Kohler Wellworth Toilet Problems / Cons & Solutions

You can’t skip the Kohler Wellworth toilet because of the classy look. The toilet has many excellent features, but Kohler’s Wellworth also has some problems like all the toilets.

Still, it can be frustrating when a Kohler toilet may not flush, water overflows out of the bowl with each whoosh, or another issue happens.

The main problem with Kohler Wellworth toilets is leaking from the trapway and flush valve. The second issue is clogging, and the new Kohler Wellworth is not ADA compliant. Finally, the model is not suitable for seniors.

But the thing I like best about Kohler toilets is how easy it is to fix problems without the assistance of a plumber.

In this article, I’ll go over some of Kohler’s well-known issues and solutions, such as toilet tank leaking and toilet clogging.

If you crave to purchase a new Kohler Wellworth toilet, it’s a good choice, but there are some questions to address, which are discussed in this article.

Just give me some time, I will tell you to step by step.

Kohler Wellworth toilet problems and solutions

Most people complain about toilet leaking (ruining non-stop). This can be caused by two things: your toilet tank not sitting correctly or a damaged flush valve.

How to solve Kohler Wellworth Toilet tank leaking problems?

Just follow the below-mentioned steps for easy setup for canister valves.

1.First, remove the tank cover.

2.Turn off the water supply.

3.Find the middle hole of the canister.

4.Hold it with your hand and rotate it anticlockwise.

5. Now, remove the canister from the tank.

6. Now you can see a seal, most probably in red.

7. Remove from the bottom pare and replace with the new one.

8. Now, you have to reinstall it the same as you removed it.

I think this solution helps you if there is a problem with the seal.

How to find causes for Kohler Wellworth toilet leaking:

If you are unsure about the problem, do not purchase anything for the toilet. It can ruin your extra cash. But, don’t worry, I’ll tell you what to do in this situation.

  • First, flush the toilet and wait for a refill.
  • Now take a marker and mark the position of the water level.
  • Left it for seven hours.
  • Now check what happens with the water level. The results are below mentioned.

If the water level remains the same, that means the fill valve is jammed. It would be best if you cleaned it. For better satisfaction, you can change it.

If the water is totally gone, that means the problems with the flush valve. You have to change it.

If the water level is equal to the flapper, it means the flapper is damaged, and it allows the water goes into the bowl. So you have to replace the flapper.

If you see the water level is a little bit down, then it’s difficult to guess, but I can say most of the time, the problem arises because of the flush valve. You can replace it.

How to solve Kohler Wellworth canister flush valve problems:

If you find the problem occurs because of the flush valve, then change the flush valve.

But the thing is how to change, then here is our step-by-step guide.

  1. Close the water supply line and make sure water is not flowing to the toilet tank.
  2. Flush the toilet and try to remove all the water from the tank.
  3. Remember, some water also remains below the flush valves; if you are doing this job on a fresh floor, it can drain out and make dirty to your floor.
  4. Before removing the flush valve, take a bucket or cloth to avoid the circumstances.
  5. To begin, remove the refill hose from the overflow tube. Unclip the clamp nut that is securing the fill valve to the tank’s bottom.
  6. Install a new flush valve, lock it, and ensure that it is floating 1 inch above the surface of the water.
  7. Now, securely but not forcibly tighten the locknut onto the valve’s base. Then, secure the refill hose to the overflow pipe.
the difference between flapper and canister flush valve system. those are present in Kohler's toilet.

How to solve Kohler Wellworth flapper problems:

Flapper plays a vital role during flush. If it hurts or is damaged, running of water can happen. Check it, and if the flapper is damaged, then replace it.

Here is our step-by-step process to change the Kohler Wellworth flapper and solve the problem.

  1. Turn of the water supply line of your toilet
  2. Flush it and hold the lever down to drain the whole water.
  3. Then remove the flapper from the flush valve carefully.
  4. Clean the portion after removal of the flapper
  5. Install the new flapper and attached it to it.
  6. Now close the tank and open the water supply line.

Remember, if you do it yourself before buying any item, verify the model number and buy it.

In the market variety of models present and the size of the flapper also different. Check it before buying anything. So these are the main problems with older toilets, but if you want to new Kohler Wellworth toilets, I noticed a few problems that I want to share with you.

The Cons of Kohler Wellworth Toilet:

All advanced features are included in Kohler Wellworth toilets. If you want to know, check our detailed guide.

The disadvantages are

  1. The toilet model is not ADA approved that’s why not perfect for senior people.
  2. Need to spend few more bucks because the toilet seat is not included in the Kohler Wellworth toilet.
  3. The materials are made with vitreous china. So if you are a porcelain lover, then you have to sacrifice your love.
  4. It comes with a round bowl which’s challenging to clean compared to an elongated bowl.
  5. The toilet is sometimes clogged after heavy use. However, it’s a rare case. There are also some basic DIY to unclog a toilet without a plumber’s help. So don’t worry.

If you are comfortable with this Kohler Wellworth toilet problem, then you can go for it. It’s an overall good product.

Wrapping up on Kohler Wellworth toilet Problems:

If your Kohler Wellworth toilet is having the same problems, this information will be helpful.

If you try every experiment and nothing works. I believe you should now contact a plumber and schedule a visit. That will save you significant time.

If you have any questions regarding Your Kohler Wellworth, then ask me in the comment section.


Q1. How Can I Avoid Future Leaks on Kohler Wellworth ?

The leading cause of the leak is too hard water, which quickly damaged your flapper. The second cause is using harmful chemicals that are not suitable for your bathroom, such as bleach. Finally, try to use natural or homemade toilet deodorizer to avoid future leaks.

Q2. Is the Kohler Wellworth toilet a good choice?

After knowing all of the features and the problems, I can say Kohler Wellworth is a good one in this price with class five technology flush that eliminated all waste in a single flush.

Although I mentioned that toilets could become clogged in rare cases, I recommend going with any best no-clog toilets if you are concerned about this. That will undoubtedly solve your problems.

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