How to Retrieve Denture Stuck in Toilet without a Plumber

Accidentally fall something in the toilet and then it is flushed- this incident is quite common and causes trouble in daily routine. Mainly in those who live with the elderly or grandparents. Their Dentures mistakenly flush down and stuck in the toilet.

Today you are here indicate that you’re facing the same problem right now. Am I right?

After knowing my methods, you will benefit from them and retrieve dentures stuck from the toilet.

This is not is my story; my grandma. she searched for more than 2 days with her false teeth. That time we don’t find the set. 

After passing three days, our Kohler Elliston has shown a clog issue. I literally try the plunger, the hook didn’t work after applying the Toilet snake.

The clog was clear, and the object came out. Can you now imagine what the item would be? Am pretty much sure you may guess, and your guess is right.

The object was my grand ma’s Denture. We laughed and rolled over. Before we search everywhere like insane and finally where is come from! Our toilet trap.

Obviously, my grandma’s precious teeth should throw into the garbage and bring a new set for her.

So. what’s your story? Hey, I’m the mom of 2 kids, a housewife; home decoration is my passion. You get all these ideas from my personal experience and knowledge.

After so time fail attempt, I win the battle between toilet VS me. Here I share all of my knowledge to solve your problem and don’t have to waste time getting these types of toilet-related puzzles.

Today’s article will show you how to retrieve flush-down dental floss in a different way if a toilet auger is not available.

Shall we start?

How to Retrieve Denture Stuck in Toilet Trap

Dentures are medium size and a perfect fit on the toilet trap. So it has always not been easy to bring out.

To get out the dental floss, you need some precautions like

  • Protecting gloves
  • Plunger
  • Toilet Auger
  • Toilet Snake.
  • Wet Vaccum

Don’t worry; you don’t need all of them. They are just alternative methods.

The first method you will love is this.

Hacks1. To get out Dental Floss by toilet snake

Toilet auger or toilet snake is best for any toy size object, ball, False teeth. Easy to use, no problem to operate.

How does an auger work to retrieve dentures stuck in the toilet?

1. Put on the protective gloves.

2. Position the Auger accurately in front of the toilet drainage. Hook slowly for better results.

3. Begin slowly cranking it in and twisting.

4. This method allows the object flushed down the toilet to recover.

5. The Auger will then emerge gradually.

Are get it? If no, move to the second-best option Wet Vaccum.

Guess you don’t have an auger or toilet snake. In that scenario no necessity to waste money and get your Wet vacuum.

Method 2.Remove False teeth by using your wet Vacuum 

You have a wet vacuum in your house, right? The wet vacuum may excellent job here. 

How to use-

1. Insert the vacuum hose through the toilet drain into the canal. Slowly make your way toward the trapway.

2. This way, you can sense the presence of the object that has become stuck there.

3. Secure the hose face attached to the item once you’ve determined its location.

4. It’s now time to start the vacuum; the pressure should be medium.

5. The Denture is comparatively tiny, but you can hear the tik or sound. Bring the item out slowly, and don’t turn off the Vaccum.

6. Now check the collector tank is present or not.

7. If so, you have done a great job. If no, do it again.

This way, you can unclog the toilet and bring out the piece.

by help of plunger you can retrieve denture stuck in toilet

Method3. Use a Flange Plunger to get out the flushed down Teeth

Flange Plunger differs from regular plunger in a few ways. It has a double suction bowl.

How to use- 

1. Wear elbow-length protective gloves.

2. Remove any excess water from the bowl and place it in the bucket. Left minimum water.

3. Take the Flange Plunger, for example. Place the plunger in the drain, making sure it is securely in place. Allow one to two presses of the plunger to create suction.

4. After establishing a strong suction, continue compressing it rhythmically as if you were using a regular plunger.

5. After doing this several times, dental floss will surely come out.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. It has the potential to harm the septic system.
Press down rhythmically. It is beneficial.
Water splashes from time to time, so are cautious.

This way, you can recover any object from the toilet trap.

Bottom Line Dropped Denture Stuck in Toilet

Each year plumbers are requested to either remove the denture from a toilet or disassemble the toilet to stick out the floss—almost 6 out of 10 homes facing this issue in the USA.

In most cases, users open their teeth and place them on the flush tank’s or rack’s head. So don’t attach the shelf with the pot.

These ways, you can manage and avoid failing any objects to the toilet and save plumbing expenses.

FAQs for Your Better Promising

FAQs1. Do you need to remove the toilet to remove the stuck false teeth set?

Well, Yes. In most scenarios, using Toilet Auger, Wet Vacuum, or Flange plunger may help remove the denture. 
However, in awful conditions, materials can’t bring out all those methods.
At this point, you may disassemble the toilet to remove the object. For the work either you can do own or ask for a plumber.

FAQs2. Can You Flush Dentures Down The Toilet?

No, You can’t. Flushing a Denture can be more causing problems. Including clogged the toilet and even it may replace with a new one.

Thank You.

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