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While choosing the best toilet for home is quite challenging. Likewise, which flush is better? Siphon Jet VS Gravity Fed for buying a new toilet is another complicated matter. 

After all, Both have their own specialty.

When I was going to buy the first time, I was also confused and thought- which one to choose, Siphon Jet or the Gravity Fed?

For selecting one of the first, understand their mechanism, pros, and cons, and then decide which one is best for you.

A Quick Table of Siphon Jet VS Gravity Fed Toilet

Siphon JetGravity Flush
Siphon jet has the large water surfaceLow Water surface
High level of the bowl waterBowl water level is lower than Siphon flush
Eliminate smell effectivelyNot as Siphon Jet
Not easy to clean Easy to clean
Prone to clogNo clog
Long and narrow trap wayShort and wide trapway
Cost-effectiveAvailable in all terms of budget
Need spacePerfect fitting for small space bathrooms

What is Siphon Jet Flushing Toilet? & How Does a Siphon Jet Work?

Siphon Jet toilet mostly see in American Countries. Siphon, also known as the siphon jet, is a flushing framework technique with two outlets.

Many rim jets (holes known as siphon holes) are present beneath the rim of the toilet bowl. One big siphon jet opening the bottom of the bowl.

The siphon jet is primarily comprised of S and reversed P-shaped trapways. Siphon jets have a significantly bigger water surface, which is entirely responsible for additional water retention.

How Does a Siphon Flush Work?

Whenever you pull or push the flush handle, a large amount of water runs to the bowl through the cistern.

Between the tank and the bowl- water undergoes the siphon holes are present under the rim, and another water comes from the bottom of the bowl.

Both outlets create a great siphonic pressure, wash out everything- including maintaining the bowl water level.

The Siphonic toilet is a simple mechanism that can remove all debris- as it has a more voluminous water surface and creates more pressure. 

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Siphon Jet Flush Toilets

Top Three Siphon Jet Toilets

  1. American Standard 2887218.020 H2Option
  2. WOODBRIDGE T-0019  
  3. Swiss Madison Well Made Forever

Pros & Cons of Siphon Jet


  • Siphon jets toilet has large water surface hence it contains more water.
  • The Siphon jet gives a cleaner bowl.
  • Less maintenance.
  • Siphon jet toilet can control odor very well. 
  • Siphon Flush toilet creates less noise while flushing.
  • Siphon toilet is easier to clean.


  • Load more water while flushing.
  • The Siphonic jet has rim holes, so it clogs often.
  • Siphonic Jet water needs space in the bathroom.
  • Siphon Jets are more susceptible to blocking up than other toilets due to their long and slender S bend trap ways.
  • Siphon Jet Toilets complain about running water.

What is a Gravity Fed Toilet?

The gravity fed flush toilets’ principal mechanism is based on Gravity force. Gravity Flush is mostly found in Europe and its surrounding countries. They have been ruling the market for many years.

What is a gravity fed water system? Or How Does a Gravity-Fed Flush Toilet Work?

Gravity fed toilets are rimless and contain one or two big holes attached to the rim.

Gravity flush toilets harness the gravitational forces to facilitate the flushing process. But as it goes down like a cyclone and makes so noise.

Day by Day gravity-fed flush takes a new level of flushing techniques like- Double cyclone, Dual Flush, etc.

Double Cyclone Flush 

Double Cyclone Flush has two big nozzles in the bowl. When you push the lever, the water flows through the nozzles, creating a large volume of cyclonic pressure. – In this manner, all waste materials are removed with less water.

Dual Flush

Dual Flush is another great creation of flush technology. Most people misunderstood its name Dual Flush.

Dual flush is not about double flushing or more water use. In fact, it is best for lower water consumption. 

The Toilet has two bottom systems- one for liquid waste or while less water requirement. The other is for solid waste.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Gravity Fed Flush Toilet

Gravity-fed toilets have the most significant advantage in water-saving technology.

