3 Cheapest ways to Dissolve Hard Poop in Clogged Toilet

Is your toilet repeatedly shuts off by the poop and every time you plunge it on your own? Then the good news for you is that apply the 3 methods of how to dissolve hard poop in a clogged toilet I have discussed after. 

Staying poop after flushing the toilet is quite annoying. Not only does it create lots of bad odors even clog poop can create harmful bacteria. 

The stool does not go down for several reasons, like a small trapway, something stuck in drainage, low water pressure, vent pipe issue, not enough water in the bowl, etc.

Most house-owner asked me, “Will poop eventually dissolve in a clogged toilet?”- The answer is YES. But… But… It becomes so nasty.

Poop eventually dissolves in the pipe but takes about one week or more. I don’t think you will continue to smell rotten reek for this long.

So, if you ever experience that poop stuck in the toilet that won’t flush, go through the options and choose according to your favor.

As a homeowner, I’m tired of dealing with little routine maintenance here and there, especially when it comes to clogged, slow-moving drains. Strong chemicals are not only harmful, but they never truly address the issue.

Get a 100% result guarantee and dissolve hard poop in a clogged toilet because all of these tasted and tried in my own Kohler Tresham.

How To Dissolve Hard Poop In Clogged Toilet

Dissolve hard stool in any blocked toilet as simple as boiling water.

That’s why I tested an all-natural drain cleaning. All are composed of friendly natural bacteria and enzymes that eat away organic buildup in drains and toilets, totally eliminating the gunk.

Good microorganisms start their operation. The bacteria eat their own through the waste each second and double every 30 minutes, constantly working to clean out the total system.

Roebic K-97 Main Line Cleaner Dissolves Poop If Plunging doesn’t Work

3 Cheapest ways to Dissolve Hard Poop in Clogged Toilet


  • Liquid form
  • Easy to use
  • Specially Makes for toilets (clogged stool)
  • Biodegredable Bacteria Formula
  • Safe for septic tank and toilet
  • No harmful chemicals and health hazards
  • Ideal for low flow toilets

Roebic K-97 is a USA-based company that serves quality products for over 50 years and has 100% work.

Roebic K-97 is particularly made for toilets clogged like- tampons, stool, baby wipes, tissues, pads, etc.

This easy-to-use natural product shows the result instantly, just pour it into the toilet and set for overnight, Done.

How to Use

  • Shake the bottle before use
  • pour about 8 ounce/1 cup
  • Settle it for overnight better result
  • Flush following morning

K-97 is extremely amazing to prevent further gunk accumulation. That happens due to the inadequacies of “low flow” lavatories.

Roebic Cleaner includes millions of unique biodegradable waste digesting bacteria that decompose excessive sewage sludge strongly and quickly.

Bottom Line

I highly recommend Roebic K-97 because 
I personally using since 1 year
Very natural product
Very budget-friendly and convenient product
Use once you will see the result and thanks me

I have tried so many products, but after using Roebic K-97 for dissolving hard poop, I can’t think any product can switch this
It also prevents further blockage.

Although it is amazon’s choice gets 4.3 stars rating product and more than 2500+ happy users.

Dissolves Poop Fast with- Green Gobbler Ultimate Main Drain Opener

3 Cheapest ways to Dissolve Hard Poop in Clogged Toilet


  • Non- toxic
  • Non-flammable
  • Odorless
  • Gentle on the septic tank, and pipes.
  • Dissolves any Organic Materials
  • Guaranteed or they back your money 
  • Plant-based product
  • Easy to handle and store

This drain cleaner from Green Gobbler made in the USA is non-toxic, biodegradable, makes from plant-based surfactant, and all in one product.

Green Gobbler is amazon’s choice product with more than 23,329 ratings with 4.2 (63% is 5stars) stars.

It is a highly powerful heavy-duty drain cleaner can dissolve hard poop in just a few minutes.

