Which is better One Piece or Two Piece Toilet? Buying Guide

There are mainly two types of toilets in the shop: one-piece toilets and two-piece toilets. Both toilet functions are the same. Here are a few differences, depends on looks, price, and much more.

So, the point is which is better one piece or two piece toilet, Right?

Thinking about remodeling your bathroom and confused between which one is a better one-piece or two-piece toilet, Right? Reading different articles and confused about their advantages and disadvantages.

Not to worry, we’re here to give you the right guidance and explain 

all those points that play a significant role in the purchase of any toilet.

It is necessary to have a proper mindset before buying any toilet because there are various factors to consider.

If you’re in a rush and crave to know which is better one-piece or two-piece toilet, then telling you a one-piece toilet is a winner based on looks and setup. If you want the most reliable products at a low price, always use two-piece toilets.

This isn’t the end of it. We’re going to guide you step by step with the correct explanation, and I guarantee after reading this article, you can easily choose the right one for your home. Just give us a couple of minutes. I can dispel all your doubts.

The toilet is one of the essential parts of your life, as well as your bathroom. So, please, don’t compromise on its quality. 

You want to reshape your bathroom or think about a guest bathroom; whatever the condition, check the footprint, size, shape, rough-in, and most importantly, it’s comfortable for you or not.

Fundamental About One-Piece And Two-Piece Toilet

Before we start, let me tell you one thing, we are not going to debate or not promoting anyone. We are just sharing the fact depends on our experiences.

Toilets mainly have three parts

  • Tank
  • Bowl
  • Pedestal

Pedestal provides you comfortable height. Basically, it holds the basin.

Bowl mainly hold your weight and swallow all your waste. Bowl is mostly two types round and elongated. Here is our full guide on round vs. elongated toilet.

Tank mainly a container that holds the water and also supports a power flushing mechanism.

These are the main parts of toilets. Now you have to know what is one piece toilet and what is a two-piece toilet.

One-Piece Toilet

There is no joint within the bowl and the tank in the case of a 1-piece toilet. Basically, the toilet and the tank are fused together. 

One-piece toilets are also known as single-piece toilets. It’s new to the market, and it’s becoming popular because some people believe that looks and design matter.


  • Simple to clean
  • Easy to install
  • Maintaining comfort height because ADA approved.
  • No leakage issue because there is no joint.
  • Sleeker design
  • Save more water
  • Smaller in size
  • Perfect for small bathroom
  • Maintains more hygiene


  • Little bit expensive
  • Heavy
  • Few rough in option
  • Difficult to carry because of weight
  • No separate changing option

Two-piece toilet

In the matter of a two-piece toilet, the toilet tank and bowl come separately. That’s why it’s called a two-piece toilet.

This toilet has been famous since the 1990s. The homeowner is used to it, and we love this toilet because it’s cheap compared to a single piece of a bathroom.


  • Less expensive compare to one piece toilet
  • Easy to ship
  • Rougher in size
  • Easy to set up
  • You can change parts separately
  • Lots of designs and heights are available.


  • Not easy to clean
  • Hygienic issues because more joints are their
  • More leakage issues compare to one piece toilet
  • Installation takes more time
  • Some people realize it’s taller.

If you’re going to a shop and looking for a one-piece toilet or two-piece toilet, I guarantee that you can choose a one-piece toilet if you don’t compare it to the price after checking both of them.

Many people say that love at first side happens with a one-piece toilet because of the appearance.

If you love one piece toilet as well, you can check out our best one-piece toilet lists. If you have more doubts, stay tuned, we’re going to explain all the factors and the winner.

Which is better one-piece or two-piece toilet?

It’s difficult to choose one without knowing basic factors like performance, size, flush weight so on. Therefore; I discuss each and every point below, which helps you to choose the right one.

1. Comparison between performance

Performance-wise both toilets have the same ability to perform according to your needs.

If you go with the same brands, they are providing a water-saving facility, powerful flush system. They offer the same features and specifications in both toilets.

So performance-wise, there are no distinctions between one-piece and two-piece toilets.

According to reviews data, some consumers reported that a two-piece toilet has a slow filling problem than one piece. But as per mechanical cause, it can happen on water pressure.

I think most people face that problem so here is our full guide on How to fix a slow filling toilet. It worked for me so am sure it definitely works for you.

2. Comparison between installations

The installation process is the same in the case of both toilets.

In one piece of toilets, you have to carry the whole unit. So, if you’re thinking to fit it without a plumber, then you need a helper. If you succeed in putting the one-piece toilet in the perfect position, it’s effortless to install in fewer minutes.

If you want to fit on your own, always go with a two-piece toilet because it comes with a separate tank. That’s why it’s easy to transport and set.

