3 Best Kohler Cimarron One Piece Toilet Reviews (2022)

If you’re searching for a new toilet and you’re looking for Kohler cimarron one piece toilet reviews, then you know a lot about the Kohler brand. Right?

Yes, Kohler is the most popular brand in the past 150 years due to its performance, design, and quality.

Do you know why Kohler beats its competitors easily? The best thing that customer satisfaction. Kohler takes care of all its customers, giving them the best quality.

Kohler gives you many options depending on your budget compared to other brands, such as choosing a one-piece or two-piece toilet. It also comes with a round or elongated toilet and a different flushing system that saves you a lot of money.

I know your pain, and I guarantee this one-piece toilet may reduce your 90% problems. Now you are thinking about how the toilet solves your problem. Right?

Let me tell you.

Kohler cimarron one-piece toilet gives you a clogged-free experience, and it’s noise-free. Not only is it budget-friendly and easy to clean. Models have never been compromised with quality, which is why they are certified by WaterSense. Overall it’s a great product.

Is not it a fantastic thing?

Don’t judge the toilet depends on that little thing. It’s just a brief overview. Read this full article that I’m going to explain in detail, and then you can decide it’s a great deal or not.

At the end of the article, we will show you quick stats that can blow your mind, but before that, go through this article and understand the benefits of the Kohler cimarron one-piece toilet.

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Best Kohler Cimarron One Piece Toilet Lists

Kohler has more than seven one-piece models on the market. They all have some common features, such as standard height and aqua piston flushing technology. Besides, all models have their unique features.

Depending on your desire, it’s hard to choose the right one. That’s why we’re going to suggest the best three models that dominate the market.

We have added all elongated toilets because of their several benefits.

Editor’s Choice

Best Kohler Cimarron One Piece Toilet Reviews (K-3946-RA-0):

Unique Features

  • Size: 31 x 20.75 x 29 inches
  • Elongated Bowl
  • Watersense Certified
  • Gravity Flush
  • Aqua Piston flushing mechanism
  • Right-handed trip lever
  • Rough-in: Twelve inches
  • Floor mounted
  • One year limited warranty

Kohler cimarron comfort height elongated toilet gives your bathroom a brand new look. Yes, the design of the product is excellent. It is made with durable china, and the glossy polish gives you a glass look.

The durable design of the canister is leakproof compared to others. As you know, one-piece toilets have the most valuable leakproof benefits. The plan comes with these unique benefits.

Kohler never compromises the quality of the products and always gives you a superior comfort zone. The same thing is going to happen with this model. The toilet comes with the height position of the chair. It’s a standard height that helps the older person as well.

Do you know the difference between right height, standard height, and comfort height? Check and you have clear all your doubts.

The height of its lid to the floor is 20 inches.

The toilets come with an elongated bowl. I feel this type of bowl is perfect for adults and easy to clean. It’s also an ideal toilet for a small space.

This model also saves your lots of bucks because the toilet comes with a toilet seat. The grip-tight functionality provides a noise-free closing system, and this Q3 toilet seat helps to remove the seat easily for convenient cleaning; after that, it is easy to set up.

Is it not an exciting feature?

It’s a single flush toilet, and it required 1,28 gallons of water per flush. It saves 16500 gallons of water per year compared to 1.6 gpf.

If you think that using more water in the toilet means giving more cleanliness, you’re wrong. Using the best flushing technology gives you a cleaner bathroom.

That’s why this toilet has aqua piston flushing technology working on gravity flush systems. The aqua piston canister system allows for flowing of the water all the sides. That’s why all waste going to down in one flush and gives you a fresh cleaning experience after one flush.

As you know, two flushing technologies are the most popular in the toilet industry, one of which is the gravity flush toilet, and the other is the pressure-assist toilet.

Now you think why we love the aqua piston flush? We’re going to answer this question in the FAQs section. So, just stay with us.

Toilet also certified water sense that meets EPA guidelines. It’s mean the toilet will save your lots of water bill.

If you are using one piece toilet, you know the stepwell. If you’re not, don’t worry, it’s very easy to install because the manual guide is good enough for you. It’s a bit heavy, so you need two people to install it.

I always choose a product with a warranty because I feel free to experiment with that item, thanks to Kohler. After all, this item has a limited one-year warranty. I think it’s excellent and it’s headache-free.


  • Powerful aqua piston flush
  • Easy to clean
  • No tight crevices
  • Comfortable for adults
  • Clogged and leak-free
  • WaterSense Certified
  • No need for a plumber to install


  • Single flush system
  • Supply line not included

Bottom line:

Kohler cimarron is one of the best flushing toilets. It comes with all the necessary features that make it a perfect toilet. Some people said the flush was a bit noisy. For better results, close the lid before a flush.

This model of the Kohler cimarron one-piece toilet is best suited to your bathroom. You can check it out without hesitation.

2nd Pick

KOHLER (K-3619-RA-47) Cimarron Toilet Reviews

Unique Features

  • 29.63 x 19 x 28.63 inches
  • Elongated Bowl
  • Powerful gravity flush technology
  • Three different colors
  • Watersense certified
  • Floor mounted

This model is the same as the model above. There are few differences compared to Kohler K-3946-RA-0.

Three main differences are the design, color, and position of the lever.

The products come in three different colors: almond, white, and biscuit. You can choose according to your bathroom color.

You love this new and fresh silky design, and this toilet has a right-handed lever that is perfect for a right-handed person.

