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Are you hopeless to keep cleaning toilet bowl rings, and toilet rings always come back to stain your toilet?

There are a lot of solutions out there, and those are not always working for you.

Today I come with some unique, obvious solutions that can rid toilet rings permanently.

To keep a toilet from getting a ring can easy and simple. Use Pumice stone and soft scrub 4 in 1 toilet care. Cheap and readily available. 4 in 1 toilet care and pumice stonework up to 3 to 4 weeks. Another best way is every 2 days alter deep clean.

I’ll explain all methods that can keep a toilet from getting a ring or how to get rid of a toilet ring.

Before moving the solution, the best way to get rid of the ring knows what causes your toilet bowl rings? You know Prevention is better than cure.

Remove the tears, stay calm, and know the causes of this stubborn stain.

What causes for toilet bowl rings?

Cause no 1 Deposition of Minerals

Deposition of minerals is the main culprit for the ring.

Iron, calcium, and magnesium are all widely present in hard water, causing toilet bowl rings. All these minerals lead to stubborn rings and are hard to remove.

The mineral salt deposition caused the black, grey, red, and orange tints caused by silt on the many small holes beneath the bowl rim where water flows while flushing.

Calcium cause grey and black color, magnesium form an orange color and most annoying urinated or red color due to iron buildup.

Another indication that hard water is producing the toilet ring is if the same hue occurs in other faucets. But, again, this is most probably due to demineralization.

Cause number 2- Mold/ Fungus

Molds and fungi are another sources of toilet ring formation. Mold and fungus thrive in damp settings.

Mold or fungus we can’t see our nacked until they grow their specific atmosphere like- dark and moist places. Likewise, we can’t notice mold or fungus until they grow in their ideal environment, which is dark and moist.

Dark green and grey rings can occasionally see in place of the rim. Fungi and Bacteria are responsible for the dark grey ring.

The amount of mold determines by the quality of the toilet water. If the mold returns after cleaning, water could be the culprit.

Cause 3. Growth of Bacteria tends to Pink ring in toilet

Bacteria are another source of ring development; the ring turns pink. Serratia marcescens is the bacteria behind the pink color ring in your bathroom.

So as you already know, the cause and sources. Now it is time to fight back against those annoying stains.

How to Keep a Toilet from Getting a Ring

Honestly speaking, you come at exactly the right time before the toilet gets rings if you keep the toilet carefully and use the tricks given below.

You will be able to prevent and stay away from the toilet rings very quickly and without any headaches.

1. Clean every 2 days alternative with toilet cleaners.

2. Use bleach or backing soda method once a month.

3. Remember that mold and bacterias are grown in moist areas, so if possible, keep the toilet rim dry.

4. Flush with multiple cleaners once a week

5. Use brush and brushing properly under the rim.

6. Clean water tank

7. Use disinfectant sometimes

8. Don’t contact dart with the toilet seat.

9. Always maintain hygiene features.

10. Check from time to time if any slight ring occurs or not. A tiny portion of the ring can grow bigger in few days.

11. If possible, allow sun rays into your bathroom. Sun rays can prevent multiply the growth of the parasite.

12. Use homemade toilet deodorizer. 

13. Try manual cleaning two to three days alter. For example, take a bucket of water and add some homemade deodorizer, then pour it into the bowl.


Oh my dear, though you’re late to ask. But I have a magical solution for clean the toilet bowl rings and how you can get rid of bowl rings.

How to clean the toilet rings- Without Scratches

Hacks no. 1 for getting rid of toilet rings- Use Pumice stone.

Pumice stone is for those when nothing works. It works for me when I just give up the toilet ring fighting and think to buy the new best toilet for home.

We have five toilets in our house, three are completely used regularly, and two are uses for guests. Unfortunately, those two are getting miserable stains.

After tried all methods, one day I found pumice stone, and it’s safe my day. Not so, energy and effort use just put the stone and leave for 5 mins.


Guess what! It removes all stains, which give me jerk all the time.

Though Pumice stone is best for hard water problems, you can use any stubborn strain.

Hacks no. 2 Prevent toilet ring- Use soft scrub 4 in 1 Toilet Care.

Nothing does with 4 in 1 toilet cleaner; just place the scrub in the bowl rim and let flush.

The mechanism of 4 in 1 soft scrub is to prevent the growth of any mold and bacteria.

By hanging of 4in 1 soft scrub gives you up to 1 month’s backup, whereas each flush activates the scrub mechanism and clean, fresh scent result.

You don’t need anything from that. The most exciting things are that 4 in 1 soft scrubs come with more than three different ingredients like- lemon, Sapphire, and Alpine fragrance.

Number 3. Magic Eraser

Magic Eraser has been used in versatile ways. Now you can use Magic Eraser to remove the toilet bowl rings permanently.

Take a piece of eraser and left it into the bowl overnight, during the time you can’t use or flush the toilet.

After the following day, before flushing, eject the eraser and normally flush. The magic eraser already has done its job.

To keep the toilet getting any further ring, attached the magic eraser into the toilet tank securely. Then, every flush is goanna to be boom next time.

The eraser compositions prevent any kind of ring formation further and give a sparkle as white shine.

Number 4. To remove the ring from the toilet- Cleaning Tablets

Cleaning tablets are much better than any chemical to prevent new rings. 

Just put 2 tablets into a bowl and let the tablet dissolve and create bubbles. Leave like this for a few minutes and flush.

