How to Fix an Overflowing Toilet | 5 Proven ways

An overflowing toilet is a big issue in the USA, Uk. Except for the worst cases, a running toilet can solve quickly. 

The reason for an overflowing toilet is the different source. Knowing the exact cause, you may solve it on your own.

You are here means you are stuck in the same situation and want to know how to fix an overflowing toilet. That’s great, and you won’t be disappointed.

Today this article only focuses on how to fix an overflowing toilet with or without a plunger, also uses different techniques to resolve a running water toilet.

What Causes a Toilet to Overflow?

1. If the vent pipe clog or bent

2. If the Septic tank is full or the drain is blocked

3.   Toilet bowl drain blocked by any foreign object.

4. Crack in the overflow tube

5. Sewage line blockage

6. Ballcock 

7. Slo flushing toilet

These are the possible cause for a toilet to overflow without reason. Read details about the causes of a running water toilet.

I want to share the truth that if your vent pipe, sewage line, and septic tank are the problem, you can’t do anything. Call an expert plumber.

How to know these are the cause or not check this table and determine.

How to Fix an Overflowing Toilet 

Fix an overflowing toilet with or without a plunger, then use a toilet auger or toilet snake.

1. How to fix an Overflowing toilet without a plunger, but use a Toilet auger/ Toilet snake

If you don’t want to use a plunger, use a toilet snack or auger to unclog the blockage. 

Sometimes excessive use of tissue can be the problem of a blockage bowl drain or something solid object accidentally flushed down in the bowl drain.

Using an auger or toilet snake may clear the blockages.

How to use a Snake against it

1. Shut off all water supply lines immediately that link to the toilet.

2. Take the toilet snake and put it through the toilet bowl.

3. Twist the handle carefully and bent it 

4. The face of the snake enters the drain as much as possible.

5. If the object is stuck in the bowl exit hole, you can feel its presence.

6. Grab the item and slowly come out.

7. You can see the water level gradually decreases. Do the same thing again.

8. Leave it for minutes and check the water level decrease or not!

9. If it falls, you have done it here. If no go to the further process.

Use the same process with the toilet auger. Make sure to wear elbow size protection gloves.

2. Hot Water to Settle Down the Running Water from Toilet

Sometimes small clog can make a big issue like a no reason running water. Hot water plays a significant role in unclogging any tissue/ toilet paper matter.

Hot water has a significant effect if poop is present in the bowl.

Just grab a bucket full of hot water and pour it directly into the toilet but very slowly. 

Hot water can break the blockage created by solid matters. 

Note that this method only works on the small solid clog, not for serious blockages like sewage and all. Otherwise, this is going to be very worse.

3. How to overcome an overflowing Toilet by use of a plunger

Take a flange plunger for a more accurate result. 

How to use-

1. Wear elbow size protecting gloves, take the flange plunger.

2. Place the plunger head into the toilet bowl and create a suction.

3. You can feel the tight seal at the bottom.

4. Now press down rhythmically. The toilet level of water may probably fall.

5. Flush the toilet as the water level falls that the plunger no more dips into liquid.

6. Repeat the process 2 to 3 times continuously until the toilet becomes normal.

How to Stop an Overflowing Toilet Tank

The breaking of the overflow tube and ballcock is the cause behind a toilet tank running water. You can do it yourself by change of the overflow tube or the adjust the ballcock.

1. To prevent toilet water from running by changing an overflow tube

Overflow tubes sometimes crack by too much water pressure or too much-flushed toilet. To change it and stop the water.

How to change-

An overflow tube is attached to the refill valve with the fill tube and presents above the flush valve. So any time water fills the tank and exceeds the limit, the excessive water release by the overflow tube.

1. First, turn off all water supply pipes that connect to the toilet tank.

2. As your toilet is already overflowing so no need to flush; just remove the tank water with the help of any sponge or clothes.

3. Remove the fill valve to connect the overflow tube.

4. Then, the valve will simply lift and remove the valve from the bottom of the toilet reservoir.

5. Remove the reservoir unscrew the bolts.

6. Remove the rubber seal; you can see it present at the bottom of the tank.

7. Remove all old parts and place new pieces one by one like you open.

8. Place new overflow tube, screw bolts.

9. Cut the fill tube and connect securely.

10. Connect the water supply line and check the new overflow tube.

2. To Fix an Overflowing toilet Cistern by adjusting the Ballcock

Ballcock is nothing but the floating ball inside the toilet tank, which maintains the water level. 

The higher the ball in the tank, the more the amount of water.

How to adjust it- 

1. The water level should be below the overflow tube.

2. The ballcock floats the water and rises with the water level.

3. The screw (red color) precisely present in the fill tube adjusts the height.

4. Now, turn the screw clockwise and make the level low.

5. If you can find a screw and all, just hold the rod and bend it downwards. It works as same.

Final Words for how to fix an overflowing toilet 

Toilet overflowing is a big mess if you don’t take immediate action. It can flood all over the house and create an unhygienic environment.

After seeing such a situation, first shut off all water lines to the running area. Then inspect the source properly by checking the image I post above.

If the culprits are vent pipe, sewer tunnel, septic tank, then call the expert. 


Q1. Why does my toilet keep blocking?

Your toilet keeps blocking because of various reasons like- 
1. Too much use of toilet paper.
2. Flushed down big solid objects like toys, dentures, Q-tips.
3. Your toilet keeps blocking may be the reason for the flush of female products, plastic items.
4. Toilet may keep clogging because of the low flushing pressure. Therefore, the waste material is deposited, and after a long time, it creates a blockage.

Q2. How do you unclog a toilet quickly?

To unclog a toilet so fast; try these methods-
· Pour Baking soda and Vinegar
· Pour hot water.
· Pour Coca-Cola.
· Use a flange plunger
· Pour a bucket of water by yourself forcibly.

Q3. Will an overflowing toilet fix itself?

No, an overflowing toilet never fixes itself. Meanwhile, it can become worse if you don’t do anything.

Q4. Can a toilet overflow without being clogged?

Yes. A toilet can overflow without being clogged if there is an issue with the vent pipe, main sewage line, and septic tank.
Call the plumber to solve the issue.

Q5. Why does my toilet cistern keep overflowing?

Your toilet cistern keeps overflowing because the ballcock has the wrong level.
By adjusting the floating ball, you can effortlessly stop the overflowing.
Just slightly bent down the rod of the ballcock, and it will stop creating the flood.

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