The toilets come with all necessary components such as bolt caps, Installation bolts, toilet seat, trip lever, installation guide. So, no need to buy separately.

Using the same flushing system that is gravity flush and aqua piston helps clean your bowl correctly because it increases water flow.

Frankly speaking, I am a little bit confused regarding the warranty because there is nothing mentioned in the product description. But when I ask Kohler, they told me This model has a one-year limited warranty.


  • Toilet has three different colors.
  • Right-handed lever
  • Silky design
  • Durable and leakproof
  • Saves water
  • Easy to clean and install


  • Product is heavy
  • Expensive compare to others.

Bottom line:

This is one of the best no-clog toilets and will save you lots of money in the future. Yes, it pricey, but you get several benefits from it that can save your money in the future.

Budget Pick

KOHLER (K-3619-96) Cimarron Comfort Height One-Piece Elongated toilet

Unique Features

  • 29.63 x 19 x 28.63 inches
  • Elongated Bowl
  • Powerful gravity flush
  • Nine colors
  • 1.28 gpf
  • Concealed Trapway
  • Floor mounted

Kohler K-3619-96 models are the same as KOHLER K-3946-RA-0. So we are going to tell you only the differences.

This Kohler cimarron one-piece model comes in nine individual colors. You can choose it according to your bathroom design.

It comes with a silky design and has a left-handed chrome color lever.

The 360-degree aqua piston flush cleans the bowl in a single flush and removes the waste properly.


  • Models have nine different colors
  • Powerful flush
  • Easy to clean
  • Elongated bowl
  • Comfortable height


  • Expensive
  • Product is heavy

Bottom line:

This model has a lot of colors with the necessary features. This product can change the look of your bathroom, and yes, it’s clog-free. Keep in mind that the main reason for clogging is extra toilet paper. Cut off unnecessary use and enjoy a one-piece toilet, and yes, this is one of the best non-clog toilets.

Check how to unclog a toilet without any plumber experience.

I think now you can decide which Kohler one-piece toilet is best for you. Right?

Okay, let’s move to our next exciting point:

The Kohler Aqua Piston Review

Aqua Piston Kohler Flushing Systems:

The Kohler aqua piston contains 1,28 gallons of water per flush. It’s excellent from a bathroom perspective if you compare it to an older flapper toilet.

When the water comes to the bowl, it’s blasted with the help of an aqua piston flushing technology.

As you know, the water comes to the bowl using gravity force but this aqua piston boosts the power of flushing water. That’s why it’s easily clean the bowl.

The 360 degree systems help spread the water at every angle of the toilet and clean the whole rim in a single flush.

This system removes all the waste in a single flush and gives you a fresh, clean toilet, and it’s clog-free. Not to worry about clogging, because the technology for flushing is so powerful.

Are you confused between the aqua piston and regular flapper?

Then here is your answer.

The Aqua Piston throws additional water into the pot.

A regular flapper does not put tremendous water pressure, but an aqua piston does.

Thanks to the 90% less exposed dressing material than the 3-inch flappers, the Aqua Piston valve is more stable and leak-free.

Now you understand why an aqua piston is powerful over a regular flapper.

FAQs On Kohler Cimarron One Piece Toilet

Q1. Is the Kohler Cimarron is a good toilet?

Yes, It’s a good flushing toilet that comes with a silky and durable design. It has a one-piece and two-piece toilet. In my opinion, I always prefer a one-piece toilet, and Kohler has all the necessary features that make it a unique toilet.

Q2. What are the best rated Kohler Toilet?

This answer varies from person to person because it depends on their needs. In my view, the below mentioned are the best-rated Kohler toilet.
i. Kohler Cimarron One Piece Toilet
ii. Kohler Santa Rosa Toilet
iii. Kohler Memories Toilet
iv. Kohler Highline Pressure Assist Toilets.
v. KOHLER K-3987-0 Wellworth Toilet.

Q3. Is Kohler Cimarron ADA approved?

Yes, Kohler cimarron products are ADA approved. However, we found some products that do not include the ADA tag. You always have ADA-approved products when your family has an older person.

Kohler Cimarron toilet Problems

All products have their disadvantages. Kohler cimarron also has the same. We find out some problems that can happen occasionally.

Remember, these are not common problems. We are researched and find out some users facing the below-mentioned problems.

The package doesn’t have any supply line. It can be tricky with your installation. Before inviting a plumber, make sure it.

Occasionally clogging may happen if you use extra toilet paper. Some people found it’s noisy compare to other brands.

If these little problems may stop you, then you can check our best one-piece toilet guides. It helps you choose the right products.

Statistical analysis

I know some people do not believe in theoretical data. That’s why we started thinking and adding some valuable stats that give you a clear idea of the cimarron Kohler toilet.

Kohler Cimarron one piece toilet reviews trends

Here we are using google trends. Now you can see people are loves to buy this product. These trends also help rethink that you are not alone in this race. There are many people those are love to buy Kohler cimarron products.

I think this data may help you to decide the right choice.

Wrap on Kohler Cimarron One Piece Toilet Reviews

In short, Cimarron is one of the best flushing Kohler toilets. Compare to a two-piece toilet, one-piece toilets have lots of benefits. And the most advantage is that Kohler cimarron comes under in one piece toilet.

So, in my opinion, if you want to buy a budget-friendly and best Kohler cimarron one piece toilet, then go with Kohler K-3946-RA-0.

In the future, I guarantee that it can save you many dollars.

So, that’s all for today; if you like our review of the one-piece toilet of Kohler Cimarron, then share it.

Thank you.

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