10 DIY toilet Clogger to Unclog Toilet like a Pro

We’ve all experienced the frustration of a clogged toilet. It takes time, patience, and the right tools to get the job done. 

Unfortunately, this is a common problem caused by a clogged toilet. 

You can avoid this problem by using a homemade toilet cleaner to keep your toilet clean and running smoothly. 

The recipe is super easy and inexpensive, easy to find, and fast-acting, so you don’t have to deal with clogs in the future. 

All you need are common household ingredients: vinegar, baking soda, dish soap, hot water, and lemon juice. 

This post will show you how to make this fantastic homemade toilet cleaner yourself without spending any money on expensive store-bought chemicals.

It’s time for you to enjoy life again!

Best Natural Home Remedies to Unclog a Toilet

Toilet cleaner is an essential part of keeping your bathroom clean, but you don’t need to buy a commercial cleaner to do the job. 

In fact, you can make your own homemade toilet cleaner using just a few simple ingredients that you probably have in your kitchen right now. 

Not only will this save you salary, but it will also ensure that you never run out of toilet cleaner in the middle of a cleaning spree.


Soap or dishwashing liquid will now not only clean your dishes but will also unclog your toilet. A simple step from your kitchen counter can really help to unclog a toilet.

For this process, you need:

  • Dishwash Liquid/ Shampoo
  • Hot Water
  • Plunger (optional)
  • Toilet brush


1. If you don’t have a problem using the plunger, then plunge once. The air pressure can quickly clear the blockage.

2. Now, flush once

3. Then add almost two cups of dish wash liquid into the bowl

4. Pour a bucket of hot water (pour the water slowly, so the water does not flush away)

5. Leave the toilet about 40-45 minutes, and after following minutes

6. Gently Scrub the porcelain surface

7. Get another bucket of hot water and pour it directly into the bowl so this time, water forcibly flushes away.

8. See what happens next; the toilet is now unclogged.

NOTE- Dishwash liquid works on Fat, grease, oil, fiber-like substance. Try a toilet snake or auger if your toilet is clogged due to a large solid object. This DIY cleaner does not work.


Baking Soda and Vinegar are the most common ingredients, from cleaning to unclogging, every time you can use. 

They are convenient and easily accessible. Both are inexpensive and, more importantly, effective when used to unblock a toilet.

For this process, you need:

· 1/2 cup of baking soda

· 1 cup of vinegar


1. 1/2 cup baking soda should be poured down the toilet drain.

2. Now add 1/2 cup of distilled vinegar directly into it.

3. The fizzing action will help to break up the clog. Allow it to sit for 30 minutes before flushing.

4. You can add into tank also to the siphon jet can clear at the same time(check here for the entire process)

5. After 30 minutes later:- Pour a whole bucket of hot water into the toilet before flushing 

6. Then flush as you usually flush.

Note- If the clog persists, use a plunger or wire hanger so that any solid like a toy or denture stuck there is easily removed; the rest can clean with vinegar and baking soda.


If your toilet is frequently clogged for whatever reason, hot water can be a lifesaver.

Simple hot water can easily remove toilet blockage by oil, grease material, sanitary napkins, etc., which cause the blockage.

Hot water also removes baby wipes, which are not supposed to be flushed. These things will make your toilet works weak and bring any kind of blockages.


You just have to pour a pot of boiling hot water into the toilet bowl from waist level and wait for a few minutes until the water starts to cool down. 

Hot water breaks down the blockages without harming the porcelain surface or drain.

After that, flush the toilet. This will help remove any blockages and leave your toilet clean and fresh.

So, the next time you face any kind of blockage in your toilet, don’t forget to use hot water as it is one of the best ways to clear it out.

The most significant advantage of using hot water for unclogging toilets is that it helps get rid of any foul odors that might be present in the toilet.

It can also help to keep the toilet clean and clear of clogs. As a result, using hot water is an excellent way to keep your toilet flush more powerful.


I guess you know about wire hangers, Right! It is present in your closet. Take out one old that- you not going to use anymore.


1. Take out the wire hanger.

2. Bend it and make it like a hook

3. Now insert the hook face into the drainage

4. slowly insert the hanger, as much as you can

5. You can feel something stuck in the passage; gently tuck the hook with the object

6. Now pull out the hanger, see what is the culprit creat the toilet blockage

7. Now pour water and flush to see the toilet condition 


The plunger is an effective plumbing tool to clear unknown blockages. Though, some users do not like Plunging because it sometimes becomes nasty.


1. Attach one end of a long piece of string to the plunger’s top and lower it into the toilet so that it will stay upright when you start plunging.

2. Place the plunger over the drain hole, creating a tight seal with your hand around the bottom edge to create suction. 

3. Pull up on the handle sharply and quickly release. Do this 10 times rhythmical way.

4. Flush the toilet to see if the clog has cleared. If it has not, repeat Steps 2-5.

Home Remedies For Clogged Toilet with Poop


When a toilet becomes clogged, the water will not drain properly; a toilet auger is the best way to clear the blockage and get your toilet working again.


