Best Kohler Cimarron Round Toilet Reviews & Problems

Hey man, are you frustrated with your toilet or face some big problem like clogging and leaking. Is your house pour with bed smells because of your bathroom? Are you comfortable with round toilets compare to elongated ones? Then these best Kohler Cimarron round toilet reviews are perfect for your needs.

I know you’re spending a lot of money creating your dream home, and you know the bathroom is also a key part of your home. So, please, don’t compromise with that.

Suppose you’re choosing the wrong toilet. The experience ended up with clogging and foul-smelling. I have a terrible experience of the same situation. That’s why I know how important to choose a perfect toilet.

Frankly speaking, I’m also around toilet lovers; that’s why we’re going to suggest to you the top three Kohler cimarron round toilets.

The Details Guide helps you choose the right one.

Let me tell you before I go to the products. Kohler is a well-known kitchen and bathroom brand in the US. One of the oldest brands and we all love it because of its design and quality. Kohler is famous because it has many varieties according to the needs of the customer.

When we asked a plumber group about Kohler cimarron, they told me lots of advantages and few disadvantages.

In this report, we will share all these things step by step and, at the end of the article, give you practical statistics that clear up all your doubts about the bathroom.

If you are in a hurry, then here’s our one-line review.

Kohler cimarron round toilets are best suited to design and flushing power; that’s why Kohler cimarron is clogged free. It comes with water-saving technology and is perfect for the larger family. Kohler cimarron round toilets are ideal for small bathrooms and entirely comfortable in height.

Okay, let’s talk about the three best Kohler cimarron toilets that will rule in the market in 2021.

Kohler Cimarron round toilet reviews

Best Pick

Kohler K-3851-0

Unique Features

  • 27.25 x 17.63 x 30.5 inches
  • 10 inches Rough-in
  • Two-piece toilet
  • Floor mounted
  • Gravity Flush Technology
  • Watersense certified
  • One year limited warranty

Kohler K-3851-0 is one of the best round shaped toilets due to its design and all-rounder performance. The product is made of China materials and comes in white polish. It’s going to give a silky look to the product.

It’s a standard height toilet means if you are comfortable with chair height, this is perfect. It’s very comfortable to sit and easy to stand. Don’t worry about it.

As you know, it’s a round-shaped toilet, and round-shaped toilets are always space-saving compared to elongated toilets. If you have smaller bathrooms, always use a round-shaped toilet. It’s the perfect choice for your bathroom.

Are you confused between round-shaped toilets and elongated toilets? Then check our full guides and tips on round VS elongated toilets.

Let’s talk about its performance.

Yes, this model comes with gravity flush technology (aqua piston). It creates a natural, powerful pressure and removes all waste from a single flush. Aqua piston only operates under a pressure of 2 lbs and eliminates short flush.

If you think why the aqua piston is so powerful, what’s the reason for it? In short, the aqua piston eliminates all leakage problems. 

It fits all of the Kohler canister flush valve toilets. That’s why it’s readily available on the market. You can check out our article with Kohler cimarron one piece of toilet reviews for more details.

Here is our article portion:

Kohler Cimarron toilet flushing technology

Remember, the flushing mechanism using cylinder technology. So, there is no flapper. Flapper replaces with this technology, and it does the job correctly.

This product comes with a dry lock system, which makes it easy to install and save a lot of time and block water leakage.

This model has a 10″ rough-in and has a left-handed polished chrome trip lever for an easy flush.

The most exciting thing about Kohler Cimarron is a certified WaterSense. It’s a single flush toilet and uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush without compromising its performance.

If you think, what is a big deal with that? Let me tell you; it saves 16500 gallons of water per year compared to 3.5 gallons of toilets. It will save a good amount of money in the future.

Is not it’s an exciting thing?

I know you love these nifty stats. Okay, it’s going to add one more thing: it has a one-year limited warranty. So, nothing to worry about to test. I believe that quality products always come with a warranty.

It’s a two-piece toilet, as you know. That’s why the tank and the bowl come in separately. The most significant advantage is that easy to carry—no need for an extra person to set up.

Let me give you a quick look at this item. The product has some 4.5 reviews on some of the purchase stations. When we checked this item, we saw that the product did not come with a seat. Yes, you’ve got to buy it separately.


