push button toilet flush problems & Solution

Have you required a plumber to fix your toilet that wouldn’t work? -This is a common problem among homeowners.

Are you having problems with your push button toilet flush? If that’s the case, you’re not alone. Fortunately, there are solutions to prevent these issues.

Today I’ll explore the most common push button toilet flush problems and how to solve them. 

You’ll get some helpful tips for avoiding these problems in the future. So, if you’re dealing with a faulty flush mechanism, read on for help!

Types of Push Button Toilet Flush

The most common type of push button toilet is a chain or wire touching a stopper arm that lifts to release the flow of water into the toilet bowl. 

Old valves are found in older homes and usually will need replacing when they stop working well. 

A newer version of this type of push button toilet uses a wire or motor to lift the stopper arm inside the tank when activated by the user. 

Push-button toilet valves that are new are stronger and easier to replace if they break.

What is The Significant Push Button Toilet Flush Problems

Several problems can be seen in push-button toilet flushes. However, all are curable and can quickly fix at home without spending money.

Possible issue NO1. Push Button Toilet Flush Leaking into The Bowl

A potential common issue with a push-button toilet is water leaking through the bowl.

The toilet is designed in such a way that whenever it is flushed, water will fall directly into the bowl without leaking. 

As soon as you’re finished, make a strong seal for the next flush. And the toilet flapper does all this work.

When push button flush toilets fail, they often allow water to leak through the bowl.

The most common reason for a push button toilet to leak is that the rubber flapper in the tank falls off or becomes misaligned and does not properly seal the opening between the tank and bowl. 

When this occurs, water leaks from the tank and into the bowl. – This is most possible the cause of your toilet’s leak. A new flapper is required to replace the old one.

Another possible cause of leakage is damage to the overflow tube. Overflow tubes generally don’t damage at all. Still, sometimes water pressure or poor quality overflow tubes can easily damage or crack. 

An overflow tube is a broad tube placed over the flush valve to prevent overflow from the tank while filling the toilet tank with water.

How to Stop Push Button Toilet Bowl From Trickling?

To stop the push button toilet bowl from trickling and further leakage changes the flapper. It’s a cheap fix.

Follow the process to change the flapper:

1. Turn off the tank’s water supply.

2. Flush completely and sponge out the remaining water from the tank.

3. Now, time to replace the flapper.

4. Detach the toilet tank lid.

5. Remove the refill tube from both the overflow and fill valves.

6. Remove the canister with a quick turn and lift.

7. You can see a big washer at the present bottom of the cistern.

8. You need to gently peel the washer off from the cistern

9. Replace with a new one

10. Now, place the cistern down and allow the water to fill the tank

11. If the flapper causes the leakage its immediately stop the water 

12. Now connect overflow tube-like before

Now to replace the overflow tube.

To change the overflow tube is relatively easy and simple.

1. Pull out the tube from the tank and replace it with the new one.

2. Adjust the height

3. Overflow tube height about below 3 inches below the tank edge and 1/2 inch below the refill valve.

Possible issue NO2. Push Button Toilet Flush Mechanism Problems

If your toilet is not flushing correctly, it may be due to mineral buildup in the flush mechanism.- This can occur over time if the water in your area is high in minerals, which are known as Hard water.

The minerals like Calcium, Magnesium salt can cause the parts of the flush mechanism to stick together, causing the toilet to not flush properly.

How do You Fix a Push Button Toilet That Doesn’t Flush?

You can clean mineral buildup in various ways, like using home hacks natural products or using an organic commercial product like CLR Pro.

1. One way to combat this problem is to periodically clean the flush mechanism ( check here for more options)

2. You can also use a vinegar and water mixture to clean the mechanism. Simply pour the mixture into your toilet bowl and allow it to rest for approximately 15 minutes. Then, use a plunger to work your magic and dislodge the mineral buildup. 