1. Put on some gloves and remove the toilet seat.

2. Insert the end of the auger into the toilet and twist it until you feel the hardness of any object.

3. Push and pull the auger until the clog is dislodged.

4. Flush the toilet to check whether the clog has present or not.

5. Place the toilet seat again.

Note- Toilet auger will be able to remove the clog if the blockage happens due to a foreign object, such as a toy.
If the clog is caused due to waste build-up, the auger may not be able to remove it, and you may need other home remedies to unblock the toilet.


Ammonia and boiling water combination are pretty effective than vinegar and baking soda. But you need very precautionary steps to execute this home remedy.


· The bathroom should be well ventilated during the process

· Wear safety measures like gloves, respirators, eyeglass, etc.


1. Take 1 cup ammonia and mix with water.

2. Pour the mixture into the toilet. Pour the mixture into the toilet and let it sit for at least 30 minutes.

3. After half an hour later, pour one gallon of boiling water directly.

4. This way, the blockage will clean out, and your toilet running smoothly.

Home Remedies to Unclog Toilet Bowl With BATHBOMB- HomeHack NO.8

I believe you use a bath bomb; now time to use it to clear the clog and bomb there.

There are a few alternatives to unclog a toilet without using a plunger. One way is to use a bath bomb.


1. Place the bath bomb in the toilet and let it dissolve. 

2. The water will start to bubble, and the clog will loosen. 

3. Once the bath bomb has dissolved, flush the toilet or pour hot water directly.

HomeHack NO.9 DIY Toilet Clogger- DRANO

DIY Drano for your toilet can be made at home using natural ingredients that would not damage the environment. 

To remove stubborn stains and prevent further clogging, use this DIY toilet clogger.

Ingredients You Need to Make DIY Drano

· 10 cups of boiling water

· 1 cup of salt

· 2 tbs of baking soda

· 1 cup of vinegar

· One bottle for storage the Drano

· You can add lemon juice/ essential oil for fragrance


1. Mix all ingredients well and transfer the content to a bottle with a spray nozzle.

2. Shake well before using and spray it on hard-to-remove stains or those that are already clogging your drain.

3. Wait about 30 minutes before rinsing with warm water.

4. If the clog is not yet cleared, then wait for another 15 minutes and try again if possible.

Note: Since this DIY Drano contains vinegar, never use it on stainless steel surfaces as it can cause corrosion. 
This DIY Drano only works on limescale build-up.


There are many commercial enzyme cleaners out there; all are effectively removed clogs but can be harmful to the environment and health as well.

Thanks to my mom’s toilet recipe, that’s why I can make my own DIY enzyme cleaner and share it with you today.

This DIY Toiler cleaner is easy to make, no need to search the items everywhere.

Ingredients you need

· 1/2 cup of baking soda

· 2 tbsp of hydrogen peroxide

· 10 drops of liquid dish soap

· A spray bottle


1. In a mixing bowl, combine 1/2 cup baking soda and 2 tbsp hydrogen peroxide.

2. The mixture will begin to bubble up.

3. When the bubbling stops, add 10 drops of liquid dish soap.

4. Mix all ingredients until they are combined.

5. Store the cleaner in a spray bottle and use it to spray the inside of your toilet bowl. 

6. Let the cleaner sit for 10 minutes, then scrub the bowl with a brush. 

7. Flush the toilet to rinse away (with hot water) the cleaner.

There you have it! A safe and easy way to make your own organic enzyme cleaner for toilets. 

Use it regularly to keep your toilet bowl clean and free of any organic material.

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Toilet Cleaning Tips:

Maintaining a clean toilet is not as difficult as it may seem. 

With a few simple tips, you can keep your toilet clean and fresh without spending hours scrubbing.

Tip 1. Clean the toilet bowl regularly.

Tip 2. Use a disinfectant cleaner.

Tip 3. Remove hard water stains.

Tip 4. Clean the rim and seat of the toilet.

Tip 5. Use a sanitary pad or cotton ball to remove limescale.

Tip 6. Keep the toilet brush clean!

Tip 7. Regularly clean the outside of your toilet.

Wrap Up On- Home Remedies for a Clogged Toilet

Toilet cleaners are an essential part of keeping your bathroom clean. Many commercial cleaners, on the other hand, contain harsh chemicals that can be harmful to both you and the ecosystem.

I am grateful that you choose home remedies to unclog your toilet except for the harsh chemicals.

Above all, those cleaners will help break down any organic material in your toilet bowl, so it can be rinsed away easily.

These cleaners are safe to use around your family and pets, and it’s also environmentally friendly. 

It’s a great way to keep your toilet clean without using harsh chemicals. Enjoy your sparkling clean bathroom!


Q1. Will bleach unclog a toilet?

Yes, bleach will unclog a toilet. Bleach is a potent disinfectant and cleaning product.

But before you reach for the bleach bottle, know that bleach can damage or corrode some types of materials if it isn’t used properly!

Q2. Can hot water destroy the toilet?

No, hot water will not destroy a toilet but not the boiling one. In fact, hot water is often used to clean toilets because it can help remove dirt and stains. 

If there is still a clog in the toilet, using hot water may help to dissolve it.

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