You need to be extra attentive during the tank’s installation because it can break your bowl if you did not fix it properly.

In the two-piece toilet, you have to install two parts separately that why it’s time-consuming.

Although it’s challenging to carry a one-piece toilet with one person, it’s easy to install than a two-piece toilet.

3. Comparison between size

Both 1-piece toilet and 2-piece toilet comes in different sizes. One-piece toilets are smaller in size compare to 2 pieces of toilets.

That’s why 1-piece toilets required small space.

One-piece toilets maintain the ADA guidelines. That’s why it’s more comfortable in height. It’s more comfortable for disabled people and kids because it’s slightly lower than two-piece toilets.

On the other hand, two-piece toilets also come with comfort height and standard height. It’s perfect for adults.

Know the difference between comfort height vs Standard height and Chair height toilets

One of the essential things is rough in size, The distance between the pipe and the wall. Most of the toilets have 12 rough-in, but some bathrooms also have 10 and 14 inches rough-in.

If you have an odd rough in size, then go with a two-piece toilet because there are many options present in a two-piece toilet compared to one piece.

So, if your bathrooms have lots of space and have an odd rough-in number, go with a two-piece toilet. For small space bathroom always the best option is 1-piece toilet.

4. Comparison between durability

Longevity or durability depends on the quality of the products and varies from brand to brand. It does not depend on a single piece or 2-piece toilet.

However, a one-piece toilet is a compact unit that’s why it’s more durable depends on the design.

5. Comparison between price

Yes, a one-piece toilet is expensive compare to a two-piece toilet. The only reason is design and using technology. In one piece toilets, all small elements are kept in a single structure.

For better understanding, give you an example. Kohler one-piece toilets come with both designs, one and two pieces, and including the same flushing technology, but the price is different.

A one-piece toilet price between 400$ to 1200$ generally and a two-piece toilet price 150$ to 600$. This is an approximate price idea; it varies from brand to brand like Toto one-piece toilet or Costco one-piece toilet.

Installation charges are not including because it’s easy to install. The approximate cost is 100 dollars for each installation. That’s why it’s separated from the original price.

When it comes to price, then the winner is the two-piece toilet.

If you’re confused with the flushing system, let me tell you both have a wide range of flushing mechanisms. So, there’s no difference between the flushing system, and both come with a hard and soft flush.

6. Comparison between cleaning and maintenance

The one-piece toilet is easy to clean because there is no joint within the pan and tank. That’s why it’s maintaining proper hygiene, and it’s easy to clean.

Cleaning is difficult in the case of a two-piece toilet because there are several joints, and it’s the powerhouse of a growing bacteria.

For proper cleaning, you have to remove the toilet tank. So, it isn’t easy to clean. After cleaning, you have to re-install the toilet tank, and breakage may happen during this procedure.

When it comes to maintenance, there are two aspects: short term and long term.

In short-term maintenance, the one-piece toilet is the winner, but in the long term, the two-piece is the winner because all parts you can buy separately.

These are the foremost benefits of a two-piece toilet.

I think now you can decide which is better one piece or two piece toilet, Right?

Why we choose one piece toilet over the two-piece toilet

I know there are no such significant differences, but you have to consider some factors. Those are already discussed in the upper section; just recap it with some points.

  • Durability
  • Size difference
  • Simple to clean
  • Appearance
  • Easy to install

I prefer it because of its stable structure and the maintenance of proper hygiene. It doesn’t mean that two-piece is awful. The toilets are doing their jobs correctly.


Q1. What does a 2-piece toilet mean?

Two-piece toilets mean the toilet tank is separated from the bowl. It comes with two individual forms.

Q2. What is the best one piece toilet to buy?

The best brands are available in the markets, such as Kohler one-piece toilet, Toto one-piece toilet, Costco one-piece toilet, etc.

Q3. Can a one-piece toilet replace a two-piece toilet in my bathroom?

Yes, you can replace it but before that, confirm the rough-in size. It is the only factor you have to check before replacing it.

Footprint also a factor. So, measure your toilet foot distance before replace otherwise tiles required to remodel it.

Some words on one piece or two-piece toilet

As we said, both toilets are excellent and perfect for our daily use. Don’t be a fool with other factors.

Yap, the design and looks are top class in one-piece toilets. We preferred especially for guest bathrooms. I know bathrooms look matter and if it’s a factor for you then go with one-piece toilets.

Check- Kohler Tresham one piece toilet review

You should consider these things. Decide now which one is right for you.

I hope you have a better idea to decide and remember design is not the last factor. You have to buy an OK working product that gives you longevity.

If you want to add some more points regarding which is a better one-piece or two-piece toilet, just point us in the comment section.

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