8 Causes Pressure Assist Toilets |Better & Worthy

Over the last 20 years, Pressure Assist toilets have gained so much popularity for their low water pressure flushing technology. But are Pressure Assist toilets better for you? Is it worth installing?

The matter is always being contested based on one’s preference. Some people enjoy installation, while others have had problems after doing so. 

Therefore, today’s topic is about- is a pressure-assist toilet worth it? Should you buy it or not! Best Pressure assist toilets.

What is a Pressurized Flush System?

Pressure Assist toilet aka pressure tank-type toilets generally used in commercial, low water pressure areas and now also employed in domestic bathrooms.

The pressure flushing tank should be installed into the toilet tank.

How does a Pressure Flush Toilet work?

While the flushing cycle starts, water present in the tank enters the pressure vessel.

Inside the toilet tank, one black additional tank is called a pressure vessel and has a valve that draws air into the tank.

The pressure from the water being forced into this vessel is going to create a very powerful flushing action.

When you flush it actually pushes the water in the bowl and down the main drain most of the pressure-assist toilets are going to have wider trapways, so there’s very little chance of clogs.

You’re going to get more carry down your mainline.

Pressure assist range anywhere from 1.6 or 1 gallon per flush. 1 Gallon flush is going to substantial stay in the water. 

Unlike standard gravity-fed toilets, become more powerful just install one pressure-assist engine into the toilet tank.

8 Causes Pressure Assist Toilets |Better & Worthy8 Causes Pressure Assist Toilets |Better & Worthy

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
8 Causes Pressure Assist Toilets |Better & Worthy8 Causes Pressure Assist Toilets |Better & Worthy

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Are Pressure Assist Toilets Better?

The major asking question is that- is pressure-assist toilets actually worthy?

Before heading the answer- know the biggest advantages and drawbacks of the pressure-assist toilet.

Advantages of Pressurized Flush System

1. Powerful flush from anyone

The pressure-assist engine is more powerful than any flushing type. Like American Standard Cadet pressure assisted toilet.

One simple but powerful engine installs into the toilet tank to create a clog-free, powerful power flush toilet.

The pressurized flush relies entirely on air pressure created between two tanks and gravity to wash down and keep more water in the bowl.

2. Clog-free Toilet

Who doesn’t want a clog-free toilet, Right? Pressure- assist toilet gives you that opportunity. 

The air crates by pressure-assist engine exclude any big to small waste so easily.

3. Clean every time You Flush

I don’t think you can clean a toilet whenever using it. But in pressure assist toilet you can do.

The strong flush makes the bowl clean, no sticking poop stains, no other spots remain.

4. Save Gallons of Gallons Water

Yes, That’s absolutely right. By using a pressure-assist toilet, you can save gallons of water per day, per year- without losing performance.

Pressure-assisted toilets can utilize up to 30% less water than traditional modern toilets.

It requires less water of the pressure generated by the compressed air. Therefore 1-1.28 GPF water is enough to wash thoroughly, far less than 1.6 GPF.

If your existing toilet uses 1.6 GPF, replacing it with a pressure assist toilet will spare up to 4,000 gallons of water each year. Check the calculation below–

Calculate average water consumed by 2 members in one house, use once the toilet then how much water will waste.

1 Gallons = ~4.55 liters
If the 2 members in a house flush the toilet, then 2 x 4.55 = 9.1 liters means 2 Gallons per Day.

In the whole year, 365 x 9.1 = 3321.5 liters of water means ~730.63 gallons of water per year will consume.

1.28 GPF = ~5.81 liters. For 2 members 2x 5.81 = 11.62 liters = ~2.55 Gallons of water per Day.

In the whole year, 365 x 11.62 = 4241.3 liters of water means =~932.96 Gallons of water per year.

For, 1.6 GPF = ~ 7.28 liters water . For 2 member 2 x 7.28= 14.56 liters =~ 3.20 Gallons of water per Day.

In the whole yera, 365 x 14.56 = 5314.4 liters = ~ 1169.00 Gallons of water per Year.

In the end, if you use 1.28 GPF, you can save up to ( 5314.4 – 4241.3) = 1073.1 liters =~ 236.1 Gallons per water per year. 
You may assume the different water bill also.

5. Increase Your Piggy Bank Size 

Less water usage= Less Water Bill= Save more Money from water bills.

Reduction of water usage directly impacts the water bill and keeps lots of bucks in the end. So, why waste water while a pressure assist toilet gives you a strong flush, in less water.

6. Elimination of Double Flushing One flush & Done

Just one flush is enough to eliminate all wastage items. Mostly, toilets need a double flush to remove all waste, but here you just push once and done.

7. Stay Away from Sweating

Do you live hot, humid climate, then the Pressure assist toilet is your savior. Gravity flush prone to sweat but pressure engine prevent the sweating the tank.

The pressurized toilet has a unique feature that keeps the toilet tank at a constant temperature and prevents water from evaporating.

8. Lower Maintenance

Pressure assist toilet has few and small movable parts, live last long, no worry about maintenance. 

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Drawback or Pressure Assist Toilets Problems

1. Noise

I can’t deny its noise. Maximum users always talk about problems with the flush noise- that is quite embarrassing.

2. Price

Although there are so many benefits floating around the pressure flush toilet, the price makes you think twice. 

3. Available Parts

The model has compact features- if any parts get problematic, not easy to always available the spares nearby stores.

Besides these problems, another negative point is the Push lever. Either push or press both needs to strong force compared to conventional toilets. 

If you grant for a child or senior one- this is not ideal for them. So as per pressure assist toilet safe or not? YES. it is safe for all.

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Are Pressure Assist Toilets Dangerous?

NO. If the installation process is right and secure then there is no harm from this flush engine. 

You can enjoy your peace anytime.

Final Thought- Is Pressure Assist Toilet Worth It

Definitely, worth it if you face frequent clogging, flushing problems. Replace your old toilet with a new Pressurized toilet.

While pressure-assisted toilets are not chosen because of their loud noises. Still, a wise decision to take advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity by investing once rather than paying the water bill repeatedly.

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Once you do choose to acquire one, only have it installed by a plumbing professional.


Q1. Do pressure assist toilets use more water?

Compared to other water-efficient toilets, the pressure assist toilets use less than 1 to 1.28 GPF of water.

Q2. When should you use a pressure assist on a toilet?

Pressure assist toilets can be used whenever you want, but the best time to use them is for clogged toilets because pressure-assist toilets prevent clogging and remove large waste with a single flush.

Q3. Can you convert a regular toilet to pressure assist?

You can convert a regular Toilet to a pressure-assist, but factors must consider like
1. The toilet should be a Gravity flush model because the Gravity-fed model has the feature to install the pressurized tank. 
2. Toilet tank should be mold-free. The pressure-assist is one type of tank placed in the toilet tank, so if there is mold already present, then it will damage the spare parts of the engine.

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