How to Clean Toilet Siphon Jet Holes | 4 proven ways

Does your toilet not clear the waste sufficiently or the bowl water below the water level? All just because of the jet holes.

The siphon is the most crucial part of any toilet flush mechanism. Tiny holes a little over an inch in diameter serve as siphoned jets in the toilet bowl. 

Water from the tank can flow down into the bowl through these tiny openings. 

The holes present under the rim and the bottom of the bowl create suction or siphon pressure to clear the waste and clean the bowl. But, how to clean a toilet siphon jet holes?

Typically, the jets are placed in a dimly lit area. When jets are not cleansed regularly, mildew, dirt, mineral deposits, and irritating calcium build-up, causing toilet flushing to become less effective. 

The Jet holes create a nutritious condition for fungus and germs to thrive. When cleaning the toilet, you focus on the rim jets and disregard the siphon jet, which is key in draining the wastes. 

Whenever the siphon jet becomes, clogged or blocked toilet won’t flush properly. 

So today, only focus on- What are siphon jet and how it works, and how to clean a siphon jet.

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What is a Toilet Siphon? How does it work?

Siphon or the siphon jet is a flushing mechanism technique that has two outlets. 

One is the rim jet ( the tiny holes present beneath the rim), and another is open just below the bowl drainage opening.

The siphon jet is mainly based on an S and P-shaped trap. Siphon jet has a larger water surface which is responsible for extra holding water.

The water is discharged strongly through the cistern whenever the flush button push. The water in the bowl may increase until it shrinks quickly and removes the waste. 

That’s why there is in the rare case that siphonic toilets leave stains or waste. If it does, then a big clog is present in the jet line.

Time to deep down clean it.

How to Clean Toilet Siphon Jet Holes ( How to Unclog A Toilet Siphon Jet line)

To unclog or clean the line, you must first profoundly and sincerely clear it. There should be no use of harsh chemicals or stiff brushes. This way, you can easily remove any bacteria or mold present in the toilet siphonic jet line.

You Need for The Procedure

  • Baking Soda
  • Wire
  • Muriatic Acid
  • Hot Water
  • Distilled White Vinegar
  • Brush

You don’t need all of them; choose whatever your convenient and pick according to the methods.

1st Method to Clean Toilet Siphon Jet Holes Use Vinegar

Vinegar runs like magic when it comes to removing clogs by bacteria and minerals.

Vinegar is the most effortless at the same time effective way to clean clogged siphon jets.

You need for this method-

  • Vinegar 
  • Gloves
  • Brush
  • Wire
  • Spray bottle


1. Warm-up about one and a half cups of vinegar at 120 F; make sure the heating temperature should you can touch it.

2. Vinegar work in a fantastic way when it heats before the work.

3. Pour the white vinegar into the overflow tube.

4. Rest it for 30 minutes.

5. Flush and check.

6. This way, the can clear blockage present in the siphon jet, now next step in the jet holes

7. Jet holes are so tiny and subtle, so you need to be careful.

8. Take the wrench and slowly clean the jet holes.

9. You can use a mirror over here to maintain the placing wrench.

10. Test again; your toilet has seemed the problem still exists, then go for the next step.

How to Clean Siphonic Hole In Toilet By Duct Tape for wipeout Minerals build-up

Using Vinegar and duct tape combination is best for the siphonic toilet hole.

You need for this method-

  • White vinegar
  • Protecting Gloves
  • Duct tape
  • Brush


Step1- Shut off the water supply line and flush the entire toilet tank.

Step2– Dry the toilet bowl by using an old cloth. Attach the duct tape under the rim holes or jet holes.

Step3– Pour one gallon of vinegar into the toilet tank and flush it.

Step4– After flush it, the vinegar is stuck up by the tape at the opening end of the holes; this way, the old minerals layer becomes softer and soaked.

Step5– Rest it for one hour, or you can do the process the whole night. Remove all tapes and check the minerals clots remove or not.

Step6– Use the wire poke and then brush it with a brush.

