Siphon Jet Toilet VS Pressure Assist |star of 2022

If you asked anybody which one is the best, between Siphon Jet Toilet VS Pressure Assist toilet? Everyone gives a 50-50 answer, which is going to be more confusing for you.

Gravity-fed and Siphon Jet toilets have been used for decades. However, new Pressure assist toilets are currently ruling the market.

Pressure assist toilet is known as the best no-clog toilet, where Siphon Jet is known as the best powerful flush.

Choosing the ideal toilet for your home is a difficult task. Similarly, which flush is superior? Another consideration when purchasing a new toilet is the Pressure Assist or Siphon Jet.

To choose for the best, first grasp its mechanism, benefits, and drawbacks, and then determine which one is most suitable for you.

A Quick Table of Siphon Jet Toilet VS Pressure Assist Toilet

Pressure Assist ToiletSiphon Jet Toilet
Most Powerful FlushMost Clean bowl Flush
Low water consumptionRelatively higher than Pressure assist
No clog issuesProne to clog
Can’t control odorPrevent sewer smell very well
Fit In small spaceNeed space in the bathroom

What is a SiphonicJet Toilet? How Does Siphon Jet Toilet Work? 

Siphon jet toilets are commonly encountered in American countries. Siphon, often referred to as the siphon jet, is a two-outlet washing framework approach.

There are numerous rim jets (also called siphon holes) underneath the rim of the porcelain bowl. A single large siphon jet opens the bowl’s bottom.

The siphoned jet is made up mostly of S and reversed P-shaped toilet trapways. Siphon jets have a much larger surface of the water, which is solely liable for the extra water storage.

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How Does Siphon Jet Toilet Work? 

Once you lift or push the flush lever, a huge quantity of water is released into the bowl via the water tank.

Water flows among the tank and the bowl via the siphon openings located beneath the rim. Additional water flows from the bowl’s base.

All these outlets generate a lot of siphonic pressure, which washes everything out and keeps the bowl’s water level stable.

Because it has a large surface of the water and generates more pressure, the Siphonic facility is a simple system that can eliminate all wreckage.

Siphon Jet Toilet Pros and Cons


  • Siphon Flush toilet has a large water surface. Consequently, it holds more extra water.
  • The Siphon jet provides a neater bowl.
  • Relatively low maintenance.
  • Siphon jet toilet can sway smell pretty good. 
  • Siphon Jet toilet produces less sound while flushing.
  • Siphon toilet is more effortless to clean.


  • Fill more water while flushing.
  • The Siphonic jet has rim holes, so it clogs often.
  • Siphonic Jet water requires relatively extra space in the toilet.
  • Siphon Jets are more receptive to clogged up than other toilets because large and slender S bend trap ways.
  • Siphon flush Toilets fuss about overflowing water often.

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What is a Pressure Assist Toilet?

A Pressure Assist Toilet looks like a gravity-fed toilet. In fact, it works in a gravity-fed mechanism, but the main twist is that- if you open a pressure-assist toilet, you may see a black compound installed in the tank.

Like other toilet lids open- you can directly see the water present in the tank. 

On the other hand, with a pressure-assist toilet, another chamber (tank installed) in the tank contains air and is filled with water. 

While you are flushing the air present in the chamber forcefully moves the water to the flush. This mechanism makes a pressure assist toilet more powerful and noisier. 

What is the best pressure assist toilet?

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How does pressure assist toilet work?

Pressure Assist toilet also works in a simple manner, but the engine makes a more powerful flush.

Pressure Assist toilet also runs in Gravitational force, which creates air pressure to the water.

A pressure engine installs in the toilet tank where air and water fill instead of filling in the tank. You can say this is another water reservoir in the tank.

While you are going to flush, the usual mechanism flapper opens up to allow water to run through the bowl.

In the pressure-assist toilet, while you’re flushing, the flapper opens. The air is already present in the pressure-assist engine to create immense air pressure, and move all the water into the bowl.

Pressure assist toilets are best for those water pressure not high and facing frequent clogging problems.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Pressure Assist Toilets?


