Why Loud Vibrating Noise When Flushing Toilet- fix in 7 ways

Is your toilet loud vibrating noise when flushing toilet! or a humming sound after toilet flush!

Are you one of them whose toilet making fog horn noise when flushing the toilet?

An unusual sound is actually experiencing, most of the house owners nowadays.

Loud vibrating noise when flushing the toilet, which occurs mainly under two conditions. If the sound comes from the toilet tank, then there is a problem with the refilling valve, or if the pipes vibrate after flushing the toilet, the pipe has a high water pressure and is blocked.

So no more headache for this annoying thing, this article will help you get rid of the loud vibrating noise while flushing the toilet. And help diagnose how to fix this problem without a plumber.

I guaranty that below mention amazing tricks that solve all your nagging toilet problems.

Why Loud Vibrating Noise When Flushing Toilet?

Your toilet makes an odd whistling or whooshing sound after flushing the toilet. Other times, even after filling the tank, the toilet water runs alone.

This is the most stressful situation when your family falls asleep and suddenly flush in the middle of the night, which is also the most terrible problem, you know?

Running water not only disturbs your sleep also increases wastewater and can also raise your water bill.

This may be a sign of a leak or some plumbing problem if your toilet makes a sound when it is supposedly calm.

The issue is that the ballcock is loosely cleaned. This problem is common in older toilets with a metal ballcock-style fill valve.

The best part is that when your toilet makes rumbling noise, it will be easy to fix it.

While you know the possible cause now, you might always wonder if you just have to call a local plumber.

The toilet valve is simply to substitute. However, it might be time for an expert to contact you when you replace it, and it looks as though you have not solved your problem yet.

Why Loud Vibrating Noise When Flushing Toilet- fix in 7 ways

Different Loud Noise After Flushing Toilet and Relatable Cause

Loud vibrating noise can be disturbing because it indicates clearly that your toilet is completely wrong.

The probable causes are

  1. Water hammer/ Banging
  2. Dirty valve
  3. Refill valve
  4. High pitched squealing or whistling.
  5. Ghost flushing
  6. Hissing/ excessive running
  7. Gurgling
  8. Creaking or moaning

After knowing the proper reasons then you can easily find out how to fix the loud vibrating noise when flushing the toilet.

1. Water hammer/ Banging ( a humming sound after a toilet flush)

After flushing, when the water passes through the pipe and is suddenly blocked as it goes, the water pressure hits the valve, and from there, a water hammer/ banging sound starts.

Due to high water pressure, water hammers can usually happen. The strength of water hammering pipes can damage constantly.

Air present in the pipes causes a humming sound after a toilet flush.

Water hammer can cause damage to faucet washers and form heavy metals and rust within shut off valves.

This is also caused for a jackhammer sound after a toilet flush.

How to fix humming sound after toilet flush

Do the following step below-

  • Shut off the main water line of your home
  • Flush all toilet
  • Drain all cold faucets, and the process should start from your top floor to the ground floor.
  • Wait for 30 minutes and drain all water from faucets and toilet
  • After 30 minutes, on the main water line of your home
  • Closed all faucets now ( the process should start from ground to top floor.)
  • Toilet refill automatically
  • For checking water humming sound, flush the toilet and check if the sound comes or not.

Another reason for the loud vibrating noise in the wall after flushing the toilet

2. Dirty Valve

A dirty valve can cause loud vibrating noise when flushing the toilet. If dirt accumulates in the valve and water is difficult to pass through it, and the pipe starts to vibrate when the water is gone.

A dirty valve can cause pipes to vibrate after flushing the toilet.

How to clean dirty valve

Clean a dirty valve is easy yet simple. Remove the valve and clean with its surrounding area. Place the valve and flush the toilet for either any sound coming or not.

3. Whistling pipes after flushing toilet

If you notice that your toilet creates a whistling sound after the flush, don’t panic. It may be the problem with the float valve.

You can quickly fix this problem on your own.

The ballcock valve is the most probable reason (float valve).

How to fix a whistling toilet flush

Sometimes, modifying the current ballcock framework could solve the problem because the components are still so affordable.

Just adjust the float valve and again flush the toilet to see if the problem exists or not.

The next coming problem one of the most irritating, and 60% of homeowners suffer from the ghost flushing problem.

4. Ghost Flushing

The sound like a ghost as it acts like a ghost. You’re sleeping at night, all of a sudden the toilet in your house started to flush!

This situation can be called paranormal activity. But this is not really that. Ghost flushes happen in many homes. The main reason is a faulty flapper.

Faulty flapper with floating valve adjustment is important.

How to fix your Ghost flushing toilet?

