How to Clean a Porta Potty in 3 Mins|Easy Empty Process

We all know the importance of a portable toilet while camping, traveling, or hiking. Without a porta-potty, we can’t plan a tour. Maintaining hygiene is especially important this time; that’s why you’re looking for how to clean a porta potty. Right?

Cleaning a porta-potty is not a big deal if you buy the best portable toilet. However, you have to keep up with a few steps and use some safe ingredients.

Remember, the portable toilet is not the same as your regular toilet, and there is also a difference in the cleaning procedure. So, just wait a minute and read this article patiently to help you clean up your dirty porta-potty.

Absolutely by nature, a porta strip is an attested feast for germs and pathogens. In this article, we’re going to guide you on how to clean a porta-potty, empty a porta-potty, and covering some commonly asked questions.

How to Clean A Porta Potty Step by Step Guide:

Empty the waste:

First thing you have to remove the waste. It depends on your portable toilet. If the toilet contains a separate holding tank, then remove it and empty it. If your toilet is bucket type, it has a garbage bag or disposal bag, then remove it.

Some toilets have an attached holding tank. In this situation, you have to use a pump to remove it. You can buy it or rent it. It’s effortless and simple to clean.

This is the first step of your porta potty cleaning.

how to clean a porta potty

Use A Disinfectant and Clean The Bowl:

As we know, odor-causing bacterias are quickly growing in the porta-potty. So you have to clean it depends on your use. You can use disinfectant one time and wipe the seat before and after use. If you maintain it, then the chance is less to dirty.

Benefits of the using disinfectant

  • Inhibits Bacteria Growth
  • Less odor
  • Maintain hygiene

The length of time you think of spending depends on how thorough your cleaning is. I always prefer a hard clean before going to campaign and after reaching home, but I still like gentle cleaning before and after using the toilet.

Ready to use:

After this process, your porta potty is ready to use, but before that, you have to add water and add some deodorizer in this tank.

Invest in ingredients for Odor Prevention:

I know that the main things that can irritate us during the cleaning process are unpleasant smells. That’s why many people don’t love cleaning at home, and for all of us, that’s true.

In this industry, most professionals believe that deep blue color is perfect for minimizing odors. The deodorizer is the best blue liquid color product that perfect for unpleasant odor and mask.

Deodorizer contains mainly four things these are biocides, fragrances, dyes, and surfactants.

Let me tell you in short that the importance of these things.

Gram-positive bacteria are mainly responsible for this odor. Biocides inhibit growth and help to minimize unpleasant odors.

Dyes are using for blue color and not to overuse it.

All brands that use fragrances for pleasant smells. It varies from one brand to another. Surfactants help to mix these things in water and produce a homogeneous composite.

How do you clean a holding tank on a Porta Potty?

Cleaning the holding tank of a portable toilet, or Porta Potty, can be a task that requires some specific steps and safety measures. Here’s a general guide on how to do it:

Materials Needed:

  • Rubber gloves and protective clothing
  • Toilet cleaner or a specialized holding tank cleaner
  • Long-handled brush or toilet brush
  • Garden hose
  • Tank deodorizer


  1. Protect Yourself: Before starting the cleaning process, make sure to put on rubber gloves and protective clothing to protect your skin and clothing from the cleaning chemicals and waste in the tank.
  2. Empty the Tank: Before you can clean the tank, you’ll need to empty it. Most portable toilets are designed to be easy to empty. There should be a valve or plug at the bottom of the tank that you can open to drain the waste. Make sure to dispose of the waste properly, in a designated dump station or waste disposal site. Close the valve or replace the plug once all the waste has been drained.
  3. Rinse the Tank: Rinse the inside of the tank with a garden hose to remove any remaining waste. Be careful not to splash any water onto your skin or clothes. You can also use a long-handled brush to scrub the inside of the tank and help remove any stubborn waste.
  4. Apply Cleaner: Apply a toilet cleaner or a specialized holding tank cleaner to the inside of the tank. Make sure to read the instructions on the cleaner before using it, as some cleaners may need to be diluted before use. Use your long-handled brush to scrub the inside of the tank with the cleaner.
  5. Rinse Again: After scrubbing the tank with the cleaner, rinse it out again with the garden hose. Make sure to rinse thoroughly to remove all the cleaner.
  6. Apply Deodorizer: Once the tank is clean, you can apply a tank deodorizer. This will help control odors and break down waste in the tank.
  7. Clean the Toilet Bowl: Don’t forget to clean the toilet bowl as well. You can use a toilet brush and toilet cleaner for this. Rinse the bowl thoroughly with water after cleaning.
  8. Dispose of Waste and Cleaning Water: Dispose of any waste water or cleaning water in a designated dump station or waste disposal site.

