4 Best Natural Toilet Odor Eliminator Drops & Homemade Tips

We all know that the bathroom is the most smelly part of the house, and most people use the toilet right after they open their eyes in the morning, like me. No one love to take the horrible smell, whatever that is before poop or after poop.

If your bathroom emits a foul odor, your fresh mind will be converted into an irritated mind. It’s our natural habit. Do you want to experience this kind of morning? Obviously not, right?

Thankfully, the best toilet odor eliminator drops fight odors and leave your bathroom breathable, fresh, and clean without being overpowering.

According to web med research, 30% of (adults) and 40% of (children) Americans have allergies, and Medicinenet explained the allergen facts, including bathroom deodorizers.

If you have allergic problems or you have children and pets, then try to avoid bathroom fresheners. If you are familiar with using bathroom fresheners, check to ensure they do not contain any unwanted chemicals or allergenic ingredients.

In that case, always go with toilet drops that are safe and also eliminate odor. 

The bowl drop is also beneficial when visiting the guest bathroom because the foul smell from the toilet can irritate other guests, which is the most uncomfortable situation I’ve ever witnessed. 

That is why I always carry a bowl drop with me.

As I said, that happened to me, and frankly speaking, just returning home, I started searching about the best bathroom odor eliminator and find some options like bathroom spray, toilet spray, and toilet drops.

After dedicating more than 72 hours to the challenge, I concluded that a pure drop odor eliminator is the best option for me in any situation. 

There are several reasons for this. That is what I will tell you in this article, and I will also recommend my all-time favorite toilet drops.

I made every effort to include all pertinent information that helps you choose the right one. That’s why reading the entire article becomes vital for you.

In this review, I’ll go over some basics, such as what is toilet drop, how to make homemade toilet odor eliminator drops, and the four best products for relieving this headache.

Hay wait!

Are you in a rush! check my all-time favorite odor eliminator toilet drop

Suppose you don’t have time to read the whole stuff. Then I have JUST A DROP – Natural Toilet Odor Remover, which is the best toilet odor eliminator drop for any situation.

4 Best Natural Toilet Odor Eliminator Drops & Homemade Tips

This will be perfect for your home, office, public toilet, and guest house.

Please choose the best drop with a pleasant fragrance because you are not the only one who smells it; others may also be at ease with this scent, especially when visiting a friend’s house. Just drop is the best and most secure option in this situation.

The product is made with natural components and Using crude essential oil. No chemicals like phthalates, parabens, aerosols, and sulfates. Safe for pets, children, plumbing.

The drops have Three fantastic family combo packs: Eucalyptus (0.5 ounces), refreshing Spring Printemps Frais (0.5 ounces), and Floral oasis (0.2 ounces).

Although you can buy all of them separately, a combination pack will be the best option if it’s your first purchase. After using one package, then go with your favorite one.

Do you want more information? Stay tuned; I’ll tell you everything you need to know about toilet drops.

What are Bathroom Sprays?

Bathroom sprays eliminate odors that are already present in the air. It’s important to note that no spray can totally eliminate odors. Bathroom sprays can help get rid of the smell, but they mostly have a scent in them to help limit residual odors.

What are Toilet Sprays?

Toilet sprays are sprinkled into the toilet bowl, which contains essential oils that form a barrier that prevents odors from fleeing into the air. Toilet sprays are mainly two types one is pre poop spray and another post poop spray.

Pre-poop drops and post poop drops

Pre-Poop Toilet Spray/drops absorb unwanted odors in the toilet bowl and create a magnificent aroma with natural essential oils, leaving the bathroom smelling better than before you used it.

It would be best if you simply sprayed two or three times before sitting in the bowl. This spray forms a layer over the water, trapping unwanted odors inside.

Isn’t it amazing?

In post poop spray/drop, you have to add some spray or drops after using the toilet that helps swiftly battle pongs and eliminate foul odors. In modern days most people love to use pre-poop sprays and drops.

What are Toilet Drops?

Toilet drops are a liquid that you have to put in the toilet bowl just one or two drops before the poop. That helps to get rid of unpleasant odor. Toilet drop is best for those who have problems with air fresheners. If you own a kid or a pet, try using toilet drops.

In one sentence, Toilet drops create a mask over potty and toilet water and filter the wicked scents.

How do I make my toilets smell free?

I know you’re looking for the best odor removal methods, but did you know that? If you practice these simple habits, I guarantee your toilet will never smell so bad.

Baking Soda:

Baking soda works as an absorbent. Put a spoon of baking soda into the bowl and see how it neutralizes the foul smell. It’s also using in (portable toilet deodorizers). It’s a fantastic technique, that’s why it’s popular.


I have always preferred sliced lemon because it has a natural scent. It works as a purifier. So, place a piece of lemon in the corner of your bathroom for one minute, and it will eliminate all foul odors. After six or seven days, you must change the sliced.

Light a candle for odor eliminate:

I love the fragrance of burning candles. The smoke and heat that come from a candle neutralize the washroom odors. It’s simple to place in a bathroom corner, but always snuff it before leaving the room.

