Foreign Object Stuck In Toilet | Remove in 10 mins

Is your toilet getting clogged again and again? If so, there is solid stuff stuck there. You must be worried, is there a foreign object stuck in toilet then how to remove it? Right!

Before we get too far, I’d like to encourage you to take a step back and think about what the object would be.

Yes, you need to know what the foreign object might be because not all methods will work. If it is plastic, it is a different process, if it is a toy, it is different, and if it is a cloth, it is different.

Hey, Buddy. Don’t worry too much about this. Today I will tell you some methods. If you follow the procedures, you can quickly eliminate the thing because these are my daily events.

Yeah, I’m using Kohler Tresham, and all these sounds pretty crap, but my kids are too naughty, and they always dropped something in the toilet. My little boy sits in the bathroom with a toy and accidentally flushed down the toilet.

Therefore, in Today’s discussion, I share all these methods are easy, Money-saving unclogs methods without damaging the toilet, and in a short time how to remove any foreign object that has accidentally flushed down.

What are you waiting for; find out what things can get stuck in the toilet?

What are the Foreign Object Might be?

Foreign objects can be a variety of things, such as toys, some disposable items that are said to be flush but not at all, condoms, female sanitary items, plastic jars, hair, tissues, clothes, Q-Tips, and cotton balls, etc.

Now is the time to do something to lift the foreign thing.

How to remove any foreign object stuck in toilet

Method1. If you can see that thing a little bit, how do you remove it?

Simple but effective. It may sound a little bit dirty, but Trust Me works very well. Wear gloves equal to an elbow and lift the item out from your own hand.

Pick it up and flush it once and see if anything else is stuck. If the flush is regular, then all is clear. If not and the flush water is stuck, come to the next step.

Method2. Use a wire hanger for clothes, small plastics, hairs, tissues, etc.

The cloth hanger, we have it at home. Now bent the hanger like a hook. Slowly enter the hanger inserted through the toilet pipe. Then gently pull towards you.

Keep in mind; that they are not flushed here, which means they won’t be flush anywhere else and will create a big mess. Take a garbage bucket/dustbin put the stuff there.

Method3. How to get an accidentally flushed something down the toilet by using of a Flange Plunger

When accidentally flushed something and tangle it causing clogging to use a flange plunger.

There is an extra rubber hump at the base of the flange plunger cup that fits into the toilet drain.

A better seal and more suction are the results of this technique. Flange Plunger works very well when more water is present because of the clog. 

How to Use-

  1. Wear Elbow size protective gloves. Take the Flange
  2. Place the Flange Plunger right after the toilet drain.
  3. Place it securely
  4. Hold down to seal and create the suction. Lighten up and down once.
  5. Press it inside the drain, then pull back again.
  6. Process these steps five to six times, if any cotton, Q-tips of Tissues, or clothes present easily come out.

Method4. By using Auger or Toilet Snake to remove foreign objects from deep down

I’m pretty much sure you hear about a toilet snack or Auger. Now time to use it. Mainly Toilet snack is a really a powerful and beneficial plumbing tool.

When any object is tangle behind the S tube, simply Snack it out. Toilet Auger is perfect for removing tools.

Here is how you can do-

  1. Wear Elbow size high-quality gloves. Then take the toilet snake.
  2. Hold the Snack right position as the picture shown, then the moveable cable should enter right through the drainage.
  3. Slowly hunched your hand and The Auger.
  4. Rotate the Auger clockwise to unwound it into the toilet drain. You can feel that the object is nearby.
  5. Then do the same thing opposite-wise. Hunched the Auger, slowly rotate counterclockwise, next grab the object and out. 

Method5. How to get rid of the foreign stuff is a plastic ball, Kids Toy, Anything Big Item.

Do you have to move out the whole toilet? Just take out a plastic ball? Well, not at all. 

Use the Auger. In case Auger fails, then Wet Vacuum is the right choice to do the job.

How to do-

  1. Before the process begins, remove the water with the help of a bucket.
  2. Take an old towel and wrap it around the vacuum hose.
  3. Place the vacuum pipe in the bowl duct-like Plunger, start the pressure.
  4. I recommend starting with slow to medium pressure, then enter through the drain.
  5. Hold for minutes, turn off the vacuum. Then check the garbage bag, is anything comes inside or not? You have a great job.
  6. If, no- take a Plunger, plunge it properly two times. Start the same process; the target has to come out.

