how to raise water level in toilet tank

How to Raise The Water Level in The Toilet Tank

The water level in the toilet tank depends on various factors, like

  1. Adjustable Float ball/Ballcock
  2. Refill valve
  3. Fill Tube
  4. Overflow tube and
  5. Flapper

Maintaining these items can solve the issue.

The very first cause of the low water level in the toilet tank is the floating ball or the floating cup.

By modifying the floating cup or ball can raise the water level.

Adjust Water Level in Toilet Tank with Ball/ Floating Cup

At first, open the tank lid and place it in a towel to avoid any scratches. Look at the tank. There is one floating ball (black in color) with a metal arm directly attached to the fill valve.

Or one floating cup.

For Single flush with the Floating ball

  1. Take a screwdriver
  2. Place over the red or black screw present top of the fill valve
  3. Just a small adjustment to it only turns it about a half of a turn per try.
  4. Then go, flush the toilet and check the water level.
  5. Or bend the arm slightly up. While the ball raises a little, the water level will rise itself.

Don’t turn too much or raise the floating ball too much, Otherwise, the toilet begins to overflow.

So just turn half of a turn each time and adjust. 

A single flush toilet is quite easy to access from the dual flush one. But don’t worry here, I show you how easily you can access this on your own.

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Adjust the water level in the toilet tank with Floating Cup-Dual Flush Toilet

The modern toilets are a little bit different from the traditional ball and valve system. 

If you have a modern toilet, you can see that too, a cup present instead of the ball and work in the same way.

To adjust the float cup, you need to locate a little switch on the back of the fill valve. 

It can be challenging to find out. But if you hover your fingertips over the fill valve long enough, you should feel a switch and then go for the further process.

After finding out the switch, you have been capable of over-set the switch. 

And then, the floating cup of the fill valve starts to ups and downs- which assists to set the water level. The higher the place increases the water level. 

Switch one tire high at once and check after flush.

Next, you will need to adjust the float cup. Consequently, it can move up and down smoothly and cut off the water.

You can do this by turning the little screw present on the top, which will create a clicking tone.

Just flush the toilet several times to make positive you get the desired level you want. Check everything is running accurately, and you shouldn’t have any difficulty later on.

Check the Fill Valve

The fill valve is responsible for refilling the tank after each flush and maintaining the flushing flow.

The height of the fill valve determines the height of the water, if it’s too high, then a signal has to stop to fill the water into the tank.

Measure the height of the flush valve as well as the fill valve. It needs to 3”. So, that’s going to be a really important component to measuring the height of the fill valve.

 The top of the flush valve is always below one inch from the tank lever.

The water height is about 1/2 inch from the top of the flush valve. If you turn clockwise, the small lock is getting higher. The higher the height, allows more water into the tank.

Adjust the Overflow Tube to raise the water level in the toilet tank

The Toilet tank combines with many small to medium components to complete one flush and maintain the water amount in the toilet.

Overflow tube present middle of the tank above the flush valve and flapper.

The overflow tube is responsible for holding the amount of water and excluding the excess water from the tank to prevent overflowing the tank.

If your overflow tube has a crack or the height is comparatively smaller than the fill valve. 

Relatively, the excess water goes down through the overflow tube and results in a low water level.

Place your ear near the overflow tube, if you get hiss or water flowing sound, your overflowing tube has a crack.

The water height is about 1/2 inch from the top of the flush valve, and the overflow tube measures 3 inches.

If you have a fractured overflow tube, replace it with a new one.

  • Turn off the water supply line, and flush completely.
  • Remove the flapper by disconnecting the chain
  • Pull out the overflow tube
  • Place with the new overflow tube
  • After placing, place the flapper, connect the chain with the flush lever. Then turn on the water supply line and allow the water to fill the tank, and check the water level

To raise Water Level in the toilet tank- Check the Flapper

If your toilet tank still has a low water level after adjusting the fill valve, floating ball, and other components. It could indicate that the toilet is slowly leaking.

Due to remaining a small amount of water, the water level in the toilet tank is also less.

Check out the flapper. The flapper presents the bottom of the toilet tank and creates a seal of water pressure.

While, you flush the flapper being to open and allow the water to pass through, close after water completely goes down. 

But leaking toilet means the Flapper does not close and creat the seal after the flush. Therefore water level does not rise at all.

  • Just adjust the height of the chain to enough close the flapper.
  • Make sure you have a little bit of slack remains.
  • There’s a clip at the top of the chain that helps to adjust the length.
  • Loosening the chain help to create a stronger flapper seal.
  • You can see the clasp, remove it from the handle. Next, remove from the flapper links.
  • Come up with a couple of links and connect to the clasp
  • Make sure, not to lose the chain. Otherwise, the flapper does not open later, and the flush becomes slow.

This is how you can raise the water level in the toilet tank. I hope my solution helps you to make rise the water level. 

Thank you.

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