Kohler Tresham One Piece Toilet Reviews Price Rating (2022)

As you already search Kohler Tresham One piece toilet reviews means you know about this model and now want to confirm before buying the Kohler Tresham toilet. Right?

I know you’ve lots of queries and confusion about this model. Okay, don’t be confused about that.

Our team has prepared a quick stats. This fantastic case study is going to blow your mind, and I’m sure you’re in love with this Kohler Tresham toilet. So, just stay tuned.

Almost every homeowner is looking for a powerful flush with water-efficient technology but struggling enough to find the best toilet. That’s why today’s article all about Kohler Tresham one piece toilet detail reviews.

Do you know Kohler provides its excellent performance for more than 150+ years?

And it’s one of the top brands for so many years. Not just for its name, Kohler brings to the market one of the most affordable models and budgets for its customers. Hence Tresham is one of them.

Kohler Tresham’s one-piece toilet comes with an Aqua piston canister that helps 360-degree rotation flush. It’s totally clogged free. Releases the seat to close softly and quickly. Convenient cleaning.

The toilet is packed full of new technology within the budget without compromising its quality. The significant part of this model is; it saves your water bill about 60 %. Overall it’s a fabulous toilet.

I appreciate your choice.

The advantage of this model is that if you want to remodel your bathroom, it will be a great one because it comes in more than 5 amazing colors. Just pick the one that harmonizes your bathroom.

Remember, Tresham not only for remodeling bathrooms. It’s also famous for the small space toilet.

I”ll explain Kohler Tresham one piece toilet review’s detailed guide on why your choice is great to choose Kohler Tresham toilet.

Best Kohler Tresham One Piece Toilet Reviews, Price with Rating

Best Tresham

Kohler Tresham One Piece Toilet

Unique Features

  • Product Dimensions- 31 x 20.72 x 29 inches
  • EPA certified
  • ADA compliant
  • Aqua Piston flush
  • Q3 soft close seat
  • Skirted design
  • Material -China
  • Certification- Watersense
  • Preserve the same space as a round-front bowl
  • Seamless design
  • Canister flush valve

What Are The Unique Features Of Kohler Tresham one piece toilet?

Kohler is always a priority for a luxurious look with excellent budget facilities. Kohler has still satisfied its customers with their superb quality.

Kohler’s engineer always thinks for regular people and makes a wonderful product. Hence Tresham on of them.

KOHLER K-3981-0 maybe the number of the model varies with colors. Cleaning is easier for the skirted trapway.

Kohler Tresham’s one-piece toilet is a comfortable chair height elongated toilet that gives your bathroom a brand new look. Yes, the product’s design is a combination of classic to modern.

To know- Chair height VS Comfort height VS Standard height

It’s made of quality china with one year warranty, and the polish provides you a glass appearance.

The height of the Tresham toilet is comfort chair height. The advantage of the chair height over normal is great, as it can easily sit and stand up and is one of the best choices for those who have knee problems. 

If you have an older adult in your home, then 90% of the sitting problems will decrease. 

Oh! Yeah. Tresham comes in a total of 6 colors– White, Almond, Black, Cashmere, Ice Gray, Thunder Gray, and Sandbar.

So now you can understand your options are so many. Just pick it up match it to your bathroom.

However, my favorite color is Cashmere and Sandbar.

Do you have any little bit of knowledge of flush!

No worry, The flash technique will prove just how right your choice is.

The most crucial part of any toilet performance is its flushing technique.

The only aqua piston flush technique cleans more quickly in less water. Kohler installs that system to make the Tresham toilet.

Water enters the canister at 360 degrees for the flush that packs a powerful punch to exclude clogs without consuming water.

Aqua piston is a newly developed force that drives the power and increases toilets’ flushing performance.

The strength is the ratio of 3:2 between the inlet and the flush canister outlet.

Kohler engineers offer the highest efficiency; aqua piston sends a complete 360° rush into the system, using the gravity force, and producing the most strong flush.

High power provides a high flow rate of water that flows through the system and provides an effective flush through the bowl, resulting in a cleaner bowl that is plug-free and no more clogged.

K- 3981 toilet is the single flush mechanism, and it took 1,28 gallons per flush. It preserves 16500 gallons of water annually in contrast to 1.6 gpf, which is eco-friendly and saves water for innocent animals.

I think you can understand the benefits of Kohler Aqua Piston.

Instead of a 3-inch flapper, they used a tough canister that gives a more leak-free performance.

A lightweight flush canister needs less power than a flapper. Trapway to produce a strong siphon during flushing.

You can also save lots of dollars with this model as the toilet has a toilet seat. A noise-free lock system provides the grip-tight function. 

Yes, Tresham one-piece toilet comes with a soft closing seat.

The Q3 system is used to remove the seat easily for convenient cleaning. Therefore it is easy to set up afterward.

If you look for quality, you’ll be very impressed by its quality. Kohler’s dominant market is for its quality and satisfies 100 % of its customers’ needs.

If you install a Kohler Tresham one-piece toilet, then the maintenance does not cost much and does not cause headaches.

This is one of the best cost Kohler toilet under 1000 dollars. 

Troubleshooting or not! How to manage it

There are some advantages, as well as some disadvantages. Not all products are perfect. So in the case of Tresham, the case study showed a slight faulty flush, but after fixing that, it stays many years.

If you have problems with the flush valve, you can check out this article. It has some DIY hacks that you can quickly fix valves without a plumber.

Kohler Tresham one piece toilet pros and cons 


  • 6 different colors
  • Aqua piston powerful flush
  • Easy to self-clean
  • Elongated bowl
  • Comfortable height
  • Leakproof and clogged free
  • Noiseless


  • Heavy for one person handle
  • Costly

How to Install Kohler Tresham One piece toilet?

Some customers want to know if Kohler Tresham toilet installation easy or hard?

Kohler Tresham toilet easy to install. Therefore, as it is a one-piece toilet, it is a little bit heavy for one person.

You can install it with your partner’s help, and they provide a manual guide also.

Here the full video on how to install Kohler Tresham one piece toilet.

Install Kohler Tresham one piece toilet

Which One is the better, Kohler Tresham one piece toilet or two-piece toilet?

Kohler Tresham One Piece Toilet Advantages over two-piece toilet

· Easy to Install in one piece
· Fit into a small place
· Seat included in one piece where the seat should buy separately in a two-piece toilet.
· Water sense labeled present in one piece
· Self-cleaning is easier one piece than two-piece
· Skirted design include in one piece toilet

These are all advantages of the Tresham one-piece toilet over a two-piece.

What do I think about Kohler Tresham toilet black or grey?

In my opinion, it will vary entirely on people, who is buying? But black is not liked by many because it does not fit all bathrooms.

If you want to give the bathroom a bold look, you can use black or gray once. After all, performances will be the same all them.

Final Thought After Kohler Tresham One Piece Toilet Reviews

In short, Tresham K- 3981 is one of the best flushing Kohler toilets. Kohler Tresham toilet comes one-piece and two-piece as well.

But this article all about the Kohler Tresham one piece toilet reviews.

So, according to my experience: this model worth your every penny. All the people who have evaluated it are delighted with this product.

In the future, I assure you that it can save up to 230$ every year by reducing water bills and maintenance charges.

So, that’s all for today; if you like our Kohler Tresham one piece toilet review, then share it.

Its time to take the action.

Still, if you doubt this product can check our Kohler cimarron one piece toilet detail guide. Or can check other one piece toilet review.

Thank you.

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