How to Snake a Toilet: 4 Easy Steps to unclog | Full Guide

A toilet snake will help you remove a clog without a plunger. You can also put on gloves and find the water source to stop water from flowing. 

It’s best practice to sniff out toilets in a toilet before calling the plumber. Start by washing dishes with hot water or baking soda mixed with white vinegar. Find out the best way to remove toilet clogging by using a toilet snake.

What is a toilet snake?

Basically, these are cables woven into the rubber tubes that are wrapped inside them. The coiled tip on one end is in the drain and grips the dripping pipe while the handle is turned to turn it on.

What causes clogs?

Like kitchen sink drains, toilet drains may also become clogged. The main culprits are trash, items, and maybe toilet paper stuck in the drains. 

Look under the sinks at the bathroom or kitchen sinks to find pipes with bending holes to carry out the water and waste. Basically, this is called the “p-trap.”

Can I use a snake to unclog a toilet?

A toilet snake will help clear clogged toilets and return them to functioning (sighing). Put up a rubber glove and ensure your water source has been found if there are problems with rapid water flow restriction.

How to Snake a toilet- Follow this guide to unclog the Toilet safely and quickly 

The problem is not just clogs of the toilets, but the treatment must be just as important as the tooth removal. 

So maybe it is time for you to summon a serpent or a plumber to get rid of it… However, calling an expert is not necessary. You’ll need to rent a specific snake for an assignment from a local shop for about $10- 15 a day.

Step 1

Get your nearest hardware shop and see if they rent toilet-specific toilet snake. Take it for the day to get familiar with the operation. 

The drain snake is anchored within thin rubber tubing, angled with angled handles, while the other end reaches the toilet. 

An electric auger will be attached to power tools; manually augers are generally effective at these tasks and can be leased much less expensively.

Step 2

Put on rubber gloves to place a big empty pot near the toilet. Place the business end cable on the auger into a toilet bowl. 

Pull the cable out of the water by turning the knob clockwise.

Step 3

Pull a little closer to the snakes. When you feel resistance, this may signal that you are connecting to your source. 

It is advisable to turn the wheel the other way. Put the bowl away and put it in the container. Repeat if necessary to clear the clog completely. Then retract the hose using a counterclockwise crank and insert the wet part into the container. 

Step 4

When the problem is not completely solved, try removing a piece of dirt so it can drain out. Pull the cables up until they reach the point of rotation, retract, and repeat a couple of times. 

Once you can get there much easier and faster, you will have broken down your clog. 

How much do toilet snakes cost?

Toilet snake rentals are usually inexpensive (under $10 for a basic version). 

Fancier models with features such as electric drives and extension cords are more expensive. Still, manual snakes can generally handle this task perfectly. 

Snakes have been proven safer to use in clogs that are clogged up than plungers, which can put sand in the bottom of the toilet to break and is gentler than a liquid solution that dissolves.

toilet auger VS toilet Plunger

Toilet Auger vS Toilet Plunger – Which is better for Unblocking?

When toilet squeaking is common, toilet plungers are the next best option. This tool has a center flange that allows you to close the tool against the drain hole on a bathroom drain. 

It will be very helpful in removing all the clogging. But it is best suited when clogs are found inside toilets, and it does not work on clogs found in bathrooms beyond the sink or branch drain leading into the soil. 

For clogged toilets which are outside the sink toilets, they are required to be removed to reach the piping.

Buying versus renting

Drain augers can be purchased from home improvement centers or tool rental stores, but they are so expensive it’s easy to find them. It can easily be bought with rented materials.

Safety considerations

It’s also possible for drains to collect bacteria from toilets or other toilets. Use gloves when using toilet augers; rinse them out once you’ve completed using them.

How to use Toilet Auger

1. Crank the Handle

As with any drain snake, the auger works by rotating hoses to push them through drain channels with screw-actions. 

In toilets, most blocked pipes originate in the first sections of drains – traps built into toilet porcelain. Toilet augers can be reached with cable by passing through the toilet, sometimes up to the ground’s top stack. 

Nevertheless, you may need another solution if there’s any obstruction above these boundaries in the sewage line. Use your hands on the toilet augers. Turn augers on and push them slowly to drain out.

2. Insert the Toilet Auger Cable

Pull the lever to a height that meets the cable’s bottom curve and close. The bent ribs on the elbow make the connection easier to reach the toilet. Rubber or plastic sleeves help prevent scratches. The end of the auger cables should not be visible when properly placed. 

3. Flush the Drain

When the cables are pulled, flush the restroom to ensure it’s gone. In some cases, these clogs continue to flow through the toilets and through the drains. Wash toilets at least three times to ensure they clear thoroughly. Alternatively, repeat this procedure.

4. Extract the cable

Once the cable is pressed through the clog, release the Toilet Auger Cable from the Toilet. Once the auger tip has been secured to a tub, remove the entire instrument from its holder.

Is a toilet auger better than a snake?

Toilet Auger Because its design helps it eliminate clogging more easily than the standard toilet snake. Know about it here. Which is the best for unclogging the Toilet snake or auger.


Q1. Can I Snake A Toilet Myself?

Use toilet augers to remove toilet clogs that were not repaired using plungers. The flexible coil wire cable can extend into pipes and remove obstructions from them without damaging them. Put the cable in the toilet, preventing smudges on it.

Q2. Can You Use A Drain Snake On A Toilet?

Toilet Snakes can be found as drain snakes that were specifically made for toilet usage. You use a toilet snake exactly like you use a drain snake, but this snake is designed specifically for use in a toilet.

Q3. Which Way Do You Turn A Toilet Snake?

Turn handles in a clockwise direction to put the cables in your clog.

Q5. Are Toilet Snakes Effective?

Drain: Snakes are highly efficient tools that contain a long metal cable with a coiled hook at its end. Follow the instructions below on how to snake in the toilet to eliminate any problems.

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