  • Remove the flapper.
  • For replacing the flapper, buy a new one (mark this point new one should be the same size as the old one)
  • Shut off your water line to the toilet
  • Put out the old flapper and clean the enclosing area
  • Place the new flapper ( more details check our how to replace a new flapper)
  • Turn on the waterline
  • Wait until the toilet tank full and then flush once see any difficulty for the flush amount or not
  • Keep watching anything wrong or same situation (ghost flush happen or not)
  • This is how you can reduce the noise of toilet flush

5. Hissing/ excessive running

Hissing/ Excessive running water after flushing main reason is a defective flapper and defective overflow tube.

How to fix hissing /excessive running toilet:

  • Replace the flapper that told already previous one, Now replace overflow tube
  • Overflow tubes do not deteriorate very quickly. Change it when the flapper is OK, but your hissing sound is still.
  • Buy a new good overflow tube in advance to replace the overflow tube.
  • Turn off the water supplying the toilet tank.
  • Flush well and make sure that extra water is not in the toilet tank
  • Gently lift the old overflow tube with one hand at the very bottom and one hand at the top.
  • Then secure the new one and put it.
  • Restart the water supply, wait for the toilet tank to refill, and see if there is any sound of hissing.

6. Gurgling Toilet

Many house owners are complaining their toilets are gurgling.

Toilet gurgling can not easily find out its cause, but as per a plumber expert, this may be due to a toilet drain block or sewer channel, you should clean up right away.

This bubbling noise arises because something stops the water and prevents the drain.

Shortly, this obstruction causes negative air pressure or airflow in your drain. That is why air returns to the toilet, making a noise like a gurgle.

How to fix fog horn/gurgling noise when flushing the toilet!

 water pipes to vibrate and make noise

7. What can cause water pipes to vibrate and make noise/ Creaking or groaning

Creaking or moaning noise, arise from plumbing pipes and fittings isn’t uncommon in most houses and flats.

The reason for moaning or vibrating pipe is defective of ballcock or fill valve.

The too high water pressure may also cause a loud thud after flushing toilet.

Both are cost-effective and easy to fix. But you need to know the water pressure, and that should not beat more than 80 psi.

Check More- Why and fix weird sound of toilet while not use

When you need an expert, for fixing your pipes are knocking when toilet is flushed?

If you are not confident about the measurement and fixing procedure, you can freely contact an expert plumber. Talk to them listen carefully to what they say.

It is a good idea to fix your toilet’s loud vibrating noise but before working on that, gain primary knowledge of the problem.

Still suffer from the same problem then you need to change old ones. Don’t be disappointed check our best-rated toilet list and say good buy a nagging toilet.

Bundle up on loud vibrating noise when flushing toilet

In summary, your toilet must be free of noise so that your family or friends will be comfier.

This noise reduction idea will help you do the same, but it takes a while and a little time. But this is a much greater problem than it seems. So start to act on it.

The first point is to identify the noise source, whether it comes from pipes, toilet drainage, sewer, walls, or something else. You must recognize the noise source And use one way to work well.

The 2nd thing is that, after knowing the source or cause, work on the idea, and I give you so it won’t deceive you.

Finally, the information I have provided is simple. Sharing my own experience and extensive research from Google’s top websites, just for saving your precious time and money won’t be lost.

Give a feedback message in the comment box to ensure you resolve your problem related to loud vibrating noise when flushing toilet. It helps other visitors to believe us.

FAQs On Loud Vibrating Noise from the Toilet

Why is my toilet making a loud vibrating noise?

A loud vibrating noise from the toilet can occur due to various reasons. It may be caused by water pressure issues, a faulty fill valve, loose or worn-out parts, improper installation, or even a problem with the plumbing system.

What could be causing the vibrating noise in my toilet?

The vibrating noise in a toilet can be caused by factors such as water hammer (rapid water flow changes), a malfunctioning fill valve, loose pipes or connections, a worn-out flapper valve, or improper alignment of toilet components.

How can I stop the loud vibrating noise coming from the toilet?

To stop the loud vibrating noise, you can try a few solutions. These include checking and tightening any loose connections or pipes, adjusting the water pressure to a suitable level, replacing worn-out or faulty parts, ensuring proper alignment of toilet components, and installing water hammer arrestors if needed.

Is a vibrating toilet a sign of a plumbing issue?

A vibrating toilet can sometimes be an indication of an underlying plumbing issue. It may signify problems with water pressure, faulty valves, or loose connections. If the vibrating noise persists or is accompanied by other plumbing issues, it’s advisable to consult a professional plumber for a thorough inspection.

Can water pressure affect the vibrating noise in a toilet?

Yes, water pressure can impact the vibrating noise in a toilet. High water pressure or sudden pressure changes can cause water hammer, which leads to vibrations and noise in the plumbing system. Adjusting the water pressure or installing water pressure regulators can help alleviate the issue.

Should I be concerned about the vibrating noise from the toilet?

While a vibrating noise from the toilet may not always indicate a serious problem, it’s important to address the issue to prevent potential damage to the plumbing system. Persistent vibrations can lead to leaks, loosening of connections, or even further malfunction of toilet components.

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