Further, it can dissolve any organic or inorganic material, so if your poop gets stuck by any other solid object, it can remove that too.

Note- Green Gobbler can dissolve organic and paper, grease, hair, oils, soap scum, baby wipes, and paper products. Thanks to our waste, it is also an organic outcome.
Additionally, the Green Gobbler drain opener is septic tank safe, reducing drain cleaning maintenance.

It is an industrial-strength drain opener liquid that is safe for any type of pipe. Don’t be harsh on pipes, eliminate any tough clog. Many professionals recommend it.

The best part about Green Gobbler is that it is environmentally friendly, doesn’t cause any harmful effects on health (until swallowed), and guarantees a result.

They have an offer that if the product does not satisfy you, you can get your money back through a 30-Day Guarantee.

How to Dissolve Hard Poop by Use Green Gobbler

  1. Pour half of the liquid into the toilet and set it overnight.
  2. Following day, flush normally. Poop already dissolves and clog-free toilet.

Bottom Line

What I can say- that Green Gobbler is a good product for your drains, kitchen sink, main drain, and bathtub.

At this price, this is a very convenient product. Green Gobbler is my second personal choice and gets amazing results. My grandfather’s toilet was always clogged, and I was terrified of cleaning it. Very happy to get such a product.

After applying Green Gobbler, you can the visible difference.

 Instant Power 1510 Commercial Drain Cleaner for Dissolve Hard Stool

3 Cheapest ways to Dissolve Hard Poop in Clogged Toilet


  • Dissolve very thick and tough organic matter
  • Liquid form
  • Easy to use
  • Exclude poop odor instant
  • Save for any types of pipes and septic tank
  • Work within 30 minutes

Instant Power Commercial drain opener is a very strong duty clog remover from Instant Power. Easy to use. It’s very versatile.

Instant Power Commercial drain opener can be used in the sink, tub, garbage disposal, etc, and smell great for nearly after a week.

How to use Instant Power

  • Make a solution ( 8 oz Instant Power in 18 oz warm water)
  • Leave it for 20 to 30 minutes
  • Flush with hot water, and you’re done

Note– Do not use plunger while using Instant Power. Avoid children, pets, and contact with skin and eyes, Do not swallow. 

Do not mix other cleaning agents with Instant Power.

The bio-enzyme formula breakdown any organic matter( feces) within 30 minutes and gives you a clog-free bathroom.

Instant Power is made with potent natural compositions and does not contain any harmful chemicals. Therefore, it is health and environment-friendly.

The enzyme present in Instant Power digests hair, stool, fats, and FOG and keeps you away from frequent toilet cleaning.

Bottom Line

It’s a safer choice than other agents like hydrogen peroxide, so get one on stock especially when you just get hard feces.

I recommend Instant Power because the product gets so many positive reviews. It works well for them, so I can guess it will work for you as well.
Instant Power Commercial Drain Cleaner not only removes clogs but also eliminates odors immediately, and keeps fresh for a long time.

The 1-gallon budget pack lasts at least 16 times.

Final Thought- Hard Poop Clogged Toilet

Say bye to that messy plunging methods choose any of the above products, you will get the benefits own.

All are not chemical-based products, the products are safe for all types of plumbing, with no chemicals fumes, or boiling, and 100% non-polluting. I Highly recommend Roebic K-97, if you have hard poop clogged in the toilet.

As a result, you can relax knowing that your home, family, and environment are safe.


Q1. How long does poop take to dissolve?

Naturally, poop takes to dissolve about one week, but using natural biodegradable enzymes- stool can dissolve within 30 minutes.

Q2. Will poop unclog itself?

YES. Poop will unclog itself, as I mentioned take about one week. During the period poop creates a foul odor and harmful bacteria.

Q3. Will bleach break down poop?

Yes, bleach is an effective cleaner and can break down poop. However, it is also a powerful chemical that can be dangerous if used improperly.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using bleach and use protective gear, such as gloves and a mask, when handling it.

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