  • Powerful flush with low water
  • Comfortable chair height
  • Perfect for small space
  • Money-saving toilet
  • Clog and leak-free


  • Toilets did not come with a seat and supply line
  • Little bit noisy

Bottom line

Kohler cimarron K-3851-0 is our favorite one. As we say, it’s an all-rounder. If you think it’s not quiet. I guess it differs from person to person. For a better result, you may close the seat before the flush. It’s a budget-friendly product with quality, that’s why we love it.

2nd Best Choice

KOHLER K-3887-96

Unique Features

  • 27.25 x 17.63 x 30.5 inches
  • Color: Biscuit
  • Two-piece toilets
  • Aqua piston flushing mechanism
  • 1.6 GPF
  • One year limited warranty

Kohler K-3887-96 made with vitreous china materials. As you know, it’s a durable and robust product. The unique biscuit color gives your bathroom a fabulous look.

It’s a round-shaped two-piece toilet perfect for small spaces.

The most exciting thing is that all the cimarron parts are the same. You can replace the same parts with other models of cimarron. That’s why the components are readily available on the market.

Let’s talk about flushing technology. Yes, it also has an aqua piston flushing system. It helps to flow the water all over the rim and bowl. It has 360-degree flushing power because of the canister.

The gravity flushing technology using 1.6 GPF. It’s a single flush toilet.

Clogging is the most common issue in most toilets. That’s why this brand creates a new model that is Kohler K-3887-96.

It’s totally clogged free. However, it’s using extra water per flush compared to KOHLER K-3851-0 (1.28). This model is perfect for those who use extra toilet paper and face clogging issues. Then it’s ideal for you.

Check- Best No clog toilet all-time best.

Now you are thinking, why canister system is more powerful than the flapper?

Let me tell you, the canister design has seal material that is 90% less exposed. It gives you a leak-free performance.

This model has a left-handed lever for an easy flush. Most importantly, it’s come with a one-year limited warranty.


  • 360-degree powerful flush
  • Clogging free
  • Easy to install
  • Meet ADA and WaterSense criteria
  • Comfort standard height
  • Wax ring included
  • Flushing is quiet


  • Little bit costly

Bottom line

Kohler K-3887-96 is one of the best models in the world. If you compare it to KOHLER K-3851-0, water consumption is the main difference. This model uses extra water to give you a clogged free experience.

If you think that 1,28 gallons of water are not enough for you and you want a stronger flush, go with Kohler K-3887-96. It is highly recommended for those who use extra toilet paper. Particularly for a larger family.

3rd One

KOHLER K-3887-0 Round

Unique Features

  • Round shape toilet
  • Two-piece toilet
  • Powerful gravity flush
  • Floor mounted
  • One year limited warranty

Kohler K-3887-0 is made with vitreous china and polished with white color. That’s why the silky design gives your bathroom a smart look.

This is the perfect round-shaped toilet for small bathrooms. 

Don’t worry about the height. This is the ideal standard height for adults.

This model also has a gravity flush mechanism. It’s so powerful to clean your rim and bowl in a single flush.

Kohler is well known for its water-saving technology. This model also meets these criteria because it’s WaterSense certified and meets EPA criteria.

Know 1.28 gpf VS 1.6 gpf toilets pros and cons

Though it has a powerful flush, it’s a little bit difficult compared to elongated toilets when it comes to manual cleaning because of the design.

The model has a chrome lever flushing button on its left side.

Remember, you have to buy a toilet seat and a supply line separately. This is not included in this box.

Kohler gives you a one-year limited warranty. So, don’t worry about its quality. It’s almost the same as the previous model.

Before going to review it, I asked some plumbers regarding its quality. Most of them said you have to hold the flush for few seconds for a better flush.


  • Aqua piston flushing mechanism
  • Water-saving technology
  • Easy to carry and install
  • One year warranty


  • Costly
  • Toilet seat does not come in the box

Bottom Line

Kohler K-3887-0 is also a well-known product, but the product range is slightly higher than the previous one. It’s just one different from the previous one. I think the silk design and the polish are a bit stronger than the previous one.

So, these are our top three round-shaped toilet reviews. Is not are the best?

Let’s talk about some frequently asked questions about Kohler Cimarron round shaped toilets.