Maintain Appropriate Ventilation:

All restrooms require adequate ventilation, and allowing clean air to flow around the room may make a significant difference in how it smells.

Don’t worry if your bathroom lacks a ventilator; simply leave the door open when not in use. It aids in the reduction of bad smells.

Towels should be kept clean and dry: 

The towel must be clean and dry; otherwise, the dirty towel creates a bad smell because of the growing bacteria and fungus. It’s a significant factor, but we’re often overlooked. Keep the towel clean at least once a week. That will help you to minimize the odors.


Humidity and moisture, which leave a damp stench, are two significant causes of bathroom odor.

Desiccants are one of my favorite natural methods for a bathroom odor eliminator. So, you need a dry substance like silicone gel that helps you to reduce odor. If you are interested in natural things, then bring a lily plant or ferns that eliminate the musty smells.

If your toilet is clogged regularly, it’s also producing some musty smells. So, always use the (best no-clog toilets). Otherwise, follow the (unclogging toilet procedure) and make sure your (bathroom has no rings). So, regular cleaning is necessary.

These are the best solutions you can use in your restroom to prevent foul odors.

So, what is your favorite? Tell me in the comment section.

Okay, before we get to our product list, I’d like to share some homemade tips for making toilet odor remover drops at home.

Homemade Toilet Odor Eliminator Drops

Are you think it’s challenging to prepare the best toilet drops at home? Frankly speaking, there is not rocket science. You need some well-known ingredients for this purpose, like essential oil, alcohol, and some foaming agents.

Take distilled water over minerals water. Of course, your basin water does the job, but some minerals minimize the effectiveness of your products. One dollar is the maximum for it.

Take isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) that works as a stabilizer and transfer the product’s color to milky white. It helps to mix the oil and water perfectly.

Take essential oil (100% natural). For best results, avoid blending or synthetic products.

Take some low foaming detergents; those are not toxic. In this case, you can use some soft foaming shampoos or body wash that you find in any health store. You also can use some vegetable glycerine for this purpose.

How to make Toilet Odor Eliminator Drops:

  1. Take 60 ml bottles for mixing purpose
  2. Add 10 to 20 drops of essential oil and one to two tablespoons of rubbing alcohol.
  3. Shake it well for mixing
  4. Now add some lo foaming detergent and add distilled water
  5. For gel purposes, you can add some glycerine that makes it thick
  6. For coloring purposes, you can add some foods color
  7. Now you have to mix it exceptionally well
  8. After completing this, separate it and put it into a dropper.

Hold on. You have to add essential oil according to your preferences. If you want a strong scent, then add few more drops. So you have to experiment with this before it comes to the standard drops.

If you are not comfortable with essential oil, then you should try mineral oil, almond oil, cooking oil, etc. These are works differently according to density and what drops you going to add.

First, make a small bottle for experiment purposes; when you get satisfactory results, then make it according to your need.

You’ll need a dropper for this. If you want, you can buy it at a grocery store, but eye drops and essential oil bottles will suffice.

My favorite is Lemon + Lavender + Sandalwood. Must tell which one is your preferred.

If you don’t want to go through this process, check out our best lists just below the buying guides.

Factors must check before buying any toilet drops

When looking for the best toilet deodorizer, you have many options such as bathroom sprays, powder, toilet drops, and so on. If you narrow it down to toilet drops for many reasons, you should consider the following factors on the safe side.

1. The formula of the products

Check the products and make sure there are no harmful chemicals because they can irritate your children and pets. Is the formula is too strong? Some products contain restorative materials recognized to dissolve nasty odor particles and substitute them with refreshing, non-overpowering ones.

So please make sure it natural or chemical products.

2. Portability of the products

If you want to apply it in your guest bathroom, then you must check it’s portable or not. You should ensure that your container is safe to use and will not leak or stain.

So, a small size bottle is perfect during traveling. Make sure it is according to your need.

3. Pre poop or post poop

Some toilet drops are used before poop, while others are used after poop. As previously stated, I prefer before poop because it provides a pleasant bathroom experience.

However, Check what will you prefer and one more thing, confirm that it’s only number two purpose or use any situation.

So, let’s get to the fun part: our best products that help me get out of embarrassing situations.

Four best toilet odor eliminator drops

Here I am also telling you which one is my favorite one during travel and daily use.

1. One-Drop Powerful Bathroom smells eliminator

Top Pick
4 Best Natural Toilet Odor Eliminator Drops & Homemade Tips


  • Pack of four
  • Cheap in price
  • Easy to carry
  • It’s a before poop drop
  • Smell is pleasant


  • Mint smells is very low

Kobayashi created the drops; when it comes to toilet drops, there are few brands available. Kobayasachi is the trusted one because it has more than 1500+ rated customers on Amazon.

This brand comes with two models; one is mint, and another is floral. I prefer mint over the floral because I love the scents. However, it varies from man to man.
In addition! The one-drops comes with a four-pack, and you can use a bottle up to 300 times. It’s not impressive.

