How to Flush a Toilet with a broken or without Handle

Do you ever flush a toilet without the handle, like me? Do you relate to how the pain is? Remember, this situation may happen anytime. 

The exciting thing is that there is no need to call or wait for a professional to solve this flushing problem. There are some essential steps to take.

Suppose you know what to do in that situation, then it’s just a fun thing, but if you don’t, it’ll be the most embarrassing moment of your life.

The toilet is a necessity for us; we use it without even noticing it, but they are the most annoying when problems arise.

Assume you are visiting a friend’s home and discover that the toilet handle is broken. This can irritate your quality time but don’t worry; some simple steps will assist you and solve the problem in two minutes.

Are you in a hurry? Then here is our one-line answer.

Want to flush a toilet when the handle is broken, then take a bucket of water that must contain at least one gallon of water and pour it straight into the toilet bowl. Or open the toilet tank and open the flapper to flow the water into the bowl. You have to do the flush manually.

Are you want to know how these steps will follow that eliminates all the headaches. Then give me some time. I’ll tell you to step by step.

Okay, let’s start from basic.

Before you go to how a toilet works without a handle, you have to know how the toilet flush works?

How does a toilet flush Work?

When we press the lever or button in the toilet tank, it raises the flapper with the help of a flush valve, allowing all of the water to drain into the toilet bowl. 

The flush valve closes the flapper when the toilet tank is empty, allowing water to fill the tank.

The entire mechanism is supported by a chain that lifts and lowers the flapper.

So, the most important thing is to handle where the whole mechanism is started, but the point is how flush without the handle, right?

Let me tell you.

How to Flush a Toilet When The Handle is Broken?

Hey! It does not imply that some toilets lack a handle but that some toilet levers become stuck or that the dual flush toilet button fails to function. Here are the two best ways to flush manually in this situation.

Can you flush poop with a bucket of water?

Yea, this one is an old method but effective to date. You only need to fill a bucket with one gallon of water and pour it at a glance. Otherwise, the water can not create pressure on the toilet bowl.

So make sure.

  1. At least one gallon of water
  2. If the waste is larger, then need more water to create pressure that excretes waste without clogging.
  3. You have to pour it with a minimum height that can generate pressure
  4. Must have to put in a rush (in a one or two-second)
  5. Splash may happen, so maintain a safe distance.

Truthfully, it’s a quick process. There’s no need to wait for a new tank. Otherwise, your poop may emit foul odors that pollute your bathroom.

However, toilet drops can eliminate that musty smell, but I am sure no one wants a dirty washroom.

Hold on! The bucket method is also applicable during clogging. I think we both had that experience; if you have the best no-clog toilet, you may be in the upper level, but the point is that whenever you do so, the bathroom makes a loud noise, so keep that in mind.

Flushing Toilet manually

Don’t be upset if your toilet has no bucket or other extra water holder. Here’s another straightforward solution to your problem. 

  1. Open the toilet tank means removing the cover and put it aside.
  2. Now you see the flushing mechanism, where the toilet is ready to flush.
  3. As previously stated, most of the toilet lever is linked to a flapper by a strong chain.
  4. You only need to pull the chain gently, and you can see the flush valve lifting the flapper from the base, and the tank water started flowing to the bowl. The exact mechanism, but you have to do it with your hand.
  5. When the flush is finished, you have to release the chain, which blocks the water flow, and the tank to begin refilling.

The process is simple, but you have to do it carefully. The mechanism is perfect for a gravity flush toilet. The pressure-assist toilet uses only 1.2 gallons of water; that’s why manual flush is challenging to remove all waste.

If you have a dual flush toilet, don’t be losing hope. Simple tricks are also present for your bathroom.

In dual flush toilets, after removing the cover, you can see there are mainly two buttons one is white, and the other is blue. Push any one of them to flush the toilet.

Is it not amazing!

use plunger when handle is broken

Plunger helps in manual flush

Most people use a plunger during clogging, but you can also use it during manual flush because nowadays, most toilets come with 1.2 OR 1.6 gallons of water. Manual flush can’t generate pressure like regular flush except for gravity flush.

If your lavatory has low water, but you have to flush it, the plunger is one of the best options. We all know it’s not a wise choice, but it does not only help to clean your toilet, but it also gives you ring free experience.

So, if you’re wondering how to flush a toilet when the handle is broken, little water and a plunger will do the trick.

I think these are the best and simple steps to flush a toilet without using the handle.

Are you thinking as well? It’s an issue that can arise at any time. 

As a result, you should select high-quality products.

Which brands manufacture makes strong levers that are never broken?

When it comes to local products, the issue arises the most. Still, branded products are constantly subjected to some level of quality control. This is not to say that branded levers are never blocked or broken, but rare.

However, most of the levers are made with glazy durable chrome materials; when it comes to quality, the best toilet brands are-

  1. Toto
  2. Woodbridge
  3. Kohler
  4. American Standard

In my viewpoint, these are the top four best brands that make eco-friendly quality products. Frankly, I have been using Woodbridge for the last two years, and I never faced the handle block or breakage moments with Woodbridge.

Which flush is more commonly broken, right-handed or left-handed?

Most people in the United States are right-handed, but they prefer left-handed flushing toilets for two reasons.

One is our right-handed using to hold things, as I said most of the right-handed and the other is left side is safe side there is minimum chance to hit by anything.

However, there is no approved data, but left-handed levers are perfect for the long run because right-handed ones are pushing it gently with another hand. After all, the left hand is not so mighty compared to the right hand.

So, if you don’t want to experience a broken handle, try to go with a left-handed lever toilet.

A Final Thought on Flush a Toilet Without a Handle

Handle breaking is a minor problem, but it can destroy your whole day. It’s a tricky situation; you have to handle it smartly.

You can replace it anytime, but these simple tricks give you relief from embarrassing moments.

If you think this information is helpful, please share it with a family member because no one knows where or when these awkward things will happen.

Below are some Questions People Ask When Their Flush Handle Broken, may Help You

Q1. How to flush a toilet with a broken chain

You have to follow few things-

1. Shut off the water supply
2. Drain all the water to pull the flapper
3. Now you have to separate the flapper and flush valve
4. Separate the breaking chain and install the new one
5. Put all the components in the toilet tank and set it.

In short, You have to open the flapper manually to flush the toilet and follow the procedure to replace the chain.

Q2. Where do you poop when the toilet is broken?

It’s irritating, but it’s true. In our world, 46% of people using the toilet most of the time. However, you have to dig a small hole, and after doing all things, you have to cover it. Campers are mostly following this procedure.

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