3. You can use Baking soda to improve flush power.

4. You can use Muriatic acid to clean up the toilet jets. (Here is how)

5. Use Epsom Salt to clean the issue ( check details)

Possible issue NO3. Push Button Toilet Flush Keep Running

Running toilet is a big issue and common problem for push button toilet (especially two-piece toilet)


1. Faulty Flapper

2. Damage Overflow tube

3. The tank gasket is worn out. Tank Gasket present beneath the tank which is help to join and create a seal between tan and the bowl. 

If the gasket has any damage, then you will probably face a running toilet and water droplets on the floor.

4. A malfunctioning of the fill tube, float ball arm, or the internal hardware of the toilet itself.

Read More- Why is your toilet leaking while flush and how to fix this?

Possible issue NO4. Push Button Toilet Flush Button Popped Out

The most annoying problem of the push-button flush toilet is Popping out the button. Overusing or poor-quality buttons can show such results.

Poor installation is another factor in popping out the push button.

How to Fix Popped Out Push Button

To fix the problem, follow these steps,

· Take a wrench tight the button

· Check that the bolt on the toilet base that connects the toilet to its floor is secure.

· If the button pops out when you try to flush the toilet, hold it down firmly while flushing.

· If the lever pops off after letting the handle go, move the handle gently until the toilet is flushed.

· Put something heavy on top of the button to keep it in place (a small can of paint or brickwork well).

· If all these fails, change the old to a new one.

Possible Issue NO5. Push Button not Working Properly.

If the toilet’s push-button isn’t functioning correctly, it can be an unpleasant experience. Fortunately, you can do some simple ideas to resolve the issue.

How to Fix a Push Button That is Not Working Properly

The first thing to check is whether the button is either adequately connected or not to the flusher. 

If it isn’t, reconnect it and see if that resolves the issue.

If the flusher is working properly, something is blocking between button and flusher, the sensor on the button. 

Try wiping the sensor with a cotton swab and see if that fixes the problem.

If the button is installed in the right place. Check whether the flusher itself is working properly or not. If it is not, replace it.

Since none of those options work, you might have to replace the toilet push button entirely.

If your toilet is still not flushing correctly, you should contact an experienced plumber.

They will be able to take a look at the flush mechanism and determine what is causing the problem.

How to Adjust Push Button Toilet Flush

It is not hard to adjust the push button toilet flush. You need to follow these simple steps:

1. Look for the adjustment screw on the side or front of the tank.

2. Flip the screw clockwise to weaken the flush and counterclockwise to strengthen it.

3. If there is no screw, you may need to remove the tank cover and adjust a clip or rod.

4. Examine your flush to determine whether it’s at the strength you want.

5. If not, continue adjusting until it is.

6. Replace the tank cover and screw when finished.

That’s all there is to it! 

Just always remember to test your adjustments before putting the tank cover back on. 

Sometimes adjusting one screw will end up affecting another, so you must take time to do this carefully and correctly.

Wrap Up On- Push Button Toilet Flush Problems and Solutions

I hope that this information has been able to help you figure out the potential push button toilet flush problems and solve the flush problems. 

If it hasn’t, please reach out to me and let me know what is going on with your plumbing or any other issues that are relevant to this topic.

I am happy to solve them!

Q1.Are push button toilets better?

I believe so. Push Button toilets have several advantages over single flush or flush lever toilets.

i. More water-saving options because the push button has two options: half flush and full flush. 

You can use it according to your needs. Whereas the flush lever does not have a mechanism, only one flushes with lots of water.

ii. On the one hand, push-button toilets are often more hygienic, as there is no contact with the handle.

iii. Easy installation and less maintenance.

iv. Push-button toilets can save money on your water bill.

Q2. How do you use a push button toilet?

There are many types of push-button toilets, but the general steps are similar. 
The toilet has a small plunger inside that is pushed by an actuator arm hidden behind the wall. 

When you press the button, it releases this plunger to push everything in its path down your drainpipe.

Push Button has two significant button=one for half flush liquid or small waste. Another is a big flush for large waste.

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