Step7– Turn on the waterline and allow it to fill the tank. Flush twice or thrice to remove all remaining minerals and vinegar.

How To Eliminate Bacteria & Mold Build-up From Siphonic Jets

Siphons jet cavities are the optimum area for spore germination. The siphon jet is obstructing due to bacteria, has to apply antibacterial soaps and detergent to destroy bacteria.

Step1– Flush all water from the tank to observe the bacterial growth.

Step2- Take 2 cups baking soda and vinegar to make a thick paste. Adhere the paste well in the mouth of the holeS and take care not to fall it later.

Step3- Rest it for 30 minutes, next wipe out and check the condition; recover from earlier or not.

Step4- If so, then simply brush and flush once or twice. If not, Do the step one more time, and the time rest increase by 45 minutes.

How Do I know If My Siphon Jet is Clogged?

If the siphon jet is clogged, you can easily find it out by following signs.

1. First of all, the toilet flush pressure and water amount become low.

2. Your toilet tank, flapper, overflow tube are all OK. There is no leakage or other blockage, but still, the flushing efficiency is low. This may cause siphon jet clog.

3. Maybe you clean the toilet regularly but siphon jet holes are not clear all time, so it is the best place to grow bacteria and molds, even we can’t see anything from outside.

4. Another vital sign of a clogged siphon jet is that the flush drain takes longer to clear.

5. Take a mirror and place to see the holes black color under the rim, Are there any or stains visible? If so, the jet holes are blocked.

This way, you can inspect the jet lines and toilet siphon clog.

How do you Remove Lime Scale from Toilet Jets?

At the very first, go with Vinegar. If the vinegar does not work as you want, use CLR.

CLR is a deep-down mineral buildup toilet cleaner, especially Calcium and hard water lime.


Step1– Shut off the waterline and Flush thoroughly.

Step2– Dry the bowl and Add duct tape to the holes.

Step3– Add CLR into the overflow tube and flush it.

Step4– All the liquid comes and is stuck up by the tape.

Step5– During this time, CLR destroys all Lime build-up, hard water stains, bacterial stains.

Step6– Remove all duct tape and brush the area well and flush once.

Step7– Turn on the water supply and wait to fill the tank, and flush one to two times.

This way, you can Remove all old lime accumulation and stains. CLR is a very high power, so make sure to wear gloves, open all vents.

Final Word How to Clean Toilet Siphon Jet

A simple approach to prevent bacterial growth is to ensure that you routinely clean your toilet with vinegar and soda.

A spoon of bleach is added to the overflow pipe occasionally to lessen the impact of hard water.

Add Hot water to the bowl to prevent clog issues.

The siphon jets are little troughs that allow water to pass from the cistern into the bowl.

These nozzles are concealed in a foggy position and imply shrugs by bacteria and mineral deposits.


Q1. Will CLR clean the toilet jet?

CLR is Calcium, Lime, and Rust remover from the toilet to the kitchen sink. Old to new stains CLR effectively works.
CLR is a water-soluble and non-toxic product that is biodegradable therefore environmentally friendly cleaner.
If you want to use CLR as a cleaner of siphon jet, then use it and get the powerful result instant. CLR works on toilet siphon jet, and it is not harmful to the septic tank.

Q2. Will vinegar clean a toilet jet?

Yeah. Vinegar is a powerful component yet safe for everyone. Vinegar can clean effectively way the toilet jet. Just pour vinegar into tank and overflow tube- rest for overnight flush next morning.
You can see the magical power of vinegar.

Q3. Do all Toilets Have siphonic jets?

No, all toilets do not have a siphonic jet inside. Siphonic jet is a flushing technology like the Gravity fed. 
Although Siphonic jet is often found in the American country, they prefer the siphon system most. In contrast, gravity flush is mainly seen in Europe and Asian countries.

Q4. Why is my toilet Jet is Bubbling?

Bubbling is a noticeable warning when the clog occurs in water traps like siphon jets or rim jets. If you notice the bubbling happens often- contact an expert.

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