How to Remove Object from Toilet Trap | 4 Proven Methods

Failing an object into the toilet is the most common incident, But what happens if it goes to the trap way and how to remove an object from the toilet trap?

Hi, I’m a housewife of two children, not an expert. However, I have experience how to get out of all these things in a very simple way.

Because my children always drop something in the toilet; as a result, pipe stuck. 

So I’m going to share my method that will work 100% for you. You don’t need to search anywhere or spend lots of bucks on it.

So, don’t worry about how to remove the object from the toilet. Before moving to the troubleshooting, I want you to know; what is the thing may be and how to choose the right way to remove any item from the toilet pipe.

What is the object that may go deep down into the toilet?

It is obvious small things never stuck into the trapway. So the thing either any cloth or tissues or any toy, box-type items.

Look around if there is any item missing from your bathroom or not. If so, there you know what the object is. Right?

Let’s move to the next step.

How To Remove Object from Toilet Trap?

To remove any object from the toilet trap by doing these 4 proven methods.

How to get something out of the toilet trap by using Toilet Auger

Method1. How to get something out of the toilet trap by using Toilet Auger.

Toilet Auger, also well known as Toilet Snake, works as a snake.

Auger readily available, you can borrow from the house next door. Toilet Auger is a valuable tool many professional plumbers are using Toilet Auger.

All you need to arrange is a toilet auger, gloves, and a bucket.

How To use-

  1. Wear the protective gloves
  2. Place the Auger precisely in front of the toilet drainage. Slowly bend for better results.
  3. Slowly start cranking it in and twisting.
  4. This process allows retrieving the object flushed down the toilet.
  5. Then slowly emerge the Auger.
  6. This way, you can quickly get the stuck item and recover the trapway.
 How to retrieve something flushed down the toilet trap without spending money

Method 2. How to retrieve something flushed down the toilet trap without spending money( by using Cloth Hanger)

Cloth Hanger! What? Sound insane but believe me, you really can get the stuck object from a toilet trap. Though, this process is quite time-consuming and needs so much concentration.

What do you need for this process- 

  • Protecting gloves should be elbow size
  • Old wire hanger

How to Use-

  1. Before going on any mission, always wear gloves.
  2. Take an old wire hanger.
  3. Twist the hanger and turn it into a hook. (like the above picture)
  4. Enter the hook portion through the toilet trap hole.
  5. Slowly forward to the item; after discovering the piece, try to hook up.
  6. Make sure the object sticks up in the hook. Then slowly bring it out.

Note- Wire hanger maximum work on- Cloths, cotton, hair, Qtips, plastic, and fiber materials.

Method 3. How to remove item stuck in toilet pipe by using Flange Plunger.

Flange Plunger is slightly different from regular PLunger. It has a double suction bowl and best fits into the toilet drain. ( See the below image)

What do you need- 

  • Protecting gloves
  • Flange Plunger
  • Old Bucket
How to remove item stuck in toilet pipe by using Flange Plunger

How to use-

  1. Wear elbow size protecting gloves.
  2. Bring out the excess water from the bowl, transfer it into the bucket.
  3. Take the Flange Plunger.
  4. Place the plunger into the drain
  5. Make sure it place securely 
  6. Allow creating suction by pressing the plunger one to two times.
  7. After creating a sturdy suction, keep compressing it with a rhythm, like a regular plunger.
  8. After doing this many times, if any toy or solid object is stuck, it will come out undoubtedly.

Note – Don’t press so hard. It may damage the septic system. 
Press with rhythmically. It helps a lot.
Sometimes water maybe splashes, so take care of that.

Suppose you fail by all these methods; it won’t work at all. Now time to bring the game-changer.

How to remove the object from the toilet drain by using Wet Vaccum

Method 4. How to remove the object from the toilet drain by using Wet Vacuum

Before jump to how it works, I want you to tell a secret.

And. that is- There is a caution you must take

  • Maintain the pressure
  • Don’t do this alone
  • Don’t let the hose deep down.
  • If you have two in one, remove the dry dust bag, filter.
  • Heed the steps carefully.

How to use-

  1. Enter the vacuum hose into the pipe through the toilet drain.
  2. Slowly move toward the trap way.
  3. This way, you can feel the presence of the object stuck there.
  4. After knowing the position of the item, secure the hose face attached to the thing.
  5. Now time to turn on the vacuum; pressure should be medium.
  6. For example, the item size is big. It is attached to the hose face; you can hear the tik or sound.
  7. Slowly bring out the item and don’t turn off the Vacuum
  8. Can you see it? Well, time to turn off and finished your task.
  9. However, point item size small then, check the collector tank of the vacuum, can you see it?
  10. Well. If yes, you have done it here. If no do the same process again now, pressure increase slightly.

This process needs two people for safety. Do you confident yourself doing along? Big thump up.

These are the best way to remove objects from toilet traps. 

Sorry to say, but sometimes it’s too difficult to retrieve any materials from the toilet trap. Because its shape to tangled.

For this scenario, what do you do?

Nothing but remove to the toilet and get the object back.

I face the same problem with my Kohler Tresham. My kid’s toy was stuck in that position, and we can’t figure it out using those methods.

Here is a way to remove the pot and retrieve the object.

  1. Turn off the water supply line attached to the flush or your bowl.
  2. Flush down the entire water.
  3. Remove extra water with the help of a sponge or old clothes.
  4. Detached the water supply line from the tank.
  5. Screw up the bolts, which are located at the base of the toilet.
  6. Move the pan and lay it on the side.
  7. Now you can able see the object causing the trouble.
  8. Get it. Take the piece by your hand or use a tong.
  9. Now slowly put the toilet in the last place. Then fasten the bolts well.
  10. Connect the water supply line, turn it on.
  11. Allow the water to refill the tank. To check toilet work, normally flush it once.
  12. You have done a great job.

Note- Porceline or ceramic both are tough though you should lay down on a towel or carpet. Don’t be harsh on the pot.

You probably heard about a de-clogger agent which melts plastic or chemically unclogs the trap. I don’t recommend it because it may cause septic issues. You should not use chemical products.

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My Tips To Protect Your Toilet from getting any Object Stuck In The Toilet trap.

  1. Always cover the lid.
  2. I know it’s not always possible, but don’t let the kids go to the bathroom with any solid stuff.
  3. Put a bin next to the toilet, put Q-tips, any sort of clothes, tissues in the Bin.
  4. Do not flush condoms, tampons, sanitary napkins, silicone materials.
  5. If it happens accidentally, take a bucket of water and push it directly into the toilet bowl, as it is less likely to get stuck in the water force, then flush normally.
  6. In case. you encounter this type of problem over and over again. Keep an object away from the toilet. Do not place certain items on the head of the toilet tank. For that, you can use this rack. (from Amazon) I also do it in our master bathroom and kids’ lavatory.

Final Words For Remove Object From The Toilet Trap

Getting stuff stuck in the toilet or getting it out is not the only problem- this can create a lot of damage to the bathroom as well. 

For example, the septic valve in the toilet may damage. You may require to replace the entire water supply line if the object moves further into the main sewer.

It is not just about changing the line, about going to cost money because of the plumber cost, there will be odor come out, so many more. Ultimately the whole thing will become unhygienic.

There are so many things that can face. Trust me. I had already faced this situation.

If you go after a foreign object that is stuck in the toilet, do not put chemicals in it. Try the method given above first. Toilet chemical cleaners may destroy septic. Although you can use this company, it is toilet friendly.


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