Can You Use Muriatic Acid to unclog a Toilet

When discussing toilet cleansers and maintenance, it is always a top priority. There are numerous hacks and solutions available, but are they all appropriate for toilet porcelain?

Many folks make the same mistake of using the wrong toilet cleaning. (especially if it is acidic) and eventually, wind up with nothing other than ruin to the white porcelain surface.

The same as with Muriatic Acid. Can You Use Muriatic Acid to unclog a Toilet? Is it safe, and does it provide your desired results?

I got misled into putting the exact approach with bleach in the toilet in the before and ruined practically all seals, and I guess you will not like to do the exact again.

I have a detailed post on how to unblock a badly clogged toilet. But today is all about Muriatic Acid.

Can You Use Muriatic Acid to unclog a Toilet? If so, what will be the effect!

Can You Use Muriatic Acid to Unclog a Toilet

Yes, You can use Muriatic acid to unblock a toilet. 

Muriatic acid is a well-known toilet cleanser. Muriatic acid, often known as Hydrogen Chloride, is a strong oxidizing acid. It is commonly used to clear pool and toilet marks.

Muriatic Acid is less hazardous and effective at removing molds, mildews, real hard water stains, water rings, and other contaminants.

Note- It is extremely crucial not to combine any acidic with Muriatic Acid. It produces devastating consequences.

Muriatic acid is HCl or Hydrogen Chloride, however, it is not as strong or intense as HCl. Muriatic Acid is nothing but a diluted form of Hydrogen Chloride.

Calcium deposits are easily removed using muriatic acid. Even carry out on iron corrosion. Simply combine Muriatic Acid and Water in a 10:1 ratio.

How do You Unclog a Toilet With Muriatic Acid?

To Clean Toilet Using Muriatic Acid follow the steps below,

Materials you need to do the Cleaning Process

  1. Good Quality Muriatic Acid
  2. Funnel
  3. Baking Soda
  4. Bucket
  5. Toilet Brush
  6. Plunger
  7. Or Toilet Snake

Let’s start the Process.

Step1- Shut off the water supply to the toilet

To begin the process, stop the water supply to the toilet.

Step2- Flush with Bucket

Fill a bucket halfway with regular water. Throw the water as quickly as you can so that it flushes itself.

Step3- Put safety steps

Wear heavy-duty gloves, safety eyewear, and a respirator to protect yourself from muriatic acid.

Step4- Plunge One Time

To unclog the toilet plunge one time so any blocking elements move from the path.

Step5-Dilute the Acid with Water

Take 10 parts of water and add one portion of Muriatic Acid in a bucket. Dilution is necessary.

Step6- Pour the Muriatic Dilution into The Bowl

Put the entire liquid into the bowl gently so that the mixture does not wash away.

Pour all of the Muriatic Acid mixtures slowly, making sure it covers all streaks and limestone build-up.

Step7- Snake it out ( If needed)

Take one toilet snake or auger, insert it through the drainage outlet.

Toilet auger or snake very effective to remove any solid elements.

Step8- Settle for at least 2 hours

Rest for 2 hours like that to get the desired result. Muriatic Acid gradually dissolves all clogging materials and unblocks the toilet.

Step9- Neutralize the Acid Mixture before Flush

It is necessary to neutralize the acid before being flushed down. Otherwise, it will become toxic.

Add Baking Soda to neutralize the pH balance. Add until the bubble formation stops.

The cloudy Muriatic Mixture is now Neutral pH. Ready to flush it.

Turn on the water line again. Flush like normal days. Flush several times and inspect whether the blockage is cut down or not.

Note– Don’t put too much baking soda. Otherwise, it becomes overflow.

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How Do You Neutralize Muriatic Acid In a Toilet

The pH of Muriatic acid is about 1 to 2. But dilution still has a strong acidic effect.

Although Muriatic Acid is safe for plumbing still you can’t flush normally. Because the acidity is enough to destroy enzymes and bacteria present in the septic tank. 

They are responsible for breakdown the organic matter and preventing the growth of any harmful bacteria. 

Therefore, before flushing down or washing out Muriatic acid always neutralize the acidity using Baking Soda. 

Yes. Baking Soda helps Muriatic acid become neutral pH. 

As a result, use baking soda. Pour baking soda all over the acid, and you’ll see that a lot of bubbles will form. Pour baking soda until no more bubbles appear.

While the creation of bubbles will cease, this indicates that the acid has been neutralized.

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Wrap Up on Using Muriatic Acid to Unclog a Toilet 

Before using muriatic acid you need some precautions like

  1. Well vent the toilet and bathroom
  2. Command pets and other members apart from the toilet- while continuing the process.
  3. Utilize Heavy-duty shield gloves and a Respirator. 
  4. Wear Goggle, so it protects the eye.

FAQs- Muriatic Acid & Unblock Toilet

Q1. Will Muriatic Acid Hurt Plumbing?

Muriatic Acid does not hurt plumbing until it is diluted and neutral pH.

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