How to Remove Blue Stains from Toilet | 4 Clever Hacks

Do you frustrated to remove blue stains from the toilet? I’m sure you try almost everything, but it is still there. Right?

Then time to smile and have repose. My four proven methods assist you in eliminating and green, blue rings from the toilet, even those stubborn rings.

I know this is not a suitable time for my introduction, still for assurance. I’m the mom of two kids & love to clean and organized my house. 

Causes Blue stains in toilet bowl or seat are Copper pipe and acidic water. Another reason for blue-green stains is toilet cleaner dye.

Despite the fact that I am not a professional, I decorate my friends’ and relatives’ homes to inspire them. They appreciate me; that’s why I’m here today.

The methods only worked I post here for people can deal with their problems. I hope one of these methods benefits you in the end.

Before I take you to the direct solution, I request you to know the culprit behind it so you can effortlessly get rid of any blue-green stains whenever you want.

What Causes of Blue Ring in the Toilet Bowl

No. 1 cause of green-blue ring in the toilet bowl is – Copper and Water

Blue ring or blue stains occurs from Cupper piping. No, your pipe is not low quality, but the water has slightly acidic. The reaction of acid and copper produces a greenish-blue color.

These blue stains appear on toilet seats, bowls, and even showerand sinks, bathtubs. The accumulation of small copper particles causes blue spots or rings.

The addition of the water is crystal; you can’t see any copper particles in bare eyes. The water has no metal taste or smell. 

No.2 cause blue streaks in the toilet bowl are Cleaner Dye

Another probable reason for blue stains in the toilet is Toilet Cleaner Dye- the blue one.

Yes, your daily toilet cleaner or the cleaner you hang beside the toilet may cause the blue ring in the toilet bowl.

Knowing the reason, you may think this time the process is going to be easier. You’re right.

Here we go.

How To Remove Blue Stains From Toilet Bowl

Before you jump the cleaning process, I recommend you use high-quality protecting gloves. I personally use Vgo Reusable High-quality households gloves for multipurpose use. (From Amazon) 

You can get three different colors and ten pairs for a reasonable price. One glove will last for more than a year.

Let’s get back on topic.

Hacks No.1 To remove blue stains from the toilet bowl, use- Ammonia

Ammonia is a powerful compound.

Precaution Need- 

  • Wear gloves
  • Open windows of the restroom
  • Make sure the place is well ventilated
  • Keep away kids & pets


  1. Remove excess water
  2. Take 1 cup of Ammonia and one cup of water
  3. Mixed
  4. Pour or either spray at the blue/ green ring
  5. If rings show under the rim, take tissues to soak them into the ammonia-water solution.
  6. Stick soaked tissue like stickers on the rim
  7. Set it for 10 to 13 minutes.
  8. The next step, remove the tissues and throw them into the dustbin.
  9. Brushed once and flushed
  10. See the result. If the blue ring does not go away, move to the following process.

Note- Please do not repeat the process. Take Ammonia and water 50-50 ratio.

Hacks No.2 Eliminate blue ring from toilet Bowl By CLR

CLR primarily removes calcium, lime, and rust, but it works like magic on green-blue stains within a minute. CLR is safe. 

Precaution Needs- 

  • Wear gloves
  • Open windows of the restroom
  • Make sure the place is well ventilated
  • Keep away kids & pets


  1. Spread one to two cups of CLR all over the bowl and affected area
  2. Leave for 30 mins
  3. Brush up, then flush
  4. If your old stain just faded away, doing the same thing one more time

NOTE- Not Use ON natural stone, marble, aluminum, zinc, brass, steam irons, plastic, laminate, wood, cloth, wallpaper, carpet

CLR is my all-time favorite, and the ultimate cleaner works like magic. I am 100% sure this is going to be a favorite cleaner for you too.

But in case CLR failed. Go for Magic Eraser.

Hack No. 3 Get rid of blue-green stains from the toilet Bowl By using MAGIC ERASER.

Magic Eraser has been used in versatile ways. Now you can use Magic Eraser to remove the toilet bowl rings permanently.

1. Take a piece of magic eraser and place it in the porcelain bowl overnight. During this period, you are unable to use or flush toilets.

2. Before flushing the next day, remove the magic eraser and rinse usually. The magic eraser has already completed its task.