Q1. Kohler Cimarron toilet problems (Round Shaped)

As you know, all products have both a good and a bad side. So, we’ve been researching and experiencing some problems. Remember, this isn’t a common problem. Some products have issues for a limited time.

i. Round shaped toilets are challenging to clean manual compare to elongated toilets.

ii. If you have hygienic issues, go with the 

best one-piece toilets. Two-piece toilets also maintain hygiene, but the one-piece toilet is famous for this purpose.

iii. Mostly Kohler models do not come with a seat and supply line. You have got to buy it separately.

Q2. Are Kohler Cimarron is a good toilet?

After explaining this article, you can indeed decide whether it’s a good one or not. Still, in my opinion, it’s a great toilet, and there are some unique features that you can’t find in other brands.

Q3. Kohler Cimarron Toilet bowl:

Yes, Kohler mainly has two types of bowl, one round and another elongated. The round shape is perfect for a small bathroom, and the elongated one is ideal for a larger bathroom.

Some people preferred an elongated bowl because it’s more comfortable and easy to clean.

If you are not comfortable with round-shaped, you can check our best Kohler Cimarron One-piece Toilets.

Q4. Kohler Cimarron Round shaped Toilet seat:

Kohler has many varieties of round toilets, but among them all, I love the below one:

Kohler K-4639-0 Cachet Round White Toilet Seat 
Dimensions: 14.2 x 1.13 x 16.1 inches
Materials: Plastic
Colors: 9 different colors
Close slowly, and it’s a quiet process.
It’s easy to install

Quick stats on Kohler Cimarron Round Toilet Reviews

I know it’s difficult to choose the right one, depending on theoretical data. That’s why we’re going to show some unique google data.

Best Kohler Cimarron Round Toilet Reviews

Here we’re using google trends and comparing Kohler cimarron one-piece toilet and Kohler cimarron elongated toilet. Both toilets have their own trends, but elongated toilets are more preferable then rounds.

There are two primary purposes for this trend. The first one is elongated toilets are more comfortable because of their design. According to our research, most of the new homes preferred elongated toilets.

If the person used to a round toilet, we see that the maximum number goes with a round toilet. It may be because of a small space, or it may not want to experiment with others.

In the second stat, we ask a community, including a plumber. It’s near about 250 people.

Best Kohler Cimarron Round Toilet Reviews buying percentage

We saw 65% of people loved Kohler cimarron elongated toilet, and 35% preferred the Kohler Cimarron round toilet. The reasons are the same as mentioned earlier.

We compared our community data and google trends data. We saw the results are the same. ( Approximately)

Remember, this is our general research to date. The data may fluctuate on time.

Is it not an exciting stats? What do you think? Tell me in the comment section.

Summary on Kohler cimarron toilet

We’ve been researching a lot of things and factors. After that, these three products’ choice depends on our experience and reviewer tips. There are so many products on the market, but these dominate the market.

So, what is your choice?

Still, confused?

Okay, let me clear you one thing.

KOHLER K-3851-0 is the best one because it’s budget-friendly and uses only 1.28 gallons of water. If you have water issues and want to save more water bills, then this one is for you. Don’t worry about clogging. The aqua piston flushes good enough to waste down in a single flush.

KOHLER K-3887-96 is the second best because it’s a bit expensive and uses 1.6 gallons of water. If you have a larger family, this one is a great option. The model uses extra water because some people used a lot of toilet paper. This toilet is going to solve all your clogging problems.

Our view on Kohler Cimarron Round Toilet Reviews

You know how famous Kohler is for the quality of the product. 

Kohler Cimarron round toilets are best suited for small bathrooms. 

Always check the size of your bathroom before ordering any toilets. Like your bathroom is comparatively small then go with the best Kohler toilets for small bathrooms.

It saves a lot of time.

Our suggestion is always to spend money on high-quality products. That could save a lot of money in the future. After few days, foul-smelling is a common issue if you go with some local products.

If your toilet has a smelling issue, always go with a homemade toilet deodorizer. That could save a lot of bucks.

Remember, the best toilets can solve 90% of bathroom issues. So, choose it according to your need.

I think this Kohler round toilet guide helps you choose the right product. If yes, then share it on social media and helps others.

Thank you

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