Here you go. A new shiny, no-ring toilet is present in front of you. 

Advantages of Cleaning Tablets are –The citric Acid present in the tablets removes rings and prevents further formation.

Another plus point is Using Cleaning Tablets may be less harsh than any scrubber or brush.

Few examples of best Cleaning Tablets are- “Denture Cleaning Tablets” and “Alka Seltzer tablets.”

TO clean the toilet rings- With scrubbing

Hack no.1 Use- Lemon Kool-Aid

Lemon Kool-Aid is mostly found in local stores and comes with lemon kool-aid without sugar.

  1. A small packet of Lemon Kool-Aid pour into a bowl and let be for an hour. Don’t use the toilet this time. Then take a brush/scrubber rub circular motion softly.
  2. A small packet of Lemon Kool-Aid pour into a bowl and let be for an hour. Don’t use the toilet this time. Then take a brush/scrubber rub circular motion softly.

The disadvantage use of the Lemon Kool-aid is this process takes time, energy, and effort. Also, it can cause scratches within the bowl.

Hack No.2: Use Borax Paste

Borax Paste is the best option for hard water rings.

1.   First, Take and Mix borax and Vinegar (50/50), make a paste, Turn off the water supply to the toilet

2.   Apply the paste all over the rings

3.   Let the paste settle on the ring, then apparently 20 mins scrub with a nylon brush

4.   Take a whole bucket of water, rinse thoroughly, Switch on the water supply line, and flush it.

Disadvantages of using Borax Paste are-

  • It is mainly Harsh for the toilet material
  • Borax not good for skin also you have to take double precaution
  • It takes time, energy, and effort
  • Borax paste works probably 60 % of cases

Hacks no. 3- Use of Baking Soda and Vinegar

We all have baking soda and Vinegar present in our kitchen. Most available material and works sometimes magically.

The mixture of baking soda and vinegar work on a small or light toilet bowl ring without much effort.

1.   Take 1 cup of baking soda and 2-3 cups of Vinegar.

2.   Put Vinegar into a spray bottle.

3.   Spray Vinegar directly into the ring area

4.   After few minutes, add a cup of baking soda

5.   Add a cup of Vinegar to soda

6.   Let the mixture about 10 to 15 minutes

7.   By using the brush, spread the mixture all over the bowl

8.   Settle in for an hour and then flush 2 and 3 times at a few minutes intervals.


  • It works only light and small toilet bowl rings.
  • Not works for hard water stain
  • Not work for long time strain
  • Need too much effort and time

Hacks no. 4- By Using Of Abrasive Sponge

We all have an abrasive sponge in the kitchen sink.

  1. Take the abrasive sponge
  2. 2 to 3 Spoon of any cleaning agent 
  3. Scrub the infected areas
  4. Wear gloves before doing such things, keep dart and water from you


  •  Though using of Abrasive sponge may effective, but it can scratch out the bowl and areas

Hack No. 5 – Steel Wool

Rubbing by steel wool may vanish the stain, It is sometimes effective in hard water stain or old stain.

  1. Take a ball of fine quality steel wool, which is not much coarse.
  2. Spread some cleaning liquid on ring areas
  3. Then wait for minutes( 2to 3 enough)
  4. Wear a glove and scrubbing in a motion
  5. After scrubbing 8 minutes continuously, let it be 3 minutes
  6. Then again start the process
  7. Rub about 5 minutes
  8. Flush properly


  • Steel wool gives scratches
  • It takes so much effort and time
  • It feels quite dirty
  • Need so much energy

Other hacks like- 

  1. Multipurpose cleaners
    1. Toilet bomb ( best use as weekly cleaning to prevent any ring forms)
    2. CLR is the Calcium, Lime, Rust Remover. CLR is the best option for hard water stain
    3. White Vinegar
    4. Borax
    5. Coca-Cola
    6. Borax and Vinegar

Over All Think Get Rid Of Toilet Rings

The Toilet ring is such an annoying and stubborn ring, which does not look good at all. Toilet ring gives you so many headaches, and most things are rings can be infectious.

Older the ring, challenging to clean. Before the ring appears, you can take some steps and not to chances of growth any rings.

Weekly cleaning or 2 to 3 days after deep cleaning is an excellent way to stay out of this ring. However, it is true after the ring formation, it is hard to remove them.

Sometimes the ring does not go how much you try to come back again again.

Tell me in the comment part which method works for you.

Q1. How to remove Pink Rink from The bathroom

Pink ring generally forms by bacteria name as Serratia marcescens. These bacteria love to grow in the moist and dark location which provides your bathroom.

The color may sometimes vary as to if it becomes pink to pinkish-red color. As you, know the Pink ring most common issue.

The best option for this pink ring is Hydrogen Peroxide or White Vinegar. Although Hydrogen Peroxide works better on the Pink ring and Green ring.
·   Take a small amount of HPO and spray carefully at the ring
·   Let it be for 2-3 mins then brush once
·   Flush properly

Q2. How to remove Black Ring in the Toilet Bowl

For Black ring formation, the main reason behind it is hard water lime buildups.

Mainly deposition of Calcium and Magnesium buildup. In the hard water, so many minerals present in high level and it sediments after evaporation.

The minerals sediment mainly below the rim holes and collect dirt there. After several days passes, it becomes blackish or deep gray color ring form.

For this type of situation best options are- CLR, Toilet Bomb, Pumice Stone, Multipurpose cleaning agent, Magic Eraser, etc.

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