5 Major Pressure Assist Toilet Problems & Fixing Remedies

Pressure assist toilets are more popular than gravity flushing systems because there are several advantages. 

You know, there are also some disadvantages to those who have advantages. 

So, in this article, we’re going to tell you about the pressure-assist toilet problems and their solutions.

Talk about pressure assist toilet problems, two things that came to mind first are toilet flush is louder. Second, it’s hard to find its components because of the intricate design. It uses more materials than gravitational flushing.

Don’t worry; it’s not the end of it. It’s a short answer for those who are in a hurry to buy a pressure-assist toilet. Want to know the details! Stay tuned, man. We’re going to guide you step by step.

Before going to pressure-assist toilet problems and the fixing procedure, let me tell you the basic things about the pressure-assist toilet.

Pressure assist toilets

All pressure-assisted toilets require more energy and come from the water supply line. In this toilet, an extra small tank is used to create air pressure with water.

The water is rinsed with extra pressure, which quickly clears your waste and gives you more cleanliness.

That’s why it differs from the gravity force flush system.

How do Pressure Assisted Toilets Work?

The primary mechanism is the same for all toilets, such as gravity force toilets, and the appearance is the same. The only difference is that there is an extra water tank in the main tank.

The main tank holds water and air. The secondary tank releases an air pressure that helps strong water flow during flushing

After that, this tank is also filled with air and water during recycling.

The main thing is water comes to the bowl with tremendous pressure.

The pressure assists the toilet tank has three most important components

  • A sealed small tank
  • A cartridge that helps to flush
  • A water feeding valve

These components help to refill the air after the discharge of the water. At the end of the procedure, the refill valve opens automatically to fill the air pressure and water.

Now we are going to discuss the problems of pressure-assist toilets.

Fact about pressure assist toilet problems

The primary thing is when the water comes with tremendous pressure; the toilets create a loud sound that can irritate you or your guest.

For this reason, always try to shut off your toilet’s mouth mean you have to close the toilet lid before a flush. It’s an effective way to deal with this thing.

It works for you, not for your guest because it’s impossible to tell your guest to use the toilet this way.

Let’s talk about the second issue. Compared to the gravitational flush, the bathrooms come with an intricate design due to the working mechanism.

Toilets need more components for this mechanism, and it’s hard to find them on the market. If you’re ever faced with any problems, you’ve got to change this component, and it’s a little expensive compared to gravity flush toilets.

So, the main disadvantages are 

  • Particular order requires pressure-assist toilet components.
  • Noisy flush
  • Price is a little bit high
  • Due to the intricate design, the plumber charge is higher.
  • Leaking also happens with this toilet.

These are the cons. Don’t be comparing these toilets with disadvantages there are lots of advantages to it.

Benefits of pressure-assist toilets

  1. The primary and unique benefits are it has a powerful flush that cleans your bowl more than others. That’s why it’s clogged free.
  2. Some people are tired of the toilet clogging, that’s why I always suggest using pressure-assist toilets. I guarantee that you’ll get more convenient results than others.
  3. You can save up to 30% of your water bill than older flushing technology. I don’t compare this to the double flush system because the mechanism saves more water than the pressure flush systems.
  4. Those are live in a hot place, this toilet system perfect for you because the tank-interior-tank design eliminates the sweat of the tank (concentration) during wet weather. 
  5. One of the exciting things is the toilet deodorizer. This technology also reduces the use of chemicals due to the water pressure that cleans the toilet more.

So here is the short answer: is pressure assisting toilets better?

  • Powerful flushing technology
  • Water-saving technology
  • Saves your water bill
  • Perfect during humid weather
  • Clog less

Now you have a clear idea about pressure assist toilet problems and choose it depends on advantages.

How to fix pressure-assist toilet problems?

Okay, before going to your frequently asked question, let me clear you two crucial things that may happen with your toilet.

i. Low water force occurs in the pressure-assist toilet:

Some people facing slow flush in pressure assist toilet, but it does not depend on your toilet mechanism. It depends on the water pressure that comes to your home’s pipeline.