Method6. After failing all of the above methods to Remove stuff from the toilet 

Suppose, Above all ways are not working for you. Just remove the toilet and get rid of the foreign matters.

How to Remove Toilet-

  1. Before starting the process arranged a bucket or anything that hold water, wear gloves and take safety measure.
  2. Shut off all water supply lines that connect to the toilet.
  3. Flush completely. Make sure no water is present at the toilet or tank.
  4. Unscrew the bolt, which places at the base bottom of the toilet.
  5. If the toilet is heavy, you can’t move by yourself with help from anyone.
  6. Next, get the item out from the drainage.
  7. Place the whole thing again, screw the bolts securely. After doing all the work. Turn on the water supply.
  8. Wait for minutes to fill the water tank, next flush once to check any leakage or clog issues are present or not.

The biggest concern is to get the toilet clogged. Some materials come out quickly, while others require you to remove the toilet and unclog it.

And these methods are simple but time-consuming. So if you follow some of my tips to get rid of so much hassle, you will get benefits.

You may interest – You will have an asset if you use a no-clog toilet. These toilets are high-power flush which can flush away any objects.

My Tips To Protect Your Toilet from getting any Foreign Object Stuck In The Toilet

  • Always cover the lid.
  • I know it’s not always possible, but don’t let the kids go to the bathroom with any solid stuff.
  • Put a bin next to the toilet, put Q-tips, any sort of clothes, tissues in the Bin.
  • Do not flush condoms, tampons, sanitary napkins, silicone materials.
  • If it happens accidentally, take a bucket of water and push it directly into the toilet bowl, as it is less likely to get stuck in the water force, then flush normally.
  • In case. you experience this type of problem over and over again. Keep an object away from the toilet. Do not place certain items on the head of the toilet tank. For that, you can use this rack. I also do it in our master bathroom and kids’ lavatory.

Final Verdict On Foreign Object Stuck In Toilet

Getting stuff stuck in the toilet or getting it out is not the only problem- this can cause a lot of damage to the toilet as well.

For example, the septic valve in the toilet may damage, you may need to replace the entire water supply line if the object moves further into the main sewer.

It is not just about changing the line, about going to cost money because of the plumber cost, there will be odor come out, so many more. Ultimately the whole thing will become unhygienic.

There are so many things that can face. Trust me. I had already faced this situation.

If you go after a foreign object, do not put chemicals in it. Try the method given above first. Toilet chemical cleaners may destroy septic. Although you can use this toilet-friendly cleaner.

FAQs you need to know about

Q1. When You Need a plumber, guess accidentally flushed something down the toilet?

When a foreign object is stuck into the toilet and remove by either Auger, Plunge, or hanger- this is good news suppose the item comes out by all methods. Otherwise, you need to remove the toilet to get it.

Removing the toilet is not that hard but if you are not suitable then call a plumber. After all, they are actually experts in this field, and they have specific tools.

Q2. How do you get something out of the toilet after it has been flushed?

1. You have to use your own hand in case you can see the object present down there.

2. Use a toilet snack, the ultimate weapon to get rid of any matter.

3. You can apply a Flange Plunger to perfect suction.

4. You can use the wet vacuum, etc.

5. You can apply hacks, use your cloth hanger to turns into a hook then inside to drain. Wire hangers work so well.

Q3. What happens when you flush something down the toilet?

If you accidentally flush some heavy objects, the toilet will clog, and the stench will come out. The lavatory will not flush properly.

Flushing can cause dirty water to overflow and fall to the floor. If it becomes clogged, germs will breed, and various diseases may develop.

Q4. Kids Toy Car Flushed Down Toilet

You are sure the object that goes after the toilet is your Kid’s toy. Then, use the toilet snake to clean your toilet. To remove all of these toys, the Toilet Snake is the ideal tool for the job.

Q5. How To Dissolves plastic in the toilet bowl

At first, use a toilet snake. If it not working use Green Gobbler Drain Clog Dissolver. It is easy to use. Dissolves any plastic material. Non-toxic and eco-friendly.

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