My personal experience! After using the mint flavor, I’d like to say it’s an excellent product. Still, as they mentioned, one drop is insufficient for me. You should put 3 or 4 drops for a better result.

Whatever the scenario, at this price, this is a fantastic product. Though I am not a big fan of strong scents, this one is ideal for me and does the job perfectly.

2. JUST A DROP – Natural Toilet Odor Eliminator 

Editor’s Choice
4 Best Natural Toilet Odor Eliminator Drops & Homemade Tips


  • Home friendly
  • Perfect for travel
  • Pleasant natural smell


  • As mentioned, one drop but two drops give you the best results.

The brand name that created this product is Just a drop, and they are professionals in this market and comes with the best solutions.

My family and I recently switched to this brand because of its greenish nature and suitability for pets and children.

Do you know this brand has more than 15 lakhs of happy customers over the world?

You only need to put one drop before using the toilet. The single drop creates a film layer on the toilet water surface that protects the bad smells and gives you natural, pleasant aromas.

I would recommend getting a three-pack to save money and remember that one drop can be used up to 300 times.

Stop! If you ask me why I have shifted these brands, then the factors are below.
Using natural essential oil. (not synthetic)
No phthalates, no parabens, no aerosols, no sulfates.
Safe for plumbing and septic.

My Experience!
The eucalyptus scents give you a naturally pleasant smell. Truthfully, a maximum of two drops is enough to make your bathroom fresh—a long-lasting smell.

After a week of use, I noticed no scents, but I realized it when I stopped using it for a day. How powerful is one drop, and it does the best job for me?

Hold on! If you never used it before and want to try it, then go with a three-pack that combination of Eucalyptus (15 ml), refreshing Spring Printemps Frais (15 ml), and Floral oasis (6 ml). I guarantee you love all of them. 

Note: Just a drop also comes in an excellent value format for hospital, commercial and office use. The 240 ml giant pack is ideal for those looking for a large box. It is not a refill bottle and has a lifespan of up to 4800 uses.

3. Cleanlogic Fresh Drop Bathroom Odor Preventor

Top Pick
4 Best Natural Toilet Odor Eliminator Drops & Homemade Tips

Pros Title

  • Suitable for all kinds of toilets
  • Biodegradable components
  • Not harmful for plumbing

Cons Title

  • Need four to five drops for a better result.

The Cleanlogic creates the drop. Well, popular brands in this industry.

This toilet drop comes with a three-pack which is going to save you money.

The drop is made from plant extract; it is environmentally friendly. They are composed of non-polluting biodegradable odor blocking and restroom odor absorber elements.

In addition! The bottle is 10ml in size, which lusts up to 320 drops. Because of its small size, it fits easily in your pocket and can be carried wherever you want.

4. Pure Drop Toilet Odor Eliminator 0.67 Fl. Oz.

Top Pick
4 Best Natural Toilet Odor Eliminator Drops & Homemade Tips

Well, the pure drop is also a good player in this field, and it’s come with a single-piece pack.

It’s an eco-friendly product. You can carry whatever you want like office, friend house, public toilet, etc.

To be honest, I’ve never tried this one, but after reading hundreds of reviews, I discovered that buyers are pleased with it. Some of them suggested that you can use it before poop as well as after poop. Both times the drop works well.

A final thought on toilet drops

A toilet drops can change your morning experience. So if you want a fresh morning and want to take fresh air, always go with a quality toilet drop.

A toilet drop can eliminate lots of embarrassing moments. That’s why my suggestion is always to carry a toilet drop in your pocket. I guarantee your confidence will never be down in your guest place.

I think now you have no doubts about this item.

I know it’s difficult to believe a stranger, but I try my best and share all of my experiences. 

If you have any questions about this topic, please leave them in the comments section. I chose all of the products from Amazon because I know you trust Amazon. So go there and do your own research, but don’t forget to consider the buying factors I mentioned earlier.

Otherwise, these two are my all-time favorites and give promising results-One-Drop Bathroom snuffs eliminator and JUST A DROP – Natural Toilet Odor Eliminator.

Finally, if you want a completely clean bathroom, you must follow prevention procedures, ensure that the (toilet is free of mold/fungus), and use toilet drops.

Note: Toilet bowl cleaners and deodorizer are poisonous because of the ingredients ( Isopropyl alcohol, Detergent, and phenol). It should be kept in a safe location where children cannot access it.

Thank You.

1. How long does a toilet drop last?

If you’re wondering about the bottle, 10 to 15 ml bottles can be used up to 300 to 350 times. Obviously, it depends on the brand and your usage because sometimes four or five drops are required, while other times, two drops are sufficient.

2. How long does a toilet drop smell last in a bathroom?

It also varies from man to man because some need strong smells and some need pleasant. In my case, after using two drops, the scent lasts up to 48 hours.

3. What is the best thing to absorb odor?

If you’re looking for the best natural products, I recommend baking soda, vinegar, lemons, and so on. To reduce moisture, bring lily tea and ferns into your bathroom.

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