3. Insert the magic eraser safely into the toilet tank to prevent further stains or rings. Then, the next flush is going to be a boom.

4. The magic eraser formulations in a way; that prevents additional ring building and provides a sparkling as a brilliant shine.

Method No.4 Clean blue stains from the toilet using Vinegar and Table salt.

Precaution Needs- 

  • Wear gloves
  • Open windows of the restroom
  • Make sure the place is well ventilated
  • Keep away kids & pets


  1. Take 3cup of white liquid vinegar and spread it all over the bowl.
  2. Take 3 cups of table salt and spread over vinegar
  3. Sit and allow the mixture for half an hour.
  4. The next step, a good bristled toilet brush and scrub over the stains.
  5. Leave it for 2 to 3 minutes, then the final brush
  6. Flush and check either the spots are present or not.

These four techniques you can try and won’t disappoint.

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How to Remove Blue Stains from Toilet | 4 Clever Hacks

How to Remove Blue Stains from the Toilet Seat

To remove any blue stains from the toilet seat follow these simple methods-

1. Take 1 cup vinegar and 3 Spoon of Lemon juice mixed. Then cast all over the seat and scrub with either brush or steel wool.

2. Take one cup of CLR, spread it all over the toilet seat with the help of any brush or tissue. Set for 5 minutes, scrub and rinse it off.

3. Take lemon flavor Normal dishwasher, spread over the toilet seat, set it for 10 mins then scrub and again set for 2 mins finally rub and wash off.

Hey Know this, Most people goes wrong with it- Can you use a sink unblocker in the toilet to unclog it?

How To Prevent Blue Stains In Toilet

1. Clean with toilet cleaner every alternate week

2. If possible, increase the filter rate 

3. Maintain the routine by cleaning regularly.

4. Use Clorox ultra-clean toilet tablets. One tablet lasts for 4 months. Clean with every flush.

5. Or, you can use Alka Seltzer tablets. These tablets are genuinely magical when cleaning and preventing new stains.

Why Did My Toilet Seat Turn Blue After Cleaning?

If you have ever cleaned your toilet seat and found that it turned blue afterward, you may be wondering why this happened. There are several possible reasons for this occurrence.

One possibility is that the cleaning solution you used reacted with the materials in the toilet seat, causing it to change color. This is most likely to happen if you used a bleach-based cleaner on a plastic or vinyl toilet seat.

Another possibility is that the blue color was actually present in the toilet seat all along, but it was only visible after the seat was cleaned . This can take place if mold or mildew has accumulated on the seat. The blue color is likely due to spores from these organisms being present in the seat.

If you are concerned about why your toilet seat turned blue after cleaning, you may want to contact the manufacturer of the seat or the cleaning product you used.

Wrap on Blue-green Toilet Rings

Toilet stains are the most annoying cleaning part of the whole process. The rings come and go frequently; they look dirty at the same point it is unhygienic too.

We may be unable to do anything with water, but we can take a few modest measures. We can quickly get rid of all of these unsightly spots.

If you don’t like chemical items, consider making your own at home. Keep in mind that once the light blue tint appears, you must clean it immediately.

All of the products I’ve recommended are environmentally friendly and designed with the environment, health, and toilet septic in mind. You’ll notice the difference after you give it a shot.

The best way to prevent stains

Toilet bowl staining usually occurs by hard water minerals rich, stain-producing bacteria, rust, or other objects which are bonded with the side. The most crucial thing is the quick removal of stains. It is easy to get rid of toilet stains by using these preventive measures. Following these guidelines can be helpful in preventing blue stains from stains in the bathroom.


Q1. Will vinegar remove copper stains?

Yes, Vinegar has the power that can remove copper stains. Not only copper blue stains, along with any hard water and mold spots also cleaned by Vinegar.
To get better results to add lemon juice or salt along with vinegar.

Q2. What is the best chemical to clean copper?

From my experience, CLR is the best to clean copper.

Q3. How can I get rid of dirt from toilet lids?

Use soapy water to wash the seat with bleach. They are completely reliable. Remove the toilet seat before using chlorine.

You can then clean them by rubbing them with warm water or bleaching solution. Exfoliate for an additional significant period of time.

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