  • No more clogging issues.
  • Save lots of water at end of the year.
  • Save water bills.
  • Stronger flush from any other toilet and flush away all waste in very less water.
  • No sweat and damp problems for the toilet tank.
  • No more issues with lime buildup, water stains, and molds.
  • Best toilet where water pressure is very poor.
  • Toilet tank fewer parts.
  • Easy to maintenance.
  • The water consumption is about 1 to1.2 gallon/flush.
  • Pressure assist toilets are ideal for older people.


  • I can’t deny the noise issue, due to the air pressure assist toilet makes more noise.
  • If pressure assists toilet having an issue, you Can’t always repair it by yourself.
  • Pressure assist toilet quite costly.
  • You may provide more force for the flush.

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What is the Difference Between Pressure Assist Toilet and Siphon Jet Toilet?

Based on the facts supplied above, it may be possible to discern the difference between the Siphon Jet and Pressure Assist toilets.

1. Water Consumption

As compared with the Siphon jet toilet VS Pressure assist toilet, the siphon jet needs more water.

A siphon jet water consumption two ways, either 1.28 gallons water/ flush or 1.6 gals water/ flush. Whereas pressure assist toilets only need 1 to 1.2 gallons of water/flush.

According to the water consumption rate, the pressure assist toilet is the winner here. You can save up to 4,000 gallons of water annually with water bills.

2. Water Level

As per, Siphonic Jet Toilet shape has a large water surface- that’s why it can hold more water even after flushing.

The high water level has one advantage that is bowl cleaner, poop does not stick to the wall.

Not in Pressure assist toilet, but powerful flushing technology already clean the bowl.

3. Space Saver

According to Space Saver, I can say the Pressure Assist toilet is the winner. Because it is compact model, perfectly fit into a small toilet.

Whereas, siphon jet toilet has a long and narrow toilet trap way, so its need space in the bathroom.

If you have a small to medium space bathroom- go for a Pressure Assist toilet.

4. Cost

Siphon jet is more affordable than a pressure assist toilet. A minimum cost of a siphonic toilet is around 200 to 300 dollars. Whereas- the pressure assists toilet needs a minimum of 600 to 700 dollars.

5. Clog

Do you have frequent clogging issues? Blindly trust the pressure assist toilet. Another popular name of pressure assist toilet is No- Clogging toilets.

While- the siphonic jet toilet has shown frequent clogs because of its long trapways.

6. Trapway

Trapway is a big factor for a toilet for preventing clog, better flush, and space taker.

Siphonic jet toilets have a large, long trap way, whereas pressure-assisted toilets have a wide and short trap way.

7. Design

Some people don’t like the Pressure Assist toilet for its design, although you can’t tell whether it is a siphonic or pressure assist toilet just to see the outer look.

In the modern era, pressure assists toilets and siphonic toilets both provide a sleek, beautiful, and classy look.

Design is completely up to you.

8. Maintainance

Both toilets have lower maintenance, but if something happens to the toilet you can resolve the siphonic toilet where the pressure assist toilet needs a plumber.

pressure assist toilet 

9. Noise

From the Noise, the Siphonic jet is silent no noise comes out while flushing. 

Where you have no idea about pressure assist toilet sound. Siphonic toilet is the winner prospective of noise.

10. Clear Bowl

Both toilets clear the bowl so fast with less water.

11. Installation

A Siphonic toilet is easier to install than a pressure assist toilet.

12. Odor Control Capacity

Siphonic toilet can control foul, waste smell because it has a high water bowl, where pressure assists not as a control like a siphonic toilet.

13. Eco-Friendly

Both are eco-friendly and healthy toilets.

Final Verdict- Siphonic jet Toilet VS Pressure Assist Toilet

For me, a Pressure assist toilet is best for anyone, if you only avoid the noise.

But siphonic toilet has low cost compare to pressure-assist toilet. Go for the best. Follow and read all the points and choose according to your needs.

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Q1. How much does a pressure assist toilet cost?

 Pressure assist toilets need a minimum of 600 to 700 dollars.

Q2. Can you add pressure assist to a toilet?

Yes, you can add pressure assist to a toilet. Pressure assist is a flush engine, which installs in the tank.

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