Is it normal to smell your septic tank?

Have you been smelling your septic tank lately? Once you realize your septic tank smells like a stinky that renders you wrinkle your nostrils. I believe you’re absolutely in the right place.

A smelly septic tank is not normal, yet it is a big sign of danger. You should know before it gets worse.

Today’s you will know about- why you smell your septic tank, how it is dangerous, and how to deal with it?

Is it normal to smell your septic tank?

If you can smell your septic tank, then, to be honest, it is not normal, and it is a symptom of one disaster.

Septic tanks are underground containers that contain all human waste. They are two or more concrete chambers. Although, plastic and fiberglass are also available.

The waste breaks down via an anaerobic process. Each chamber connects through the water waste pipes where transfer the waste.

The Septic tank has its own vent, the vent release the gases from there. But, the gas comes from any fixture like toilet, bathroom, or sink; therefore, it is a matter of concern.

It means your tank is either full or has some clogged.

Why can I smell my septic tank?

1. The primary reason for the smell in your septic tank is loaded with all waste

The anaerobic process is a little bit slower than waste disposal. Therefore, fecal sludge should be removed after a period of time, like every 10 years.

However, sometimes the time depends on the tank size. 

Suppose you have a large family, but the septic tank size is relatively small. Then you have to remove fecal sludge manually every 7 years with a vacuum truck.

2. Septic tank smell because the vent outlet is either blocked or crack

As already mentioned, a septic tank has a vent system where air passes out and maintains the air pressure within the tank and its passages.

While the vent outlet is blocked, the air can’t escape from there. Consequently, it’s back to the house to sustain the air pressure.

This type of scenario has occurred when the house is being renovated or when a flood occurs.

3. Stinky septic tank because of Clogged drainage

Sometimes the septic tank is become more rancid because of the blockage of the drain or sewage line.

The roots of the tree are scattered on the soil. Once that root passes through the drain line, it starts to get blocked by the accumulation of dirt there. Waste is difficult to transport. As a result, it emits a foul odor.

4. The septic tank stink after rain

If, the septic tank stinks, particularly after rain. It is another sign that it is overloaded and needs to remove waste.

That’s why the wastewater sopped around the soil and smelt all over the house and backyard.

5. Another possible reason why you smell septic tank odor is because of the Leach Drain Block

The last section of a wastewater system is the Leach Drain or Leach field. It plays an influential role absorb the wastewater. 

A leach drain consists of three parts. Drain, the aggregate, and the surrounding soil.

Leach drains must occasionally cope with a high concentration of lipids, fats, and greases, which can accumulate and cause clogs and stench.

Are septic tanks meant to smell?

No. Well, a septic tank means to prevent the waste stench and protect from toxic gases like Methane, Hydrogen Sulfide, and Carbon Dioxide.

Meanwhile, a bad smell present in your house or outside of the house means there is a problem with the septic tank, and you have to look for it immediately.

What are the signs of septic tank problems?

There are a few signs that tell you that your septic tank has problems, including

  1. Rancid odor in the house, outside the house
  2. Waste back up through the toilet
  3. Moisture soil around the septic tank
  4. Sewer odor increase more, while rain
  5. Stink near the soil treatment or leach field area
  6. Very slow flushing
  7. Rotten egg smell after shower 
  8. Shabby and stench water after flushing
  9. Odors near a pretreatment part
  10. Most worse case overflowing toilet with waste materials

What does a leaking septic tank smell like?

A leak septic tank smell like a rancid, rotten egg, unbearable, smell feel you fainting any time.

Hydrogen Sulfide gas creates the rotten egg smell.

How do I stop my septic tank from smelling?

  1. Whenever you get the sewer smell from the septic tank, check once your septic vent. It is ok or not.
  2. Don’t waste time. Immediately call a plumber or professional to remove the loaded waste by a vacuum truck.
  3. Until they reach you, you can use some toilet deodorizer to minimize the stink.
  4. If, the toilet is overflowing, don’t mess with it.
  5. Open the windows and well ventilate the house, so any toxic gas release does not harm your family.
  6. Methane gas is sometimes released from the septic tank through the waste drain. Methane gas is toxic to inhale.
  7. If possible, shift your little baby, or any senior person living with you shift them, neighbor.
  8. Sprinkle of baking soda drain, if there is any clogging occur it been clear.

How long does it take for the septic tank smell to go away?

Septic tank smells exhibits, until the pumping procedure start. 

It takes approximately half an hour to clear the environment of the sticky sewer odor after the vacuum truck begins and ends the process.

Final Thought- septic tank odor in house

Septic tank smell is not a normal thing as you already know the result. It is a concerning matter to rid as soon as possible.

If the sopping sewer water soil contact with any animal or human, it may become a health concern. The sewer water carries a minimum of a hundred or thousand harmful bacterias.

After as soon as you get the rotten odor from the septic tank, contact a nearby plumbing station and consult with them. 

Removing waste every 10 to 15 years after that is a good choice to maintain the environment as clean and safe as possible. Also, you can worry-free about overloading the septic tank.

FAQs- Septic Tank Smell

Q1. Why do I smell septic after I shower?

Once you realize new shower drain odors in the shower room that render you pucker your nose.
Reasons include: Drainage blockage
Overflowing septic tanks
Sewer line leak
The water barrier has dried up.
Biofilm formation
Failure The Leach field

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