Penny in the Toilet | How to recover it in 4 ways

You put a penny on the toilet seat, flush it down, or accidentally fell down into the toilet! You must read the post because I cover all possible things that happen if a penny drops your toilet and how can you recover it from the toilet.

Why is there a penny on a toilet?

Penny in the toilet is said to bring good luck. Some people believe that putting a penny on the toilet tank will help keep the toilet from running and wasting water. 

However, there are other explanations for these behaviors. 

The first reason that people may put a penny on the toilet tank is to keep their “toilet” from running and wasting water. 

The reason that people do this is that penny/coins contain a small amount of zinc. When the two dissimilar metals, copper and zinc, are combined in the water, it causes an electric current. 

The electrical current keeps the toilet from running by shorting out the electric current that operates the handle, allowing water to refill the toilet after each flush.

How do you get a penny out of a toilet?

There are a few ways to get a penny out of a toilet. One way is to use a plunger to push the penny out. Another way is to use a metal hanger and hook the penny. Finally, you can also reach in and grab the penny.

Use a coat hanger and straighten it out to do the latter, so you have a single wire. Then unbend one side of the wire to create a hook. Stick the coat hanger into the toilet and hook the penny as best as you can. 

You may need to fiddle with it a little to get the penny out. Once you have the penny, pull the coat hanger, and the penny should come out.

If none of these work, you can do some extreme things like see the toilet open to get the penny out. This is not recommended because it can create a big mess.

If you have a plumbing snake, it may be able to snag the penny out without hurting any pipes.

(Note: The plunger method can also be used to get other objects out of the toilet.)

What happens if a coin goes down the toilet?

The coin will most likely get lost in the plumbing system and never be seen again. The coin will corrode and get discolored. 

Suppose it is a nickel or other metal coin. In that case, the metal could be deposited in septic systems or in local waterways, possibly harming aquatic life. 

If the coin is picked up by a sewer service provider, it will likely end up at a coin redemption center. 

It will be sent to a refinery to recover the zinc and copper in new coins. Those items are recyclable and can be used again.

how to get out a penny in the toilet

Flushed a penny down the toilet; where did it go? 

The penny will go down the long, winding pipes until it reaches a branch pipe. The penny will start to spin as it enters the branch pipe due to turbulence caused by waves in front of the penny. 

Eventually, the penny will reach a vortex that acts like a mini-whirlpool and shoots bits of debris into the air. 

Grabbing onto something, these bits are flushed away with water traveling at 100 miles per hour before falling back down to earth as part of everyone’s daily 4 – 7 gallons of urine or 21 gallons entering homes through leaks in aging infrastructure.

This sounds ridiculous, but you never know what’s lurking all over your home now; maybe you’ll think twice about putting anything other than toilet paper down below!

When you flush a penny down the toilet, it goes through the plumbing and eventually winds up in a treatment plant. At the plant, the penny is inspected, and if it’s not damaged, it’s sent on its way.

Depending on the plant, the penny may be sent to a holding area before it’s released into a waterway. It could be offered to employees at the plant because you can’t recycle a penny at home. 

Can I flush a coin down the toilet?

Flushing a coin down the toilet can cause plumbing problems. Coins are small enough to fit through the gaps in pipes, which can cause clogs. 

In some cases, flushing a coin can also break pipes. If you have to dispose of a coin, it’s best to put it in a trash can.

Other objects should not be flushed down the toilet. Food, sanitary products, toilet towel, and large objects do not break down in the water. 

· They can create clogs or back up your plumbing. Some objects, such as combs and hairpins, can get caught in the U-bend. Also, read, can you flush Gum down the toilet! 

Wrap Up On Penny In Toilet

It’s a common urban legend that someone has dropped money into the tank of your toilet. Some people think this is an old wives’ tale, while others swear it happened to them. The truth is you can’t flush paper currency down the toilet – it will clog and cause sewage backups and overflows. 

Frequently Ask Questions

Q1. How do you get a penny out of a sink?

There are a few ways to get a penny out of a sink. One way is to use a plunger. Another way is to use a wire hanger. But, if you want to get a penny out of a sink and do it with style, use the pull-chain drain.

No one is fully sure how it works, but try this out. First, find a sink where the plug is broken, so water drains out of the spout. 

Next, attach a small piece of string to the penny. Then, attach the other end to the pull chain. Finally, turn on the water to a medium stream and hold the penny above the drain. Let go of the string and watch what happens.

Q2. What to do if you flush a spoon down the toilet?

First, try to remove the spoon using a plunger. If that doesn’t work, you can try using a coat hanger for fishing the spoon out. If that still doesn’t work, you will need to call a plumber to get the spoon out.

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