Top Three Gravity Flush Toilets

  1. Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa
  2. TOTO MS854114EL#01 Eco Ultramax
  3. Kohler Cimmaron toilet

Pros & Cons of Gravity Flush Toilet


  • Water Saver.
  • Gravity flush toilet has straight trapway hence less clogging issue.
  • Dual Flush toilets have two options for water usage.
  • The gravity-fed Pot does not require extra space, easily fits in small bathrooms.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Easy to clean.
  • You can undoubtedly repair it by yourself.
  • Gravity-fed toilets come under every budget.


  • Due to gravity fed toilets have narrow trapways so do not control the odor.
  • Loud noise while flushing.
  • Due to the low water level in the bowl, complain about skid marks.

What is the Difference Between Siphon Jet and Gravity Flush?

You may be able to tell the difference between the Siphon Jet and Gravity Flush toilets based on the information provided above.

1. Water Consumption

From the contrast of water consumption, the Gravity flush Toilet is the winner here. Gravity flush washes away all waste by the force of gravity and takes less water.

Whereas Siphon Jet Toilet has a larger water surface; contains more water than Gravity one.

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2. Water Level

From the prospect of bowl water level, the Siphon jet is the winner. Siphonic flush toilets maintain a high level of water in the bowl.

Another hand, Gravity flush has less water bowl level.

3. Space Saver

Do you have a small bathroom or want a compact toilet that leaves space after installing, then go for the Gravity Flush Toilet is the best option.

Due to the large water surface, the Siphonic jet needs extra space in your bathrooms.

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4. Trapway

Siphon jet has either S or P trapway long and bend also create siphonic pressure. Trapway is not much wide, around 2 to 3 inches.

Gravity fed has a straight and short trapway. Trapway is very wide, around 4 inches.

5. Design

According to the Design, Both have a unique design with a sleek look. Each toilet has a cutting-edge, beautiful appearance that makes the restrooms another aesthetic way.

6. Noise

Want a quiet flush toilet? Then go for a Siphon jet. Its S or P trapway and siphon jet holes create less noise than a Gravity flush.

Gravity flush toilets make high flush noise due to the straight and wide trapways.

7. Clear Bowl

Siphon flush winner another point from the prospect of a clearer bowl. Siphon flush holds more water than the Gravity flush. 

Siphon flush clean bowl and maintain the water level very high, so skid marks minimize.

Whereas, Gravity-fed flush has a low bowl water level hence complain about skid marks.

8. Clog

Are you frustrated with clogging issues? Go for a double cyclone Gravity fed. Due to its broad and short-straight trapway, you don’t have to worried about blockage, even low water pressure.

Another hand, the siphonic jet has a bend, S or P long yet Narrow trapway, more prone to clogging problems.

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9. Odor Control Capacity

Siphonic flush can prevent sewage gases, bad smells more than a Gravity-fed one- due to its high-level water bowl.

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10. Maintainance

Gravity Flush is the winner of this round. Lower maintenance, if there is any problem with the toilet- you can repair it by yourself.

In fact, the gravity fed is easier to clean than a Siphon jet toilet.

11. Cost

Gravity fed comes under any budget, A complete budget-friendly toilet. Where Siphon jet costly than Gravity toilet.

12. Installation

Both installations are so easy. Either you can do it yourself or hire a plumber. Make sure to measure the Rough-in size correctly.

13. Eco-Friendly

Siphon jet and Gravity fed toilets are eco-friendly and save water. But the comparison to water consumption- Gravity flush requires less water than Siphon flush.

Final Verdict – Siphon Jet VS Gravity Fed, Who is the Winner?

Despite the fact that gravity flush toilets have been there for over a century, these remain so prevalent in contrast to Siphon jet toilets.

On the other hand, Siphonic flush toilets wash out more waste at once and are so quiet even sewage gas rarely produce. 

Before purchasing any of the toilets, think about your needs and budget.

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