problem in every house. The ring looks like your shit still there, and that can cause bad odor, infection also. In order to know, what makes toilet bowl rings check which color of the ring form. …

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Kohler Wellworth Toilet Problems / Cons & Solutions

You can’t skip the Kohler Wellworth toilet because of the classy look. The toilet has many excellent features, but Kohler’s Wellworth also has some problems like all the toilets. Still, it can be frustrating when a Kohler toilet may not flush, water overflows out of …

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Why Loud Vibrating Noise When Flushing Toilet- fix in 7 ways

Is your toilet loud vibrating noise when flushing toilet! or humming sound after toilet flush! Are you one of them whose toilet making fog horn noise when flushing the toilet? An unusual sound is actually experiencing, most of the house owners nowadays. Loud vibrating noise …

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How to Unclog Toilet When Nothing Works | 11 tricks & Tips

Clogging is a major problem and it’s difficult to unclog a toilet in a short time. Your home name can ruin because of this situation. You did many things and now become fed-up; that’s why we come up with simple yet effective tricks for unclogging …

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