Remove Toilet Ring without Scrubbing Instantly |6 ways

6 Proven Methods To Remove Toilet Ring WithOut Scrubbing ( Naturally Yet Unexpected Result )

Below Mentions, all methods homemade, naturals, does not harm either toilet tank, not the porcelain bowl.

You can get an instant amazing result. All Products are readily available in your home, nearest shop, or online.

Just a few bucks if you go the commercials one. But trust me- you’ll come again to Thank me. 

1. Remove toilet ring without scrubbing- With Baking Soda.

Baking Soda is one of the best options to remove toilet ring spots without scrubbing the bowl.

To use Baking Soda you need- 

  • A Protecting Gloves
  • Baking Soda 
  • Vinegar
  • Salt (Optional)
  • Hot Water
  • Rag
  • Disinfectant

How to Use Baking Soda to Eliminate Toilet Rings-

Step1- Make a Paste

Salt and Baking Soda are dry ingredients- so mix them first, then add white Vinegar to make a thick paste.

Step2- Dry the Ring places and apply the paste

Take a rag and wipe up the ring areas. So the affected areas get dry. 

Apply the paste all over the stains to create a coat. Leave it like this half minutes.

Here you can use a toilet brush to coat the paste or use your hand.

Step3- Spray the Vinegar

After 30 minutes later spray all over the coat with Vinegar. Leave it another one and half minutes or overnight.

Step4- Add Hot water 

As time passes, the paste makes bubbles form and gets stuck to the wall. Therefore use the rag and wipe out all these things.

Splash hot water, so every corner of the wall gets cleans. Or use a toilet brush just rub all over the surface- hence all materials flush down with water.

Flush once or two times.

Step5- Disinfectant 

You can spray Bleach or Hydrogen peroxide- these two agents work as a disinfectant. Sterile your bathrooms and kill the harmful bacteria.

Don’t Use Bleach directly to the toilet. Make a homemade disinfectant. 

One cup Bleach, adds into one gallon of water, add few drops of any essential oil to make it more refreshing.

2. How to clean toilet bowl stains without scrubbing- With Vinegar

Clean a toilet bowl with Vinegar in different ways. This is the easiest way to clean hard toilet stains without scrubbing.

1.Vinegar+ Tissues

  1. Take some tissue or old fine clothes.
  2. Put white Vinegar on the tissues or old clothes.
  3. Take the wet tissues and apply them over the stains.
  4. Make sure it can cover the affected areas.
  5. Sprinkle Baking Soda over the tissues. (optional)
  6. Settle down for 2 hours.
  7. 2 hours later, remove all tissues either by your hand or use a tong.
  8. Splash hot tap water over the areas. Use a brush to dislodge the stains.
  9. Using a brush and rub over it does not means scrubbing. Toilet Brush helps to get out the rings well.


Borax is a powerful compound that removes stains from the toilet bowl, toilet base, and other surfaces. Vinegar and Borax, like Vinegar and Baking Soda, is an excellent combination.

  1. Wear protecting gloves. Sprinkle quarter cup (1/4 or 4 tablespoons) to half cup all over the surface of the porcelain bowl.
  2. Spread well and forms a coat.
  3. Add one cup of White Vinegar over the bowl. Use a brush to dissolve the solution very thoroughly.
  4. Leave like this for around 30 minutes. Later again, use the toilet brush.
  5. Rinse thoroughly.

3. Only White Vinegar

This process is only for the toilet tank. Toilet tanks get stubborn stains, and it is not easy to get rid of them from the tank.

Therefore, white Vinegar is one of the best options to remove rings and mold from the toilet tank without harming the part or scrubbing the tank.

  1. Take one gallon of white Vinegar.
  2. Shut off the water line to the toilet tank.
  3. Flush completely, and remove all excess water using a sponge.
  4. Pour directly white Vinegar into the toilet tank.
  5. Settle it overnight and flush the next morning.
  6. Turn on the waterline, for the tank becomes full.
  7. Flush down one to two times. Therefore no Vinegar and stain slime residue remains.

3. How to get rid of toilet stains without scrubbing- With Magic Eraser

If you don’t want to use any toilet brushes or don’t have time to do all that kind of stuff, use a Magic Eraser.

Magic Eraser is literally a miraculous product that amazingly excludes stains, even the old ones. Magic Eraser protects from getting rings further.

How To Use Magic Eraser-

So simple and easy. Just follow three steps.

Step1– Take a part of Magic Eraser.

Step2– Put it one the bowl and let it overnight.

Step3– Fish it the Magic Eraser following Morning and flush down.

See how easy, mess-free, and manageable.

4. Cleaning toilet bowl ring without Rubbing With WD40

You probably don’t hear before about WD40. Right? 

Trust me, it is like work like insane. Why I did not find it before, I don’t know? After knowing about WD40, I come here to share it with you. 

Three only Three flowing steps, you’ll get the magic result.

Step1- Getting the product from Amazon. That most trustworthy. Spray just over the rings and stains.

Step2- Wait for only 10 Minutes. Ten minutes is enough to remove all stains. ( if you have 2 years old rings, then put it for 20 minutes.)

Step3- Take a brush, rub it all over once and flush it down.

Note that- WD40 spray at a small amount. Read the instruction carefully. WD40 is only for rust, limescale remover does not use as a toilet cleaner.

5. How do you clean a toilet without a brush? 

automatic toilet bowl cleaner 

Dryer Sheet

professionals use to clean toilets (add)

6. Epsom Salt for Eliminate Toilet Rings without Scrubbing

Does bleach damage toilet bowls?

Here is why 

Final Word for Remove Toilet Ring Without Scrubbing

Remove toilet rings without scrubbing is easy yet simple. All alternative options are environment-friendly. Effectively eliminate stains.

From my personal experience, avoid scrubbing not only you don’t like it because scrubbing a toilet has many disadvantages like

  • Scrubbing can make toilet porcelain damage more.
  • Scrubbing can cause the toilet- duller and fade away the shine.
  • It can produce pink Molds.
  • It indirectly increases the number of rings more.

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