Do Toilets Need to be Vented | What Happens if Not?

The plumbing Vent performs the most crucial role for every faucet, toilet existing in your house.

Every Faucets and toilet, even all plumbing system. Toilets need to vented Because of the air,- it is generated in the plumbing pipe which has to released from the house.

A plumbing vent valve operates in conjunction with your drain pipes. However, it does not convey water.

The vent pipe controls ventilation to ensure that waste and sewage move via pipes that drain away from your home.

It minimizes a vortex, which results in weak or no discharge. A smooth sewage network can only perform if the vent pipe is functional.

Meanwhile, single faucets or plumbing elements need air to go away and allow sewage water to run through the channel.

You can see how much plumbing vent is important. Right? But what happens if the toilet is not vented? Is this that much a concerned topic!

What Happens if The Toilet is not Vented?

A plumbing vent is as valuable as one toilet in one house. It is controlled all over the fixture air pressure throughout the house.

Even vent stack helps one drain run smoothly every minute. Maintain toilet, not clogging or flushing issues.

The plumbing vent also prevents sewage smell from the house. Therefore, every plumbing fixture in the home receives fresh air through vent pipes.

The plumbing vent also keeps away dangerous sewage gas from the residence.

Now, guess what if all of these concerns suddenly shut off.

If the toilet is not vented the right way, then 

Problem1. You may suffer from overflowing toilet

If the toilet won’t vent, one of the most possible results- overflow the toilet. The toilet will frequently block for no reason.

Suddenly overflow and don’t flush at all.

The negative air pressure does not allow the waste and water goes down through drainage. I will face a big mess.

Problem2. Sewage or rotten smell appear all over the house.

I guess what exactly feeling while the sewer smell flow all over the house. I literally suffer when birds nest in our vent stack.

The rotten smell triggers all of our members to faint. If your toilet does not vent properly, be prepared for a sewage smell.

Problem3. Toilet won’t flush

One of the significant roles of a vent stack is smooth flush. If the air does not escape from the vent outlet, it is down to earth and trying to release from the toilet drainage. Thus toilet won’t flush.

Problem4. Waste comes back while flushing

The same mechanism happens again. The negative air pressure wants to release from toilet drainage as a result. Whenever you flush, waste it comes back with poop.

Problem5. Toilet become drain very slow

If a toilet is not vented properly cause a slow draining toilet. The right ventilation always pushes water down through the pipes.

If your sewage pipes do not have adequate air to drive water down them, they will flush slowly.

Problem6. Toilet makes a weird noise.

A blocked toilet vent always makes weird noises like gurgling, water bubbling, and sometimes ghost flushing.

Problem7. Toilet clog

Toilet frequently clog without reasons, again unclog itself. The toilet becomes so annoying.

Problem8. Release toxic gases

Wastewater contains harmful gases that’s why it has to release from the house. The harmful gases are toxic for humans.

If the toilet does not vent, it may release toxic gasses.

Problem9. Sink, bathtub, etc, stand water and smelly

Not only toilet vent is affected by the other fixtures lie the sink, but the tub also becomes affected by poor ventilation. 

The sluggish water stands in the nearby faucets.

Problem10. Dry and empty toilet tank

If the plumbing vent is clogged and does not clean, there will be no water in the toilet tank.

You can not find water to flush when you want. 

Consider that the venting stack controls the airflow in the piping system of your house. An obstruction diminishes or indeed removes that air pressure.

Even more worst your toilet will not refill the tank.

Problem11. Lastly Property damage 

In the worst scenario, All of these happen suddenly and end up with property damage. Huge money invest.

So it’s better to clean the toilet vent after some time.

If you want to clean a vent stack, I have two detailed posts; One is going on the roof and cleaning the vent. Another one is not going up the roof, and cleaning the plumbing vent.

Do Vent Pipes Need to be Cleaned?

As I mentioned above, It is a necessity to clean the vent pipe either by yourself or hire a plumber.

Otherwise, you may suffer from overflowing toilets, property damage, a clogged toilet, the rotten egg odor in the house, etc.

Check- Prevent sewer and rotten egg smell from your house in just a few drops with a foul odor eliminator. (Natural and organic, no harmful chemical)

Do Toilets need to be vented- The Final Truth

The most homeowner either neglect this type of issue or don’t know about the vent system of their house.

By the end of the day, they have suffered such an issue and can’t do anything about it. Prevention is better than cure.

Before, all disaster happens, clean your vent pipe frequently or use a cap to protect the vent from foreign matter.


Q1. Does the Basement toilet need to be vented?

The basement toilet is located below the ground, and the vent is more upper than the basement toilet.
All toilets need vents because plumbing vents control the air pressure and neutralize the air within plumbing networks.
If you don’t have any vent system for the basement toilet or the basement toilet vent is blocked, then immediately clean and clear the service. 
Otherwise, you may suffer from overflowing.

Q2. Do Bathrooms need to be vented?

Every fixture of your house needs a plumbing vent. Not only for passing the air also running smooth drain without any issue or making noise.
So, examine whether you have a plumbing vent present or not for the sink, tubs, and other faucets.

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