Always make sure to follow local and state regulations regarding waste disposal. If you’re not comfortable cleaning the holding tank yourself, you may want to consider hiring a professional portable toilet cleaning service.

A Detail Video on Cleaning Porta Potty- Source- YouTube

How do you keep a porta potty from smelling?

Keeping a portable toilet, or porta potty, from smelling can be a challenge, but there are several steps you can take to help control odors:

  1. Regular Cleaning: Regularly clean the porta potty, including the bowl and the holding tank. This can help to prevent odors from building up. Use cleaning products designed for portable toilets, as these will be more effective at removing odors and breaking down waste.
  2. Use Deodorizers: Use deodorizers or sanitizing tablets designed for use in portable toilets. These products are designed to control odors and can also help to break down waste. They typically come in liquid or packet form and are added directly to the holding tank.
  3. Ventilation: Proper ventilation can help to prevent odors from building up inside the porta potty. Make sure that any vents or windows are open to allow fresh air in.
  4. Regular Pumping: Regularly pump out the waste from the holding tank. The more often the tank is emptied and cleaned, the less chance there is for odors to build up. This is especially important for heavily used portable toilets.
  5. Use the Right Toilet Paper: Use toilet paper that is designed to break down quickly in water. This type of toilet paper is less likely to cause blockages, which can lead to odors.
  6. Maintain a Good Seal: If your portable toilet has a water seal (like a flush toilet), make sure it’s working properly. A good water seal can help prevent odors from escaping the waste tank.

How to Empty A Porta-Potty:

Nowadays, portable toilets come with a moveable pipe, and it’s simple to empty waste. Just separate the holding tank and carry it to the septic Pipe.

Open the waste reservoir cap and put it into the septic pipeline, maintaining the gap between the septic pipe and the waste tank to avoid splash.

You can empty it in your indoor toilet with the same procedure. If you are using deodorizer, there is no chance of getting bad smells.

Always check the lock before emptying the waste tank and shake it for smooth clearance.

How to Clean A Camping Porta Potty:

  • After dumping the waste, you have to carry it in your bathroom or the garden.
  • You can separate both the upper and bottom parts.
  • Make sure that the T key is locked. That is present in the center of the toilet.
  • If there is some deodorant or deodorizer rests, you have to clean it with water.
  • After cleaning the rest deodorizer, wipe it with dry cloths.
  • If there are some bad smells, put a couple of minutes in the sunlight.
  • If you don’t like store products but want a better cleaning experience, use some homemade portable toilet deodorizers.

What to Do If You’re Not Using A Portable Toilet For A Long Time?

Suppose you are not using your portable toilet for a longer time. Then make sure that there is no waste remains in the tank and clean it correctly.

Are you thinking about its getting smelly? Don’t worry about it. Fill the waste tank with a disinfectant or deodorizer and add a little water. Rise it side by side, left it for a few hours, then clean it.

Check the upper holding tank and confirm there is no water because of water. Please don’t leave your portable toilet with water; it can damage the system.

How Much Does It Cost to Clean A Porta Potty?

If you are looking for a camping porta potty cleaning service cost, it takes around 30 to 70 dollars. I don’t think you need that. You can easily clean it out at your home.

Camping Porta-potty chemicals list:

  • Biocides
  • Dye
  • Surfactants
  • Fragrances

Now we are going to suggest the best holding tank deodorizer. We always prefer this.

Best Holding Tank Deodorizer:

Walex porta Pak is one of the most reliable deodorizers to date. It’s designed for a particular portable toilet. No brand offers the best combination on the market, such as deodorizing and easy-to-drop facilities.

The best thing is it comes with pre-packages. So, there are no chances to mess and dirty.


  • No special toilet paper required
  • Deodorizes and decomposes trash and paper
  • Biodegradable
  • Unbeatable Avoidance of odor.
  • Cleans holding tank


  • Some people not like the scent

Bottom line:

I love the smell and the process of working. The best items I’ve ever used. That is why it’s the brand with the most sales. Some other fragrances also exist. You can prefer it according to your necessity. The product is always recommended because of the benefits, and the price is perfect depending on the results.

So, whenever you think about how to clean a porta potty before that, buy a Walex porta Pak. Believe it change your cleaning experience.

Our View on How to Clean a Porta Potty:

No one likes dirty porta-potty. So clean it always after use for maintaining hygiene. It’s simple, just spend some time with it.

We are love to clean it in our home using some natural products. Clean it frequently if you don’t want any awful smells.

Vinegar one of the best things we are using as a disinfectant, and try some homemade portable toilet deodorizer. It’s cheap compare to the market.

I think now you have an idea on how to clean a portable toilet. If you have any suggestions, tell us in the comment box and enjoy your camping and hiking with the help of a portable toilet.

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