Sluggish flush occurs because of slow water pressure in your home.

This pressure co-related with PRV and PSI. PRV means pressure reducing valves, and PSI means pounds per square inch.

Many homes have their PRV valves, and the standard water pressure is 45 psi. Anything below that it can happen means the slow flush happens.

If your home has this standard pressure, don’t increase the pressure. It can damage your pipeline and valves.

ii. Problems with pressure-assisted toilet tanks:

If your water line is okay with enough pressure, then there may be a chance that the problem is in the tank. Dirty water can damage your intake screen, and it can slow the flush.

You have to clean it or repair it for a proper flush. Here is the step by step guide

  • Cut the water supply
  • Flush the water and remove it
  • Open the supply assembly that attached to the inner tank
  • Now you can easily remove the screen with the help of a paper clip and clean it with a dirt-free toothbrush.
  • If needed, replace the screen and set up the whole assembly.

One thing that can also affect the water pressure is the duckbill valve. This valve is vital for air pressure that helps to flush powerfully.

If the duckbill valves become dirty, it can slow the flush.

Just open the air inducer cap and clean it with a toothbrush or replace it after that set wit with the tank and open the water flow.

If you see any parts are starting damage, replace them before breaking. It can solve other problems also. 

Replacing is the best option for any tank issues than manipulating with any gums. It can save you lots of money and time in the future.

Here is the full guide on troubleshooting a pressure-assist toilet.


Q1. Power flush toilet clogged what to do?

Clogging is a common issue for all of us. If your power flush toilet is clogged, you can use dish soap to quickly clear your waste. Vinegar works for you, too.

For more guide here is our article on how to unclog a toilet when nothing works.

Q2. How do you adjust the pressure on a toilet?

If you want to adjust your toilet pressure, you can do it manually. So there are some points which to work on it; 

1. check how much water present in the tank when you flush the toilet. Is it in the right label or the below label 

2. The slack chain number. The slack in the chain determines the flapper’s tightening; lose the slack can result from low-pressure water and slow flush. Again too tight slack can result in running water. So right slack is the major point, how to adjust slack check how to fix slow filling toilet a complete guide. 

3. floating ball another reason for the low pressure of water. So adjust float ball. To know how to adjust, check the above link. We have a detailed guide on it.

Q3. Are pressure-assist toile dangerous?

Explode may happen with this toilet. If the toilet holds too much pressure, then it may happen. It can irritate your regular life not only that it may also be hazardous for people nearby or for those who are flushing the bathroom.

Q4. Minimum water pressure needed for a pressure-assist toilet?

20psi is needed for a pressure-assist toilet as per the solan flush mate. Otherwise, clogging happen with that toilet.

Q5. American standard pressure assist toilet troubleshooting:

If your toilet does not flush, follow the below steps before making sure your toilet bowl is totally clean. If you can’t clean your bowl, then consult with your plumber.

Open the supply valve.
Lift the lid of the tank
Check the refill tube is joined from the water control and without being kinked or ruined embedded into the overflow tube.

Now you have to adjust the water levels. Water must be below the head of the overflow tube, and it’s not more than 1/2″. Increase the water level using the water control screw.
Let’s use 3 or 4 feet of toilet paper and add it to the toilet bowl water.

Flush the toilet one or two times.

I think this information helps you. Who is looking for American Standard pressure assist toilet troubleshooting, Right?

Wrap on pressure assist toilet problems

All toilets have some problems. Nothing is perfect from any point of view. But if you buy a quality product that can save you lots of money in the future. 

So always buy the best toilets that can give you a stress-free lifestyle.

Yes, pressure-assist toilets have some problems. It doesn’t mean it’s terrible. If you can adjust to that, you can try these flushing toilets.

If you want a perfect look with quality, always go with a one-piece toilet.

If you think this information is useful for your related queries, share it, and feel free to comment on your reading experiences.

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